(Closed) What was your worst date ever?

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Another awful one was 2 years ago or so… We were hiking and I told ex about favorite song ( hot blooded by foreigner). He told me I could either listen to music or hold his hand, I left him in the dust. That relationship didn’t last long. lol

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Blushing bee

My worst date ever would have to be the date that never quite actually became a date.

Basically I was talking to this guy  off of POF. Things were going well, the conversation was great, we had a lot in common. I gave him my number and we had amazing conversations through text. 

Things were going well so we decided to meet. I was talking to him for a couple weeks before we finally decided to meet. I was very hopeful and excited when I was getting ready to meet him. Anyway we agreed on a meeting spot, so there I was waiting at the spot. The time that we had mutually agreed upon came and went, patiently I waited.

I gave him 10 minutes, if he didn’t show up, that was it. Luckily it wasn’t far from where I lived (across the street) so i wasn’t wasting too much of my time.

About 5 minutes in I see a car drive by, then circle back, park. Then a guy gets out who kind of looks like the guy. He takes his time, but sends a text message almost 10 minutes in saying here’s here and he sees me. I see where he is and start walking towards him, he lights a cigarette. We meet 100 feet from where the meeting place was, and he takes a puff of his cigarette and blows it in my face (I kid you not!)

Unamused I take a few steps back, hoping that it was just a mistake. Then he proceeds to tell me that he was here earlier, saw me and went to go home but decided to be a ‘decent person’ and tell me face to face that I was not his type by the looks of me. I was in shock, after all the great conversations we had, he never mentioned that body weight would be an issue.

In all fairness, I’m a size 18, but I wear it well (I’ve been told this by many people). I admitted to being plus size on my profile and even had different pictures up. But he says that “I am not at all what I said I was”. And proceeds to tell me he was expecting someone 100lbs thinner and more athletic and shorter. Then says he didn’t want to waste my time, wishes me well, then turns and walks away.

That was my worst date! Hopefully the worst forever lol!

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PixelMePretty:  OMG!!!! That is scary! Glad you were OK. 

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Sister sets me up with this guy she knows “You’d be perfect together!” Gives him my email and we chat back and forth for a couple weeks before making plans for dinner and a movie.

Well the way it worked out the movie we agreed on was playing either really early or really late so we agreed to go to the movie first and get dinner afterward. We meet up at the theater and go in and he buys a ticket just for himself. Ok that’s fine, I’m not so old fashioned that I expect a date to pay for me. But then he doesn’t even wait for me to buy my ticket, by the time I get through my transaction he’s already in line at concessions.

Again, he only buys for himself, so I just get a soda thinking we’re going to eat afterward I don’t want to fill up on popcorn. He actually waits for me this time, and we go to the theater and find seats. He sits with an empty seat between us, says it’s uncomfortable for him to sit right next to someone in theater seats. Weird but he’s a big guy so I guess ok.

So we watch the movie and after I’m thinking ok, we’ll get dinner it’ll give us time to chat and get to know each other better. I ask him where he’d like to go for dinner and he says “Uhhh, well I am kind of full now after theater stuff.” And I’m like ok, well maybe we can just go get a drink somewhere…And he’s like “If it’s cool with you I think I’m just gonna head home” and I’m like, ok…And he leaves.

Never hear from him again. I have no idea what he was expecting or what I might have done but I essentially could have gone to the movies alone and had a better time.

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socalgirl1689:  Maaaaan…. I went on a couple horrible dates in the online dating years!

The most awkward was one of those guys who got way too attached during the phone calls to make sure he wasn’t a psycho killer phase. Unbeknownst to me, he had apparently decided we were a couple before the first date. We met at Starbucks at 10:30 in the morning (super early for a date for me, but I assumed he had something else to do that day). Honestly, when I walked in I knew it wasn’t a match. I’d seen pictures of him and stuff but there was just something that clicked when I was in the same room as him. I decided to let the date play out because it would have been totally rude to just walk out. 

