What was YOUR proposal reaction??!

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    Worker bee
    • Wedding: November 2018

    I 100% knew it was happening and didn’t think I would cry, but I did. Fiance gave me his little speech (honestly, I couldn’t even tell you what he said because I was feeling so many emotions) and then got down on one knee and I tried to hug him, which instead knocked him over and I fell down on top of him. We were both laughing and crying at the same time. 

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    Blushing bee
    • Wedding: September 2018

    His proposal was so elaborate and everything went off without a hitch, and I was completely fooled the whole day, up to and including the actual proposal. The kind of proposal that ruined all my friends’ future proposals lol. I didn’t really react until he got on one knee and I finally understood what was happening! I just started sobbing but was also totally shocked so it was a bit of both.

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    Blushing bee
    • Wedding: May 2017 - the garden house, seattle

     it was so weird. i had no idea at all.

    we’d been dating about three months. he told me early on that he’d never married because he didn’t like that the government and religion were involved. i was okay with that; not too long before i met him i told my best friend that i was never getting married again, not for anything, because i’d spent 12 years married to a bully and just no.

    during the first few months we were dating, i was trying to get rid of a horrible roommate. The guy was intrusive (i’m pretty sure he deliberately listened to v and me having sex), his dog peed and pooped in the house when she felt like it, he didn’t contribute his fair share to the household, and he peed without lifting the seat, which i discovered by sitting in a puddle of cold pee one night. because he was such a dick and we needed privacy so badly (v’s apartment wasn’t a place we could go. long story), over memorial day weekend 2016 we holed up in a suburban sheraton. there may have been mind-altering substances involved. at one point, i was laughing because he was being cute in my fluffy white onesie with ears. i said, “i love you” and in a sudden intense moment he said that we had to be together forever however we could manage it, because he had decided that i was his last relationship. if i wanted marriage, that was okay, but it just had to happen.

    i was stunned. i sat there nodding, trying to take it all in. i kept saying “okay,” which he thought meant yes and i thought meant wow, i cannot process this in my current state of mind. it was an utterly unexpected and awesome and beautiful moment.

    we’d had plans to go to portland for a long weekend at a really cool hotel the next friday and when we got there, he sat me down on the edge of the bed and said, “you are my wife.” i looked at him, slightly confused. he said, “i mean, we have to get married first, but you are my wife.” then he asked me to marry him, please. i was full of joy and love and amusement at him for being so exactly him, and i said yes. he told me later the second proposal was so i would know he’d been dead serious about the first one.

    the next day we went to a drag show. there was a drag queen announcing the performers and bantering with the audience between acts. at one point, he said, “okay, you two. i’ve been watching you. what’s your story?” i said he’d proposed last night, and everyone in the room went “awwww.” we’re the only people i know who were lucky enough to get the blessing of a drag queen.

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    Sugar bee

    I was totally surprised and shocked – even though we’d talked marriage plenty so it wasn’t like a complete surprise proposal, but I was still completely caught off guard in the moment. I remember saying yes and then just not saying anything for what seemed like a while. I was standing and I remember looking around for a spot to sit and telling him, “I’m overwhelmed, I need to sit down” and then we sat next to each other and hugged for a few minutes. After the adrenaline wore off a bit I felt giddy and euphoric, but those first few minutes I could barely speak. I do think I teared up a bit – and he definitely did – but my first reaction was being overwhelmed. 

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    • Wedding: August 2018

     I was in complete shock. I was literally shaking for 15 minutes afterwards. I couldn’t take photos properly because my hands shook so much.

    He proposed in front of my parents and his mom at the restaurant where we had our first date. He proposed in front of the entire restaurant. I didn’t see it coming AT ALL!

    I had my head down for a lot of the time because I wasn’t sure what was going on. I was completely in disbelief that everything was happening. It was like a dream to me.

    I was in complete shock, and then I started crying. My mom and dad were crying too. 

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    Busy bee
    • Wedding: September 2018

    I knew the proposal was coming, not the exact day or time, but I knew it would be happening soon. I always thought I would cry because just thinking about it prior to the event made me all emotional. But honestly when it actually happened I was just in shock. I literally don’t remember anything he said lol it’s like I blacked out! I smiled and shook my head yes, I don’t even remember if I said yes out loud! And then gave him a kiss and made him get up so I could hug him. If I could relive that moment I totally would just so I could be more in the moment.

