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This was many, many moons ago. I went on a blind double date (that is, with a friend, her boyfriend, and a guy she wanted to introduce me to). He spent the whole evening talking about his ex, that he’d just broken up with.

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I went out on a couple dates with this guy. He ended up being a jerk, never called again, and I was happy for that.

a few months later he started bringing dates into the restaurant I worked at. He would call me names as I walked by. This went on for months until my boss stepped in and kicked him out.

five years later I ran into him at a friends wedding. He apologized profusely and begged for a second chance. I agreed.

we went out for coffee and a movie. During coffee he preceded to ridicule my family. My parents jobs, the schools my brothers and I attended, basically saying we were beneath him. He contined with little jabs at me when we got to the theatre. A little bit into the movie I got up to go to the bathroom… And didn’t come back. 

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A girl I knew set me up on a blind date. Halfway through the date the man confessed to me that he’d just gotten out of prison for rape.

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smoocheepoo:  Eff that. What a horrible person.

This guy asked me to go to a winery with him. He didn’t tell me, but we met his mom and her girlfriend there. She paid for the everything; which I’m sorry – why ask me on a date that your mom is going to pay for? He didn’t talk to me the entire time. He literally had his chair faced AWAY from me and stayed on his phone through the whole date. 

So I got fed up and asked him to take me back to my car; we were supposed to go to the movies afterwards, but I just got in my car and went home. He texted me and asked where I was at and I just let him have it. His reply was that him and his girlfriend just broke up and he was having a really hard time. I think he was just looking to get laid and/or make the chick jealous. 

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Worst date ever was actually my fault. I was dating and had a first date with a really nice guy. My friend was having a party that night and so I went there first before meeting up for my date. well I was having too much fun and convinced my date to meet me at my friends place so he can hang with us. Well… he didn’t have a car at the time so he had to take a taxi across town. I had not realized he was extremely shy and my friends are… loud. We played a couple of games with risqué topics and it was just so painful to see him try and interact. My friends tried really hard to make him feel at ease, the only one that wasn’t helping was me. At the time I was just annoyed. I drove him home in silence. It was so awkward and I was being a brat (and another B word). 

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socalgirl1689:  I cant say i have *horrible* dates. I have read some on here that are just awful lol

my worst was probably with a guy who tried to make out with me before the movie started. Like the lights had not even dimmed for the previews before mawled me and then continued to try through the rest of the movie. I also had to pick him up and drop him off which i am not opposed to, but don’t act like some big rico suave when i had to come pick you up lol. 

Neither of us contacted eachother again. 

I also had another one who talked about his ex the entire time. Like showing me things she bought him and reading out loud old love cards that she wrote. 

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Worst date was with a guy I met online and we talked sports. We met and he showed up wearing my least favorite teams shirt and the first thing he said was “I wore this just to piss you off”. I should have left then, but I stayed for the concert and it started pouring. He jumped on a train home leaving me to wait for 2 hours in the rain and the dark for the tram to take me to my car. The worst part is that he texted me to say “if it makes you feel any better about being in the rain this train is crowded”. Needless to say when he called for a second date I declined.

The worst date with a boyfriend was after we had gotten together after a break caused by him taking a girl who was just a friend who he met on a dating site a few weeks before me to a play, dinner, and she spent the night. We met more of his friends and one of his friends was hitting on him saying things like I want to sit on your lap and kiss you. I was mad and drank a lot and he whispered in my ear I needed to get the F over it. I freaked out and in my drunk state I walked out into the city street and got into a huge yelling match with him. I was so mad I had both of our train tickets and wouldn’t give him one knowing he had no money and no car. I was too drunk to drive so I called some friends to drive me home and the people in the bar felt so bad for me my drinks were all paid for that night!

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I got set up on a blind date before I met my current SO by a coworker who know apparently knew nothing about me. He was loud, rude, and never stopped talking. He asked me to pick him up and then refused to pay for anything. I am okay with dutch, but I am not Mrs. Moneypants. He never asked me one question about myself the entire time and stared at my chest like 90% of the date. In the middle of dinner, I got in the middle of kne of his sentences (because they never ended) got my purse, and went to the “bathroom”. Walked straight into the kitchen, found the first person who was available and asked him to show me out the back door. I had driven so I got in my car and left. My friend at work asked about my date. I guess he was SO embarrassed about his behavior so he told her that he messed up big time but he’d like to see me again. AHAHAHAHAHAHA. I hope he found someone who is both mute and deaf as that’s the only woman that could stand him. 