So early in the conversation I mentioned a couple friends were taking me to dinner for my birthday that night. He seemed concerned and asked what time. I said “We’re meeting at 8:30”. He got pretty aggitated and mentioned having to cut the date short. I was confused (We were talking about TEN HOURS FROM NOW) and asked what he had planned for us for the rest of the day. He didn’t have a plan… just thought we’d “spend the day together”. Uh… no. I don’t know if he’d never been on a date before or what but just hanging out all day and night with no plan is something my fiance and I didn’t do until we were living together! It got weirder from there and I ended up doing the horrible “have a friend call with an emergency” thing. So bad. 

The scariest was this dude who noticed I had a bruise-looking thing on my upper chest. I said “Yeah that’s weird huh? I think it’s like a bug bite that I had a bad reaction to.” He said something about me getting it during sex… which seemed like a really weird joke since it definitely didn’t look like a hicky and wasn’t in a “grab me” kind of place. Anyway, the date went ok and we hung out a couple days later. The bite and morphed into this really strange green and purple blotchy looking bruise over a large portion of my upper right chest above my boob. I showed it to him and he FLIPPED THE FUCK OUT. Started screaming at me that I got it during sex (again- looked nothing like a “sex injury”) and calling me a whore. Ok.. A- it totally did NOT look like anything you could get from even rough sex and B- if I did get it during sex it was before our first date so what the fuck are you mad about? I high tailed it out of there. Unfortunately, I had used his rest room before this conversation and while looking for my phone in my purse, I took out my iPod and forgot it on his counter. Oh well. 

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I am pretty bad at rejecting people (it is awkward and I feel awful), so I have attracted some odd ones.  The worst one is a guy that took me to a movie in the mall. We had some time to kill before the movie, so we were looking at stores.  Not even an hour in this date, he takes me to a jewlery store and tells me to pick a ring.  I asked why and he said so we could be engaged.  I try to avoid him at all costs and I thought I would get distance when he was arrested and sent to prison.    Nope, he sends me letters (I do not know how he knows my address) and calls me from the prison.  I do not know how he remembers my number, I could not tell you my fiance’s phone number. 

My birthday is on Valentine’s Day.  The guy I was dating about 15 years ago completely forgot about both.  He came by about 2 am to make it up to me after he left the strip club.  He could not figure why I was upset.

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sunny_bee5078:  i cant believe some people!

the scary thing is that these people actually go on to have relationships and marry. WHO IS FALLING FOR THIS STUFF? LOL

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sarabee:  OMG!!

usually the guys who are like this don’t have much to offer themselves – i just dont understand it!

I once went on a date with a guy i had been chatting too online. We actually ended up being good friends for a while. He was fun to hang out with but i knew from our first date it would never work.

He told me that he was really happy to see me and i was so beautiful etc. Because the last girl he had met online completely lied about herself and just as she was walking up to open his car HE TOOK OFF!! I told him he was a horrible person and we would never date, but i was laughing as i said it so we actually had a great time and hung out with him many more times, but i could just never date someone who was shallow. 

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One of my worst dates was with my current Darling Husband but years ago hahahaha

He had asked me to go out for dinner and had told me he would come pick me up. I was nervous since he was older than me and I didnt know what to expect. He arrived in a very loud ute, my parents always like meeting the people I was going out with so my mum was waiting outside to introduce herself, my date saw her, panicked and pretty much peeled out the driveway (well my mum didnt like that!) with me in the car. 

We went to dinner at some swanky resturant and he didnt know how to pronounce anything on the menu or how fine dining worked. We wernt dressed appropriately so we were put at the back near the toilets, while the staff kept coming to check if we wanted to move into the bar for the casual experience…

In the end we didnt talk much and he was nervous. I had to pay for fuel and we ended up driving around alot after dinner talking and just sharing experience. It was ok just not really interesting. We were both so awkward and well didnt know what to do with one another. We ended up at his place for a move and well he didnt even try anything, just sat there on the other side of the room watching the movie, pretty much ignoring me. In the end he took me home and well I text him a few times over the months but it petered out and he text me one day to say he moved interstate. 

