(Closed) What was your combined income while ttc?

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  • poll: How much did you and your SO make combined?

    Under $40k








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    We’ll be at $135K-$140K when we start TTC.

    I plan to stay at home once we have kids so we’ll be losing my $33K a year income.  We want to still be making over $100K on DH’s income alone before TTC.

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    We will be TTC later this year or early next and it will be quite high, but its what we wanted because we didnt want a kid to take away from retirement savings of other “fun” things in life.

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    H just got a raise that is roughly equivelent to my entire salary (among many reasons for waiting). I think his income alone is comfortable for us to TTC, he would still prefer it to be more. I will be a Stay-At-Home Mom for a while after we have a kid. Our timing also allows for him to get one more big bonus before a child would be born. 

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    I’m currently the only one making any income because DH is a student right now. He’s got 2 years until he starts making a salary (likely around $40k) and then once he completes his medical residency, he’ll likely make a lot more. I can’t wait for that so I can hopefully work part time. I don’t love my career at this point…

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    This, as with any income type of question is not going to tell you anything useful without correlating it with location.  Our income is over 160k, but we live in MA and pay a pretty penny for housing.  Take this income and move it down south where cost of houses would be like half, and its a whole different story.  We make the same amount so I will not be a Stay-At-Home Mom, we’re not willing to lose my income and budget to live on half.

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    About 75K together, we are both looking to get a raise. Husband makes considerably more then I do. We did not TTC, the baby just happened so we are scrambling trying to figure out what is the best route to take when it comes to work. We are considering having me SAH though as we don’t want the baby in daycare (also the costs of daycare are ridiculous). We are not too over stressed about it, we know we can handle it. We have paid off one vehicle, got a loan mod on the house, and are working on getting the other vehicle and a credit card paid off shortly.

    I have been taking on more responsibility at work by doing some management duties and being in charge of hospital appearance. My review will be coming up shortly. The increase will probably be minimal but it would help. The pay at my job isn’t the greatest but it makes up for it in hours. I usually end up working over-time.

    Husband got hired on as a Carpenter and is being paid Carpenter pay. However, he has been running jobs as a Foreman. So, he is actually a Foreman being paid as a Carpenter. His review is coming up as well and he plans on bringing up this point. This could result in an incredible increase to his salary to the point where me working is pointless. He also eventually wants to start working in the office as a Project Manager.

    So we shall see….




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    My situation is very similar to @pinkshoes. We make an ‘impressive’ total salary, but due to high cost of living and our salaries being pretty equal no one can stay home. I’m hoping we both get raises in 2013 and am crossing my fingers that DH gets a promotion, but not counting on either. Esp since I have no idea what the promotion would mean $-wise anyway. They can be pretty small or big depending on what the company thinks it can get away with.

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    Oh I realized I didnt finish answeing your question. Either one of us could quite and stay home, although DH does make more than me currently because I took a job at a below market rate. We are the same level in management. 

    But we are moving and after we move we will TTC. The move is due to DHs job so I will have to quit mint so I will be unemployed for a bit and then will return to work making a market salary again.

    One of the reasons we are moving is because it will be to a lower cost of living area (vs the Bay area where we are now). They great thing is DH will make the same salary because its the way the company works. He makes a Bay area salary in any location since he started here. This will make it easier for me to be unemployed for a year or two while we have a baby (unless its takes a while to conceive then Ill start looking for a job right away)


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    We make $150K+ together, however, the cost of living is realtivley high here so it’s not really that much.

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    We make $100K+ combined from our salaries, which is ok for our area (Although my Dad makes well over $100K alone).  I make over $50K myself and DH makes a few grand more than me.  Right now we are living off of DH’s income and putting 90% of my income into savings, so that we are used to what it will be like when I’m a Stay-At-Home Mom. The extra 10% is our fun money for traveling and splurges, which we will have to cut back on once we have a baby.  We will also have a very good chunk of change saved up by the time a baby gets here (we have been TTC for 13 months but no luck so far).

    What helps our situation out is that DH also farms so our house mortgage is included in the debt for our farm land and paid from that income, which means we don’t have a monthly mortgage payment.  We wouldn’t be able to make it on his income alone if we had to make a monthly mortgage payment from it! 

    Besides the farm debt which the farm income pays for, we have no credit card debt or other payments as we’ve paid for both of our vehicles.

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    We are likely going to start TTC soon and combined we make right under 60k (lol I’m finishing up grad school so that’s actually his income). I have endometriosis so we are just going to start ASAP because I just don’t know how long/if I will be able to get pregnant. We can live comfortably on that with budget. 

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    Our combined income is really high, but it is split close to 50-50 and we live in a *really* expensive area.  While we can afford to do whatever we want now (own a nice home in a great area, eat out, travel extensively, etc.) and I was very comfortable starting to TTC on our income, our finances will be MUCH tighter once we are paying for childcare (which will likely run $1800+/month).  Plus, I only get 6 weeks of paid maternity leave (that is how much sick leave I can use), so we have been saving to replace my salary while I am on leave (I would like to take 12-16 weeks total).

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    Bees that live in really expensive areas, such as San Fran, NYC, Boston, etc will likely be well above $160,000, might want to adjust your poll.

    We make around $170,000 now and will likely be at $180,000 or above combined when the time comes. Which, shockingly, only really affords us a 2-bedroom house where we live (sigh) after daycare and child costs are taken into account. Hence the higher incomes in these areas.

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