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I went to the movies with a guy in high school. I was pretty much not interested in dating in general, in denial that he wanted to date me, and thought he just wanted to be friends. Until he tried to hold my hand during the movie – rather, he had to literally grab my hand. He was annoyed. Haha.

I was so awkward back then… 

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I went on this blinddate by a coworker. The guy sent me a face picture and said he was 5’10 160 with tattoos. He texted me when to meet up with him and he would be taking me to dinner and a movie.
We meet up and he is shorter than me (5’7) and over 300, with one tattoo of spongebob on his arm.  Now I figured maybe he was insecure or something so I was like whatevs’ lets have fun and maybe he’ll be a new friend.

So then he asked if I was hungry I said yeah. He then drove me to Carls Jr. drive through and said he didn’t have any money. I said Uh.. well I only have like a 10.00 on me but we could go by the atm. He said “no no that’s fine.” and then ordered a combo meal with upgrade fries/milkshake and whatever that came to 9.00 something. Then asked for the 10.00. I was like 19 and way more timid than I am now and was flabbergasted and just handed it to him. I don’t order anything obvs. we go through then sit in the parking lot while he eats.

Like 20mins later we drive somewhere and pull into a driveway. We get out, and it’s his house apparently. So he says we’re going to watch a movie and I’m like “uh…” I’m not really into going to guys houses by myself i’ve only met once. plus he’s already been lame. But we go in and I start making excuses why I should be going home. (he drove me there though so I was stuck) and he puts on a movie straight up ignoring me. Then he pushes me against a wall and tries to makeout with me. I push him off and he tells me not to be a prude and puts his hand up my shirt. I push him away and tell him to knock it off and take me home. He says he won’t.
He then starts talking about us being boyfriend and girlfriend and meeting his friends. Puke city.

He’s scared me at this point because he was being so aggressive and rough and i go to the bathroom and lock the door and call someone to pick me up. I come out in about 10 mins after him banging on the door and told him someone is on their way and to let me outside. He wouldn’t so I can “look, you can either let me outside or you can go to jail because I already told my ride you were a creep.” So he calls me a B-___ and etc and I leave. Then the next day he texts me asking to go out again.

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Oh! I also went on this date with a guy I met at a park. He rode up on a bike to “pick me up” then he asked if I wanted coffee, which is always a yes, and we start walking downtown (lol) and he says lets go to the hospital, they have free coffee…….

Yeaah, no.

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I’ve had my fair share of bad dates. I think the worst one was when I was being set up by a friend and it turned out my date didn’t realize he was being set up with me. He invited this girl he was seeing to where we were and they started making out right in front of me. It was SO awkward. On top of that I ended up getting stranded – I was told I would have a ride back to my car since I took the train to meet up with them and then at the end of it all nobody wanted to drive me back so I spent $75 on a taxi. I don’t miss dating at all. 

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ejpentecost:  wow how could that be any worse? Lol!!

went on a double date with a guy who got drunk very quickly. We were at a festival. the four of us left to go to a friends birthday party that evening. In the car he told my friends how hot this prostitute was at the festival and how he was going to bang me ” 6 or 7 times” that night. the outlook is not good on that one dude!!! My friends couldnt stop laughing. At the birthday party at a bar. He berated staff and called them idiots and c**ts. He then went on to tell everyone how he is a league above other people because he is an engineer. When I told him he was embarrassing me he called me a bi**h and said that he will act like this “again and again and again” 


sent him home in a cab. 

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One guy asked to meet at a cafe at dinner time, so I was expecting we would grab some food. Its a place where you line up to order and then they bring you your food. He lines up and orders just a tea, I think he’s going to ask me what I would like but nope, he paid for it and I ordered myself a coffee. I don’t mind splitting the bill normally but the whole situation just seemed so cheap to me. I don’t know if he intended on dinner and just didn’t like what he saw or what (even though he had seen my photos). We had zero in common and had a boring conversation to which we parted ways and he sent a half hearted how are you doing text a couple days later and luckily for both of us it just phased out smoothly. 

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