Fast Forward 7 years and we are now married hahaha, much better first long time date when we caught up after so many years 🙂 Still makes me laugh.

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Let’s see – 

I had a blind date with a guy who was 3 inches shorter.  We went to a movie and I was chewing gum — he proceded to tell me that he disapproves and forbids his girl friends from chewing gum.  I was like…

Then — went on a date with this guy who was awful…

1.  He wasn’t a gentleman (I’m old school – so I like it when a guy I’m dating opens doors, pulls out my chair etc)… he acted like we were buddies — um, no. THEN – I ordered sparkling water with my food (we went to PF Changs) and when the bill came he was tripping about the water.  And before that he was acting all scketchy during the conversation — rocking from side to side and looking from side to side — 

I left like doing this number…


Ok — I”m done with the Gifs!  lol.

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My worst date ever started the way any great date starts…. we met on Tinder, haha! He was sweet enough via text, a little awkward but I convinced myself awkward could be charming so I agreed to meet up with him for drinks. We meet up at an ale house in my city and the conversation was painfully awkward to begin with. He refered to his mother as “mommy” in casual conversation with me. I’m too nice to just end a date because I’m not feeling it, so I let it continue and I suffered in silence. When he got up to use the bathroom he looked at me, hugged me, told me he was going to miss me while he was gone… I kid you not. This dude said he would miss me while he was gone for 5 minutes peeing. Also, he send me a selfie while he was in there… thankfully it was of his face and not a dick pic but still super weird!!! wtf?! He hugged me again when I myself went to the restroom.

Finally when I couldn’t take it anymore I made up an excuse to leave so we were walking out. He told me he had parked kind of far and asked for a ride to his car, I said sure no problem. We’re driving around and he said he forgets where he parked… omg I want to die at this point… so we keep aimlessly driving around. Finally he admits he didn’t forget where he parked, he just wanted to spend more time with me! WHAT?!!!! Ahhhhh!!! So we get to the parking lot where his car is and he’s like “you’re not going to get out and hug me”… awkward, so, ok whatever I get out to hug him and he just keeps dragging out the small talk and not letting me leave. 35 minutes goes by and we’re still just standing in the parking lot and he is saying things like “what if I never see you again.. wouldn’t that be so tragic?” and it’s freaking me out. Then he starts saying “… don’t you hate it when you’re trying to leave and people just linger…” and in my mind I’m like, uhhh yes actually I do and you’re so awkward because that’s exactly what you’re doing!!!


I deleted Tinder that night.

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We were broke college kids so we went to subway. He actually wanted to take me to a nice restaurant, but I said no. I wasn’t sure about him and didn’t want a long sit down dinner. (Should have been my clue that this was a dumb idea.)

He spent the whole meal talking about how his ex was emotionally abusive and unstable and how his roommate masturbates on his bed often….

Yeah I took off early. 

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Finally accepted an invite from this guy 10 yrs older than me when I was in my v early 20s. We meet and he suggests grabbing a bite at a cafe. No worries. He selects and orders a chicken ceased salad to share. i was a stupid people pleaser and not only went along with it but let him eat all the chicken. It comes time to pay and whilst at the register he turns to me and literally demands my half. I had no cash on me so he walked me straight to an ATM afterwards so I could get out $$ to pay him back my $10. saddest thing is I ended up in a r’ship with that mess for a year or so. Ahhhhh good times 

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I have three that really stand out.

1. My friend set me up on a blind date. I met the guy at a trendy coffee shop that was very loud. My friend neglected to tell me that the guy was deaf. I don’t care that he was deaf but a heads up would have been nice seeing as we had a very hard time communicating.


