(Closed) What was your inspiration for a baby name?

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I don’t have any children but my Fiance and I have already chosen baby names (sad I know!) for a boy is Beauden (Beau for short) after Beauden Barratt the All Blacks rugby player cuz we’re both mad about rugby and for a girl Indi after this really talented musician we saw at a concert and loved the name! Care to share your name?

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Our first little boy (due in April) is named for grandfather, who worked for NASA, and after my favorite constellation, Orion. We also have a rule that boy’s names end in N, and girl’s names end in A (a tradition in the family).

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Well my SO and I are in a unique position even though we are not planning on starting our family right away we have already chosen names for a boy and girl.

It’s not that we’re playing house its that they are both tribute names, my SO and I both have people we promised to name kids after. My SO fought in Afghanistan and was injured he was saved by a fellow Marine. So my SO promised to name his first son after him lucky for me he has a great name: Corbin Grey.

As for me I lost my best friend in a car accident two years ago and I made a promise to myself that if I had daughter I would name her after for my friend, Alexie Rose. The Rose is actually the name of SO’s grandmother who passed when he was very young. 

So I guess it was really already laid out for us and we’re happy the names will hold so much meaning. 

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The girl name we chose was easy for us. I watch this show call pretty little liars and one of the characters in it is name Aria and I really liked that name it was unique but also very pretty.

We actually had a son so we had to pick a name for a boy. We couldn’t agree on a name for a boy. I seriously did not like any of the names that my fiance picked. For every name he mentioned I would say nooooo and get frustrated and say ah at the end of it. So that how we got our son name his name is can you tell?

It’s Noah haha.

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We are expecting our first child, a boy, in January and he will be named after my grandfather who passed away when I was 20 weeks pregnant. I live abroad and he was ill for while and was moved to hospice so we decided to travel back to see him. We went straight from the airport to the hospice to as we were warned he didn’t have long to go. We arrived there around midnight. He was awake but not able to speak though he tried very hard to do so. I had a little sit down with him, showed him my bump as I knew he had been waiting for me to come home so he could see me and the bump. He was very excited for us. He shed a tear with happiness when he saw it and then drifted off to a calm sleep.

He never woke up after that and passed away at 7am the following morning sorrounded by his whole family at 92 years old. All through his life he was very athletic (ran 10K’s well into his 80’s) and his doctors kept saying he had such a strong heart, especially at the end. It was what kept him alive for the last 2 years.

At every scan and appointment I have had with our baby, the midwifes and doctors have always commented on how strong our little guys’s heartbeat is, so we thought it was very appropriate that he gets his great grandad’s name. Hopefully he can have a life as long and full as he did.



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redbutterflybee:  im only 8 w 3d pregnant but Ive known what my future babies names would be for a long time.

if we have a girl, Julia Rose… we like the nickname Julz. We wanted a name that we dont hear too often

if we have a boy his name will be David Charles after my father who passed away. Its funny bc my husbands name is also David. I habe always loved that name, i think its a very strong name

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llussier:  haha, im on the same boat. We are not even trying to TTC but we have already nanes our boy and we have already named our girl.

I’ve had my future boy named since I was in 1st grade and my husband said he named his future daughter years ago. So we have our names done.


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For the girl names, I watched The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and one of the characters was named Lena but I loved how the Greek family pronounced it Lay-na. So I changed the spelling to Laina because I know most people would pronounce Lena as “Lee-na”. The other girl name I love is Leighton. I’m a huge Gossip Girl fan and Leighton Meester stars in it and I just thought it was a unique but still very pretty name.

For the boy names, we just somehow both agreed on Bradley. I want to use Vance as the middle name because that was my grandfather’s middle name.

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redbutterflybee:  We named our daughter after my great grandma.  and her middle name was the traditional middle name for girsl in our family.

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I had a nickname given by my papaw growing up. I told Darling Husband the name and he loved it, so we’re using that as our first Daughter’s name. As for other names, we want unique name, but not the weird spelling and hard to pronounce type of unique. Just names you don’t hear very often. We’ve decided on a few names that we like actually.

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redbutterflybee:  Fiance and I have had our boy name picked out almost from day one of dating. I think on our second or third date we actually talked about baby names and I said that I had fallen in love with a boy name and it was a pretty big deal to me, that I had been in love with it since I was like ten. He really wanted to hear it, so I quickly explained that since I can remember I have been obsessed with George Harrison (and The Beatles by extension) and Ernest Hemingway. One day, the name just came to me: Harrison Hemingway. Since, I couldn’t even imagine naming my son something OTHER than Harrison (Hemingway is somewhat negotiable). Luckily, Fiance digs the name and it goes great with our last name. 

For a girl we’re kind of screwed. We luckily like all the same names, but can’t seem to settle on one that we love more than the others. We’re constantly changing our mind as to what her name will be. Currently, I’ve been pushing for Marlowe Grey and he wants Daphne Mariana. We had initially agreed on two things for girls 1. That we wanted to honor my nana, grandmother, and mother (all have diminutives of Mary) so either her name had to start with an “Mar” OR her middle name would be Mariana (Marry-ah-na). Or 2. If using a “Mar” first name, her middle name had to be Grey to honor my grandparents or the second daughter would have Grey as the middle name.

So, we’re still working on our girls, have named our boy.

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MrsGo:  Wow, what a beautiful story, brought a tear to my eye (damn pregnancy hormones)!

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Ugh, naming is hard.  We’re expecting our first child (a girl) in April, and although we had talked about names before ever trying to get pregnant and had a couple picked out that we really liked, they don’t seem right now (so you never know, those of you who already have future children’s names picked out, don’t get too attached! – when it’s a real baby that you’re naming, sometimes it just doesn’t seem to fit).

We don’t actually have a name picked yet, but have a few contenders.  Rather than some strike of inspiration, I figured I’d share the criteria we’re going by.  We’re not going with a family name – we want her to have her own unique name, so if any grandparents, cousins, aunts, etc. share the name, it’s out.  We want it to be classic but not super common – a name that everyone would easily recognize and know how to pronounce, but one you don’t hear all the time.  And I want it to be short – I don’t like nicknames, so I want a name that stands on its own without needing to be shortened.  Our top contenders right now are April, Nora, Maya, and Audrey.

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I named Dear Daughter after my favorite character from my favorite anime. (First name) All during my pregnancy, I felt like she would be a girl, even before we knew for sure. So, even when I was pregnant, I thought of her with this particular name and called her this name when I would talk to her. Darling Husband was OK with it, even though it’s an “anime name” because it is a really pretty name, just on its own. Dear Daughter loves that it’s from an anime, though. She tells everyone that’s how she got her name — LOL.

For the middle name, we wanted something more “normal” because our first name would be considered very different in the US. I figured, that way, if Dear Daughter ever hated her first name because of it being different, she could go by her middle name. I had originally picked a name I loved both on its own and with our chosen first name. But Darling Husband vetoed it because he knew someone with that name that he didn’t like very much. So he picked a different middle name. The middle name, honestly, wasn’t my favorite, but it’s grown on me. And, all in all, both names seem to fit Dear Daughter really well.

Thank goodness we had a girl, because we never did agree on any boy names —  ha, ha!

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