(Closed) What was your worst date ever?

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PixelMePretty:  shut the front door. He had a spongebob tattoo!? Like what was it of? I need more explanation on this pls. Lol

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socalgirl1689:  Off the top of my head, it was a second date with a guy from OkCupid (uggg, don’t miss that). He went out of his way to walk me by the church where he wanted to get married. Oi, too soon dude, too soon.

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I guess mine arent horrible, but….

Went on a blind date with a guy. He was so awkward and hardly said two words. I only saw him that one time and never saw/communicated with him again.

Then, went on a date with another guy. Afterward he invited me over to watch a movie, and two minutes in he was trying to pressure me into having sex with him. I went to leave and he deadbolted the door. Needless to say, I ran out and never spoke to him again. 

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The man with the salty tongue who kissed me.

I still want to throw up in my mouth with the memory and this was over 15 years ago.smh

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jalapenocupcake:  lol true story, it was something just like that. Just spongebob.

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I went on a blind date when I was in college, the guy was so nasty. He wanted to meet at this really nice restaurant so I dressed really nice, spent forever getting ready. I saw a picture of him and thought he was a really goodlooking guy. OMG when he got there he was in ratty jeans, a dirty t-shirt with the sleeves cut off, a baseball cap that looked like it had been soaking in mud for days and muddy boots. I immediately thought he just didn’t have time to change clothes after work or something. Nope he meant to dress like this for our date. When he started talking I saw the 4 teeth he had which looked like they had never been brushed. I’m not saying he should’ve looked like he belonged in a Crest commercial or anything but seriously a little toothpaste wouldn’t kill you. I almost didn’t go inside to eat but felt bad because he drove a good ways to meet me. He told me his name was John but he preferred to be called Bull, ummm no John is fine thanks. And the cherry on top of an amazing date, halfway through dinner he tells me he had just started seeing a girl a month or so before our mutual friend set us up. And that he broke up with her when my friend showed him my picture. I said wait you broke up with your gf before meeting me because you saw my picture. He said yeah you’re way prettier than her. I stood up to leave and said you better hurry up and call her back, you got no shot with me. He of course told my friend I was stuck up and he didn’t have time for someone like me, darn!

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I went on a couple of dates with the older brother of a co-worker when I was 18.  The co-worker and her family had moved to our state from Louisiana about six months beforehand.  One of our dates was to make a day out of driving to a big new mall about an hour away.  On the way there he drove way too fast and complained about how crappy our roads are compared to the ones in his home state.  It started pouring rain and he still didn’t slow down.  We ended up hydroplaning and skidding all over the interstate and almost wrecking, it was terrifying.  On the plus side he did buy me a $50 hoodie I wanted at the mall.  On our second date he invited me to his house when no one was home and put on techno music to show me how he could dance with glow sticks.  I wasn’t impressed.

Coincidentally he is very sucessful now, he moved back to Louisiana and opened a restaurant.  He has a beautiful wife too.

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I spent several months on crutches while in college. Most get that it is kinda hard to get around on these things. It hurts. One guy knew this and asked me out. He wanted to go to a jazzfest. Awesome! Not so awesome was that he didn’t want want to spring for VIP parking, instead expected me to hike about a mile from the parking lot to the festival, not exaggerating. And expected me to stand the whole time because he did not get seats. F’in kidding me? I just went home. 

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I went on a date with a guy who was leaving for medical school but decided to give it a shot anyway (8+ years ago.) He said he would plan the whole date so I rolled with it. He took me to a dance studio to ballroom with him, which was his hobby. I am very bad at organized dancing lol, but I was sort of turned off at the amount of sweat coming from his body. It wasn’t that warm in the room and we weren’t dancing very fast but he had the largest stains on his dress shirt afterwards.  

After we were done practicing stepping on each others feet he took me to dinner…… at his RABBI’s house. Yep, first date dinner was at his rabbis house, with wife and their 7 children. I’m not religious, more culturally Jewish, but I was super uncomfortable. Rabbi and entire family did a prayer blessing for our relationship and it’s success yadda yadda. I thought I was going to be married off right there. 

It was easy to break it off since he went away to school, but he sent me a FB message a few years later letting me know that I was the right girl at the wrong time lol. He also messaged me a day after my engagement repeating the sentiment again. We’re not FB friends so i’m not sure how he knew…

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This thread is giving me heart palpitations. Some of you ladies are lucky to have escaped these “dates” with your lives.

Mine is way less exciting and also wasn’t his fault: On my first date in my entire life, my sixth-grade crush and I went roller skating. I fell and sprained my wrist and basically cried and got picked up by my mom. Not a successful intro to the dating world.

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socalgirl1689:  I hung out with a guy casually a couple times until he finally asked me out. We were going to meet up with his friends (whom I had already met and liked) and when I got to his house he had already started drinking and got straight into the passenger seat beside me.
We get the restaurant and the waitress starts taking drink orders. Everyone orders and as soon as it gets to my turn, the guy cuts me off and says to the waitress, “Oh no, she will just have water.” ummmmmm excuse me? I was so pissed. His friends ordered me a margarita when he went to the bathroom so that was the highlight of my night.

He actually stormed out of the restaurant mad as hell because they ordered me a drink. So glad I escaped that d-bag

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My first date with this guy…

He was a friend of a friend when we first met, and I liked him, but he would always avoid me. He would litterally leave the room if I sat on the couch in the living room while he was on the love seat. I thought he hated me.

I had gone home for the 4th of July (about 6 hours away) and he texted me to ask if I was going to be at my boyfriend’s the rest of the weekend. To which I replied, “I don’t have a boyfriend…” His very next text message was, “do you want to go out on the boat with me tomorrow?” Apparently he had been avoiding me because he liked me but thought I had a boyfriend. I said yes, which meant that the day after the 4th of July I had to get up at 5am to make it back by noon to go on this boat.

I get there and he has the boat in his driveway and he is trying desperately to start it, but it won’t turn over. After about half an hour of sitting around he finally gives up and we end up going out on the canoe instead of the motor boat. But there are no oars for the canoe. So he grabs the one safety oar out of the motor boat and we head down to the river.

We put in up river with a cooler and some beers and we float down the river with the one oar. An hour or two in, he starts paddeling really fast at a strip of island in the middle of the river. I ask, “you have to pee?” and he says, “Close.” He beached the canoe and ran off to take a shit in the middle of this tiny island in the river.

When we got to the place to get out, neither of us had thought ahead about how we’d get back to the truck where we’d put in about 4 or 5 miles up river. He called his little brother to come drive him back to his truck. I waited on the river bank while he grabed his truck and drove back down so we could load the canoe up.

The best part of this story is that I ended up marrying this guy 😛

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This was many, many years ago.  I agreed to meet a guy from an online dating site for the first time in person.  When we met for lunch, he seemed really disappointed.  I didn’t ask what’s wrong or anything, but he couldn’t help himself and finally told me that he was looking for someone more petite LOL.  Well, I didn’t lie on my profile about my height (I am petite btw, I’m 5’3″) and at that time on the “slim” side.  So anyway, I guess I should’ve just left right there and then, but I didn’t want to be rude.  Towards the end of the date, he asked me how old my two dogs were.  At that time they were only about 2 years old.  Again, he expressed disappointment.  He thought they would be much much older………..why?  So that they would pass away soon.  OMG!  Needless to say, that was the end of that! 

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I went on a date with someone years ago who told me to pay him back for dinner ASAP ( it was $1.25, I had a side of rice) and who had awful gas and was farting a ton! SO romantic… He went in for a kiss and I gently told him off… bleh

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