2. I met up with a guy for the first time and it was a pretty tame date. He was nice enough and we walked through the park then went to a popular little grocery store and he bought some griceries. We went back to the park and walked a bit longer then I said I had to go. He said he wanted to see me again and asked me to a movie. I said sure then he grabbed me by my shoulders and pulled me into this giant mouth on mouth way too long, slobbery kiss. I was stunned. Way too soon, dude. I never called him back.


3. The scariest one for me. After I met this guy for a drink downtown, he invited me over to his place the next night for dinner. I agreed and arrived at his place for dinner. The apartment smelled…odd. It was very weird. He sat me down at the table and started giving me wine. I was trying to sip it as slowly as possible without being rude.

Then he served dinner. The asparagus was grey, the pasta was grey and the potatoes were grey. He topped everything off with this thick, white, grainy cheese sauce. I picked at the food, ate very little and said I was just very nervous to explain it. He gave me more wine and went to the washroom. I started looking around his place and when I went into the kitchen there were syringes everywhere. Some had clear liquid in them (could have been water), some were empty and they were all near the food (maybe he was just messy and kept all this stuff nearby?). I went into panic mode. I didn’t know if he out something in the food or wine. Who has that many syringes anyway?!

I had my shoes on and was going out the door when he came out of the bathroom. He asked me if I was ok to drive. I shouted yes thanks as I was running down the hallway. I got in my car and drove to a nearby grocery store parking lot that was closed and called my mum and told her what had happened (in case I wound up dead if he had put something in my food). I stopped at Subway on the way home and got a sandwich. I figured it would suck up whatever he put in the food. 

I never got sick or anything.

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Oh my goodness, mine happened right before I met my fiance….

So I’m talking to this guy online and he seems pretty normal.  I decide to go out to meet him for a drink because I wanted to meet him (talking online =/= meeting someone).  So we did.  I was running late so I come in and apologize profusely.  He doesn’t look at me or say anything and TEXTS me from across the booth “I’ve been here since 3:00”.  Well at that point it was about 7:30, so ok, maybe he had some stuff to get done at a coffee shop or something.  He finally says “hi, I’m C” and shakes my hand.  I’m already getting a somewhat creeptastic vibe from him, so I order a short beer and we start talking.  He seemed fine at first: he was decently charming, was holding a conversation, etc.

THEN, probably 20-30 minutes later, the REAL “C” comes out.  He starts talking to himself.  I was confused at first so I asked him to repeat, but as it turns out he was talking to someone who wasn’t there (!!!!).  He turns his head to look to his right…where NO ONE is sitting, and starts having a conversation, acting like I wasn’t there.  He then starts blabbering about being an “internet preacher” and how he had moved to Texas for work but was arrested for like 6 months and he now lives in his mom’s basement.  He had said he worked “security” but as that turns out he was a bouncer at a bar like 3 hours on Saturday night.

I paid my tab as quickly as possible at that point because I’m getting a bit freaked out.  I had a friend who knew where I was so I texted her the “911” text so she could call me with an “emergency”.  He keeps on babbling on about how he majored in religion but never finished his degree, etc.  My friend calls, I say “sorry gotta run” and get the hell out of there, making sure he didn’t see where I went to get into my car.  He had to wait at the bus stop anyway which was on the other side of the bar.  Not to mention I RAN out of there.  Did I mention that he was 6’5″ and about 270??  Yeah…

If that wasn’t enough, he sends me a message asking how I thought the date went as I drove home.  I didn’t respond.  He keeps on sending messages, but it dwindled down when I didn’t respond.  The next morning though I woke up to 15 loooooooong messages babbling about how he was going to “save” everyone as an internet preacher and how those who haven’t seen the light are doomed to hell, etc. etc.  The last message was “you’re good looking though, wouldn’t mind kissing you”.  I BLOCKED him, and THANK GOD have not heard from him since.  I can’t emphasize to people who are online dating, meet in a public place and DO NOT give out personal information.  All he knew about me was my name was ljm and I’m a teacher.  Talk about CREEPTASTIC.

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