(Closed) What was your pregnancy weight-gain?

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    I was UNDERWEIGHT, I gained LESS than the recommended 28-40 pounds

    I was UNDERWEIGHT, I gained WITHIN the recommended 28-40 pounds

    I was UNDERWEIGHT, I gained MORE than the recommended 28-40 pounds

    I was AVERAGE WEIGHT, I gained LESS than the recommended 25-35 pounds

    I was AVERAGE WEIGHT, I gained WITHIN the recommended 25-35 pounds

    I was AVERAGE WEIGHT, I gained MORE than the recommended 25-35 pounds

    I was OVERWEIGHT, I gained LESS than the recommended 15-25 pounds

    I was OVERWEIGHT, I gained WITHIN the recommended 15-25 pounds

    I was OVERWEIGHT, I gained MORE than the recommended 15-25 pounds

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    Underweight pre-pregnancy;

    height: 5’4″ , weight: 98lbs.

    My OB/GYN monitored my weight gain like a hawk as well as firmly suggested I follow a certain eating regimen to gain the necessary weight.

    @ 40wks I was 138lbs. So I gained exactly the 40lbs ‘recommended.’ V was 7lbs 2oz. when he was born. By 6months postpartum I was 110lbs & retained that weight at my docs insistence.


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    I was 5’4″ and 120 before pregnancy, and gained 40 pounds taking me to 160. It was mostly belly/water/blood/bloat, with a little gain in my middle and thighs. I’m two weeks post-partum, and have dropped nearly 30 pounds without having to really do anything. I’m nursing, so that helps for sure. As long as you’re eating well, your body will do what it’s supposed to do. I was really nervous about gaining so much, but it turns out that I didn’t need to be. My belly is back to just slightly above it’s normal “flatness”, and I’m thinking that once I reach 6 weeks (and can start going for walks/exercise again) I’ll be back to normal.

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    I am pregnant now and am worried about this, because if I gain over 35-40 lbs I will be over 200lbs and that is a really hard for me to deal with because I have struggled with staying in the healthy weight range for my height. Pre pregnant I am about 160-165 and I’m 5’8. I don’t look overweight, but I have extra padding lol

    I am 14 weeks pregnant and have gained 2 lbs. I talked to my midwife and she never gave me a number to go by and I’m sooo happy for that. My views are pretty similar to 

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    @spraguebride I just want to be healthy and not worry about the number! 

    That being said I didn’t vote, once I have my baby I will 🙂

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    @miss-spunkin: yeah that’s right…I AM always worrying about this but I know once I am actually pregnant…I’ll be obsessed with baby’s health and that’ll be my only priority…

    I’ll be in lala land until a year after my baby is born and I look down only to see 40lbs still there hahah….then, i’ll be back to my shallow ways once more.

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    I am 5’2″ and started at 125 and delivered at 160, so I guess was withing normal range.  I retained SO MUCH wated toward the end that my legs looked like an elephants, but that went away shortly after I gave birth.  Also, I don’t know if this is normal or not, but I dropped 20 lbs during my hospital stay.  Some of it was (obviously) baby and placenta and all that good stuff, but I thought that was pretty amazing!

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    Another thing to think about that my doctor constantly told me is that it takes 9 months to put that weight on, so don’t be surprised if it takes 9 months to take it back off. 

    I’m not the best to spew that bit of advice, because my son will be 2 at the end of September and I still have the last 10.  But I am LAZY.

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    i am currently pregnant and struggling with this weight thing =/

    pre-pregnancy: Height 5’3″, weight 114

    at my 16 week check up i had only gained 3 pounds and doc was NOT happy, i had my 20 week appt today and so far ive gained 6 pounds, i had a different doctor today and she said that 6 pounds is great.

    i am trying to keep a healthy diet, but ill admit, i really dont eat much during the day, usually only  3 meals those being breakfast, lunch and dinner and thats it! and i dont eat a whole lot during any meals. i just cant force myself to eat, and im usually either not hungry or nauseous =/

    my concern is… is 6 pounds good enough? my mom tells me not to stress it because from now on the pounds are really gonna start to pile on. 

    did anyone else have a hard time gaining weight? did everything turn out ok in the end? 

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    I didn’t have a hard time at all. In fact by 10 weeks I had already gained 10 lbs. :S

    But my friend only gained 7 lbs by the time she went into labour. She was really sick, had all kind of kidney infections, etc. Her baby turned out completely normal, and healthy, at 7 lbs and some ounces. Doctors monitor that sort of thing.

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    I wouldn’t stress about it, you have 20 weeks left to go after all. You might still end up within the recommended range, or just below, and that’s fine.

    My friend had a baby several years ago, and she was already pretty thin to begin with, and a few weeks before delivery, had only gained about 10-15 pounds. At that time, she got really, really sick (and was also going through a pretty stressful time) and lost all her pregnancy weight (the 10-15 pounds) so actually delivered her baby at a lesser weight than before she was pregnant. While I am sure that is not recommended, her kid was born healthy, and 5 years later is doing great.

    If you’re eating three meals a day and getting your nutrients, I wouldn’t worry at all about the weight gain (or lackthereof).

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    I am plus size and in the 15-25 lb weight gain catergory. I am 30 weeks and have only gained 13 lbs so far. 

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    I was of average weight when I got pregnant.  I’m not really sure how much I weighed, the scale and I have never been too close.  But when I went in on my first appointment, at 10 weeks, I put on more weight than I’d expected.  It makes sense, the only thing I could eat then was carbs w/ proteins, due to nausea.  So I ended up gaining 50lbs total, not good.  Most of it was gained in the beginning half of my pregnancy.

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