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    Blushing bee

    I said “ew no” he said “wait what?” Then I said “i meant yes” and cried Bc I was overwhelmed. 

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    • Wedding: October 2020 - .

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    clipclop1023 :  I always thought I would be a crier. I’m definitely an emotional person. But nope, no tears. However, I knew the proposal was coming. We designed the ring together and picked it up together, which a lot of people have been negative about saying “I would have been so mad if my proposal wasn’t a surprise” but really I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. We’re a great team and it was such a fun bonding experience plus I got a ring I actually love and wanted. I think I would have cried had the proposal been a surprise but I would have much rather said yes to a ring that I love. 

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    Worker bee
    • Wedding: September 2019

    My fiance played it off really well as if something else was going on. I actually thought his sister was announcing she was pregnant or he got a huge promotion at work. When he proposed I was actually so in shock 1) because I didn’t even think he had the ring 2) I built myself up for it to be something else entirely!!

    When the shock wore off I cried but the took a while. My fiance actually thought I wasn’t happy because I was so shocked. I’m just such a huge planner that I was that shocked that he was able to fool me entirely lol. 

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    Helper bee

    Shocked isn’t even enough to cover how I felt. We had been together about a year and it never crossed my mind that he would propose because I never considered getting married. I was fully in love with him but marriage wasn’t something I ever planned for myself. One day on a Thursday he calls me and said he was leaving work early and wanted to have a nice dinner out. I was just thinking he might’v had a long week or something so I said okay and started getting ready. A while later he gets home and gives me a hug and runs into the the bathroom. Weird. Then as I’m putting on my lipstick I see him pacing out of the corner of my eye. I go to talk to him and he’s shaking and I ask if he’s okay. Out of nowhere he says “I can’t wait another minute.” And drops to one knee and pulls out a ring box and says “Lets not spend another second of our lives with different last names. Will you marry me?”

     I literally was standing there looking dumb. I literally said “what do you mean?” Twice like an idiot lol! Marriage had never been discussed or considered on my end because I’m just a weird woman lol. But I said yes. It shocked me how it felt so right to say yes. 

    To this day he says he is disappointed in himself because he couldn’t wait and proposed in my bedroom instead of at the restaurant. He says he wanted to give me a special proposl but I think it was perfect. I fell in love with him over hours of reading and watching shows together in that very same room.

     We’ll be getting married in a little over three months!

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    Honey bee
    • Wedding: April 2017

    I was in shock. Didn’t cry but I never cry. I had no idea he had a ring and I didn’t realise what was happening until he was literally down on his knee. He managed to sneakily video it (he set up his camera and pretended we were doing a timer photo but was actually videoing and just left it running) and it’s so embarrassing to watch back because I start making these squeaking noises! 

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    • Wedding: November 2018

    So excited I can contribute to this!!!! Got engaged just this weekend.

    We were celebrating our 5 year anniversary and so spent the whole day doing nice, sentimental things like having breakfast at our favourite cafe, going to his parents beach house, drinking champagne etc. Because we were celebrating that, I didn’t clue on AT ALL that a proposal was in the works!

    It had been raining all afternoon and in a brief halt in the rain he suggested we walk down to the beach. No one else was there because of the bad weather but we just cuddled and reminisced about all the wonderful times we’d had together and then that led to him asking. I was so surprised and excited and happy that I was just nervous-laughing and kissing him. I actually forgot to say “yes”!

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    Worker bee

    I didn’t see it coming.  I had long since decided I wanted him more than I wanted a wedding, and just given up on ever getting a proposal.  He had made me walk up this massive hill twice already and is prone to making me wait while he ties his shoelaces, adjusts his clothing of just generally faffs with something.  So when he got down on one knee, I thought he was messing with his shoes yet again….so I rolled my eyes at him.
    Then he asked and I said….”really?  what….really?  yeah, but… really?  yes!  ….for real??”

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    Blushing bee
    • Wedding: April 2017

    I cried when he asked. His sister, a photographer, was hiding in the bushes and caught my reaction.

    We had been together for four years, and he had always told me he wanted to marry me. But I completely did not expect a proposal that day. When it happened, I couldn’t believe it was FINALLY happening! I had dreamed of this moment for so long. It was a joyful, memorable day for both of us. 

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    Helper bee
    • Wedding: July 2018

    Shock for sure, and then tears. I don’t really remember much becuase it was so sudden and unexpected. I just said “REALLY?!” like alot. 

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