(Closed) What was your WORST job ever?

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Sugar bee
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Probably the first 3 years of this job. I had a boss from hell; but I was promoted and now life is much better.

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Honey Beekeeper
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I worked at a convenience store throughout high school.  Angry customers and self-important management.  Fortunately, it only lasted through high school!  After college, I was able to land a job in my industry and I’ve been working in the same field ever since!

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Blushing bee
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Worked as a waitress.

Money was good, but it was soul-draining and physically exhausting.

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Busy bee
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I worked in a call center providing tech support for Dish Network.

A guy called in and said “is there a man around to help me with this”   yea…… I lasted less than 3 months.

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Buzzing bee
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MEDICARE. Oh my lanta.

When I graduated from my field of Landscape Architecture in 2011, not too many of my classmates had a job lined up in the field. Some did! But certainly less than half of us. I stayed at my college job (telefundraising at the University’s call center, although by this point I was supervising and not actually on the phones anymore) and then in the fall my mom got me a job at the call center for Highmark Medicare Services while I continued to look.

Highmark, by the way, seemed to be a wonderful company. Tried to take care of their employees, offered great benefits and programs, we even had a free gym! Not just like, a room with a treadmill either, but a full gym with classes and trainers.

The job itself was horrible. I mean, Medicare just SUCKS. sucks sucks sucks. I wasn’t even on the patient side, I was on the provider side!!! There were so many weird and crazy rules and the the things we weren’t allowed to tell providers about their claims…. things that had nothing to do with patient info, btw, because that would be HIPA. Oh, and if you screw up a claim, you have like, a certain amount of time to get it fixed otherwise OH WELL you can’t fix it anymore!! But the system made a huge mistake and denied probably like, millions of dollars in claims… and it was ok for us to take over 6 months? 

Also we had to stay within a certain call time. I kind of understood WHY the rules were in place, but at the same time customer service was at 36% or something and a big thing was people “feeling rushed off the phone”. Um, well, yeah when we have to be short and literally NOT offer additional info that might be helpful because YOU didn’t ask for it… yeah not cool.

Finally, the job turned perfectly nice people into raging a**holes. I can’t tell you how horrible I felt listening to some of the co-workers being so short and RUDE with the customers. “I have already told you that three times sir, I will NOT tell you again.”

I kept my sanity and ran far far away. I actually quit with no other job lined up because I was so horrendously miserable. Again, none of this was really Highmark’s doing, it was just how Medicare is…

Turns out I was meant for development and fundraising anyway 😀 Everything happens for a reason!

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Helper bee
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I was a cashier at Marshalls when I was in high school. I lived in a very wealthy suburb, and the majority of the customers were extremely rude. I was 15-16 when I worked there, and got treated like I have no brain because I was in retail. I do have some funny stories though.

Also, some of the managers were pretty bad, and standing at the register/puting hangers under it did a number on my back. There was no where to sit/walk, and we’d be standing in the same place for hours. I lasted there about 8-9 months.

I’m not in the retail industry at all now- I’m a CPA.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: September 2012

Blockbuster Video years ago when they still charged late fees. Want to know how many times customers can call you a b*tch because you won’t check the return bin on a Friday night at 7:00 PM for a new release that just HAS to be in there even though I JUST checked it for the customer before you (and you WATCHED me do it)?

Sh*t tons, that’s how many. Oh, you also want to argue with me over a $1.80 late fee after you just pulled up in your brand new G-Class?? Sorry, I watched you put it in the bin when you walked in 5 minutes ago. It’s still 2 days late. I smile when I drive by all of the closed stores now. It seriously serves them right. Horrible job, horrible company.

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Sugar bee
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I worked on a coke battery for a week doing visible emissions.  Then I refused to go back.  The guy they hired to do it also left the company because it was so unsafe.  The week after he left someone was killed on top of the battery. 

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Sugar bee

My family used to own an environmental laboratory. They were kind enough to give me work during most of my summer and winter vacations during college so I could make some money. The first 3 years, I was always upstairs in the office area doing general clerical stuff. It was great!

Buuuuut the last time I worked there during my senior year winter break, my uncle informed me the day I arrived that I’d be working downstairs in the lab instead. I spent five weeks acid rinsing bottles, dumping nasty concoctions down the drain while wearing a gas mask that still didn’t mask the horrible smells (MANY of the customers for this kind of business are wastewater treatment plants… so you can just imagine what we were smelling x_x), and – worst of all – using an exacto knife to scrape the labels off of bottles so they could be reused. The sound of dull blade on glass still haunts me sometimes.

The floor was also concrete and as nobody had told me what I’d be doing for 5 weeks, I only brought dress shoes with me and my feet/back KILLED after standing on them, on concrete, all day.

Ugh. Horrible. But it definitely gave me incentive to work really hard to ensure I never ended up in that kind of work again!

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Bumble Beekeeper
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Selling CutCo knives. Best knives in the entired universe but omg. It was like being a door to door salesman, but not door to door. They had so many rules and conditions on how to get paid for your presentation and although you’d make money off everyone, you wouldn’t get paid your $14 wage for the consultation unless:

1) It was a married couple

2) They made over $20,000 a year

3) Owned their own house

4) Over the age of 25

They had to meet all that criteria, so while I could still present to my friend’s mom and sell to her, I wouldn’t get paid my $14 bucks because she wasn’t married. She met all the other criteria, but she wasn’t married. I just found it the most unethical job ever so I quit after only a month of that crap.

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Busy bee
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I used to be a researcher, and I used to do a lot of research into water pollution/pollutants. 

I was in a windowless lab alone for a good 10 hours per day and I always came home covered in blue dye no matter how much protective covering I had on–it wasn’t toxic, just got on everything since I had to mix it with water.  I went nuts without other people around. 

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: September 2013

Nothing too horrible. Although between the ages of 17 and 20 I worked in a bakery in the centre of the city on week days. You’d have to wake up at 4 – 4.30am some mornings to get the bus into the city and start putting out the breads onto the display racks. Most of the customers were great though (of course you’d get a-hats too). 


The worst thing was the uniform. I have a big forehead and the black cap hid all of my hair so in my mind I looked half-human. The second worst thing was having to cart out the rubbish, we’d be given two huge garbage bags about 10kg ea that we had to walk through the largest shopping mall in the city just to get to the elevator that takes you down to the industrial rubbish tips. If anyone I knew ever saw me doing that I would have died. Plus the stench was disgusting once you got into the elevator. 

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Bumble bee
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My current job.. Call centers suck.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: October 2013

@ArizonaGirl:  I have one for in my industry and another for not in it!

In my industry: I worked as a proofreader for a small-town paper publisher during my 2.5-year stint of being without full-time, salaried, benefited work. Yes, the job was remotely related to my career, as I’m an editor, but it was a horrible place to work. I worked with a bunch of townies who had no professional demeanor. At one of our roundtable lunch meetings, someone mentioned the phrase “hand job” in a different context than what you would normally think of, and this pig of an ad sales rep jokingly said to me “Well, leenh78 would know a lot about hand jobs.” At.a.meeting. Of course, all I got was an apology after I went straight to the publisher and demanded one from him. 

Out of my industry: Working as a bank teller briefly after college. I hate math, so I don’t know what I was thinking taking a job like that. I actually had a panic attack trying to work on a complicated transaction for a customer, and had to walk off the teller line.



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