(Closed) What was your worst drunken moment?

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Oh geeze…. I have a couple…. or maybe a few from “back in the day”

One included 12 (counted) Long Island Iced Teas & the night ending with a broken toe (smashed in the car door by someone else)

Another was a whole case and a VERY VERY POORLY MADE Long Island all to myself while spending the day on the beach and NOT eating all day.

The last New Years I celebrated I went through a WHOLE bottle of vodka with a day/night of Bloody Mary’s (right after a break up so yea it wasn’t pretty)

OH OH OH…. I drank a 1/3 of vodka in screw drivers one night and when I went to get into bed (which was our mattress on the floor) I kinda missed the bed and ended up with CARPET BURN IN MY NOSE

I must also mention that in all of these nights I never threw up (that night) so waking up still intoxicated was common in all cases & the bathroom floor was my friend all the next day =/

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@runsyellowlites:  ughh Long Islands will do all that to ya! 🙁


@redheadem:  you are definitely NOT the only one!!


On my 21st birthday I got so drunk I face planted in the middle of the bar. I blacked out, but my Darling Husband told me I opened the car door while we were driving so I could puke outside of the car. I vaguely remember that.

I broke up with Darling Husband while we were engaged because I was so frustrated with my Mother-In-Law. Not a shining moment.

I got so drunk one night freshman year of college off of watermelon vodka and the next morning I had to fly home for Thanksgiving break. I ended up puking in the airplane. It was not fun!!! 


Youll feel better by tomorrow I’m sure!

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The night of my 21st birthday was by far my worst drunken night. 

I drank an entire pint of parrot bay at my house before we left to go out. The bar we went to did “liquor buckets” and I drank two of those. I did 2 birthday cake shots, 1 BJ shot, and 1 tequilla shot. I then got up on the bar and danced for a free shot of jaeger. I then attempted another liquor bucket but I am pretty sure I failed miserably. I blacked out at some point and don’t remember leaving the bar but there are pictures to show that I crawled on my hands and knees to the parking garage where I proceeded to puke all over my car. I woke up the next morning wearing only my bra and underware and was told that I jumped in the pool at my apt. complex when we got home.

Alcohol and I didn’t speak for like 2 months after that night. 


I hope you start feeling better!!! 🙂 

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@redheadem:  There were many of days after that I WISHED I had thrown up the night before so that maybe, just maybe, I wouldn’t have woken up STILL 3 sheets to the wind.

I guess I enjoyed being drunk for days as opposed to just 1 night. =/

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20th birthday… that was almost 5 years ago and the sight of anyone taking tequila shots still makes me stomach so this weird knot/turn thing.

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Do you mean worst behaviour while drunk or worst hangover?

Worst behaviour: I’m a light weight – 2 glasses of wine and I’m good. So we’re at BF’s friends’ house, it’s the summer and so one of their friends is home from university (she’s currently in her last year at veterinary school in Scotland) so everyone’s celebrating this.

Boyfriend or Best Friend has told me before that when he first met this girl, let’s call her T, his friends introduced them with the hopes that they would start dating. They didn’t but it wasn’t for BF’s lack of effort. He chatted with her, kept in contact with her. But T wasn’t over her last relationship.

Anyways BF’s friends and him all breed snakes so everyone goes down into the snake room. I’m there too but everyone’s asking T all their health-related questions. (I’m also going through for vet medicine) so I felt a little left out and jealous.

I go up to Boyfriend or Best Friend and try to hold his hand and he pulls away which made me feel hurt. Then he turns around and starts talking to T so I turned myself around and left, heading back upstairs.

I DON’T REMEMBER THIS. Boyfriend or Best Friend has told me this is what happened. Apparently all his friends commented on how weird I was acting and the next time we were invited (they’re BF’s friends so they talk to him, not me) BF’s friend goes “she’s not going to act all weird and storm off again right?”

MORTIFIED!! I am so embarassed. I live out of town and haven’t been back yet but the next time I go now that I know I’m going to be a little embarassed.

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Other than that I’m not a huge drinker. I’m legal but I’ve never been to a bar nor have I had interest in it.

I prefer wine and drinking with friends. I’ve only had one hang over and it was because we had wine at home with friends and then we walked down to the Greek Food Festival which only served beer, so I had a glass of that (YUCK, I hate beer!) and so because I mixed drinks ugh I woke up and my head wanted to kill me!

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Last night in my university town I got so drunk at the bar celebrating that I threw up, then walked back to our table and announced “throwing up when you are drunk DOESN’T EVEN HURT!”.

Mortified would be an understatement.

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My Fiance and I ran into his boss one night at a restaurant and we ended up drinking waaay too much — long story short I had to go to the hospital by ambulance thanks to alcohol poisoning. I live in a tiny town where everyone knows me and it was so, so SO embarassing, not to mention how awfully drunk I was in front of my fiance’s boss of all people.

I’ve been crying girl, hitting on innappropriate people girl, kicked out of the bar and argumentative girl, drunk dialing/Facebooking ex-boyfriends girl, loudly talking shit about people who are in the same room girl… naked girl…

So, I get the embarrassed after drinking feeling! That’s why I do my best to not drink so much these days.


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I was seriously depressed because I did not think my boyfriend at the time was ever going to commit to me. So I went to a house party with him, got super wasted, puked all over the bathroom, passed out in the hallway, and he had to carry me out to the car. I looked in the bathroom mirror at his house the next day and I looked like… there are NO words.

He was very nice about it all, but it was a big wake up call for me that I was miserable and not handling it well. He likes to tease me about it now, but it was horrible!

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I like this thread, but I am having THE WORST time remembering my less than stellar moments. Hrmm….

After thinking about it, I had this roommate who brought home some vanilla vodka. I wasn’t in the habit of drinking a lot, so I made myself a way-too-strong drink for me while I cleaned the house. It tasted just like cream soda, so I wasn’t aware of how potent it was until after it was too late. Roommate and her boyfriend (my friend first, I introduced them) came home to find me in a state of stupor, and I was SOOOO Happy to see them, I made them drinks too, and I ran into a table with my hurricane lamps on them, and broke a couple. They were trying to get me to sit down so I wouldn’t stroll through the glass, but I kept saying, “Don’t worry about them! I have more around here somewhere!” I don’t remember a lot more after that, but they told me how “cute” I was being drunk. It was embarrassing though because I got WASTED by myself, which wasn’t my intention.

ETA: Back in my early 20s, I was always the caretaker for my friends that would get a lot more drunk than I ever did. I always kept one eye on them, and alternated drinks with glasses of water. My story is lame, I know…

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