(Closed) What was your WORST job ever?

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@ArizonaGirl:  Exactly why I was an English major…

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The WORST job I ever had was being the keyholder/manager for an independent tanning salon when I was 19/20. When I took the job I thought it would be awesome, I didn’t mind the long hours, and I could tan for free. So win win. WRONG. The customers were really rude, they would have sex in the booths and leave used condoms behind, some guy started stalking me and there wasn’t much I could do about it,  the owners were in an insane ammount of debt and creditors would call all day, every day, non stop asking for a man who I didn’t know. (Shady?? I think so.) Oh, and spray tans. I would constantly have people ask if I could spray tan them naked. NO, no you can not. Needless to say the place didn’t stay in buisness long–but I left before it closed down.

Now I do nursing and I’m in my senior year of a BSN program. 🙂

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My last job. I worked in the office part of a greenhouse owned by a certified psycho. He inherited the business from his dad and ran it into the ground. Everyone was always on edge because he would flip out over nothing. He’d try to do stuff that he’d hired someone to do, and typically just fucked it up (like, dumped an entire palette of soil all over the floor). Everyone was so disorganized and rude and constantly yelling at one another. They paid me shit and promised to hire me in at a good salary and full benefits after three months (I was there through a temp agency), but pushed it back and pushed it back, and then hired ANOTHER person in the office instead. I would come in at least an hour later than everyone else (because they kept cutting my hours back) and get ALL of my work (I did the jobs of 6 people) done before 5, but they forced me to stay until they were done because…? When they’d sit there and fuck around on Facebook and play games instead of working and complain about having to stay late and work through their lunches. They dressed like shit and made fun of me because I came in dressed nicely with my hair and makeup done (personal preference). 

I came home crying every single day because I hated it SO much. They laid me off after nine months of jerking me around, and then I found out that the owner was $22 million in debt and fled to Florida after the bank foreclosed on all of his properties. Fucker.

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Burger King. Aside from old pervs hitting on me, and checking out my butt as I walked away…the a holes whowould order take 5 minutes to order 20 minutes of food as a joke and drive off….or the ones that would put YOU on hold for five minutes while they took an unrelated to ordering food call…

Aside from the ignorants who tried ordering pizza or asked which drink was which (when they ordered a smootjie and a soda) or the idiots who would allow their three olds to run through the drive thru

Aside from idiots who would use a urinal with three out of order signs posted and then flushed it (at the time my shoes had holes in the bottom…guess who got to clean up that mess?!l

Aside from all thatband more crap….it was just great!


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I worked for an online dating service! It was SO terrible! I can’t publicly say which one, but it was definitely shitty!

At first, I was just trying to learn my job and keep our members happy (since they called furious multiple times a day). However, once I got good at my job and started making friends and learning what was really going on, I realized that it was essentially a scam. And although my title was similar to customer service rep, I wasn’t really. I learned quickly that the company didn’t care about customer service– they cared about using customer service tactics to make sales. Everything was about sales– not about making sure people established relationships, even though they already paid outrageously for their memberships.

There was such a high turn over for my job. I left after six months. I actually took a pay cut to get out of there.

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Mine was when I worked in retail. I worked for one of the largest stores of this company in my whole state (I think 3rd largest/busiest) & I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off all day long. I hated it SO much when I was there but looking back on it, I don’t remember as much of the bad. (Graduation goggles? who knows)

I know sometimes we’d be there until 2am zoning after close at 11, sometimes I’d have to go in at 4 am to set the ad for the day, my hours were never dependable (sometimes 40 sometimes 15), the work load was insane…they would have people come in as late at 7:30pm and want them to zone an entire 2 areas by 11:15 when no one had touched the area all day long. Plus listening to upper management hurry us along all day while they sat in their offices, took hour and a half lunches, and walked around on their cell phones. Maybe if you got your ass onto the floor and assisted your team, we wouldn’t be here an hour past our cut off time?! I know management has a lot of stuff on THEIR plates most of the time but these people wasted time like nobody’s business. You would walk past them chatting in the hallway at 9:30am and go back up to go on break at 11 and they were in the SAME. SPOT. still talking!

I can’t say I’d never go back to retail…I do miss the freedom I had on the floor to run around the entire huge store wherever I wanted to go as long as I was working…but I’d have to be in management. & I’d have to have no other options lol

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@ArizonaGirl:  It’s a tie between my retail job and my serving job. It’s never fun to work hard, be treated like shit, and underpaid to boot.

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I’ve worked several call centers and they all sucked balls. None of them were as bad as my first job, though. Ladies… I worked in a sweat factory.

No joke. This lady made dressed up teddy bears for Knott’s Berry Farm out of her home. She hired a few of us to work in her unventilated, unairconditioned, poorly lit garage. I cut tulle, dyed wings, hot glued strings of plastic pearls…. all in 90+ degree weather. I made $4 an hour (min wage was $5 at the time). It was horrible. 

They looked something like this.. but there were queens and clowns and other characters, too. 

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Doing medical billing for a small clinic. Yelling, gossiping, blaming, shaming and tears were a weekly occurrence at the office. High employee turnover with the threat of “you (general you) might be next” in the air. Earning minimum wage, no benefits, and being told my work performance had to be perfect. The longest working employee in the office had been there for nearly two decades and earned $10/hr – that’s what the rest of us had to look forward to.

I vividly remember walking out the day I quit and feeling like I’d just been released from prison.

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It’d be a tie between my first job of delivery driver for a sandwhich place and working at a casino.

Delivery driver job wasn’t horrible aside form the assitant manager and his bros were constantly sexually harassing me and I’d tell the Groomsmen and nothing would get said. I finally left after having a breakdown before going in one night.

Casino job was just.. an eye opener. I worked midnight-8am at a place that was technically an electronic bingo place (gambling aside from dogs is illigal in my state). The managers were horrible, the customers were pathetic (“No, I’m sorry but we don;t take food stamps…”) and my fellow employees fell either into the category of “nedded a job that kinda worked with school hours” or “50 something who has hit bottom”. The pay was horrible too.

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In university, I worked at a gym as a receptionist and later as a personal trainer.
My bosses were pretty horrible.


When i was a trainer, I had a lady come in for a fit test with extremely high blood pressure. I went to my boss and told him I couldn’t continue because it was too dangerous to put her through such a vigourous test with such hgh blood pressure. He got mad and told me to do it anyway, because she was just going to come back and they would have to pay me again. I flat out refused, because had anything happened to her, not only would I lose my license to practice, I could be sued for going out of the scope of practice. And of course I did not want anything bad to happen to her, just to keep them happy. It kept happening and that was a factor in my resigning.


We got paid late every single pay check. Avg time was every 41 days. I Kid you not, we got paid once a month and always late. I once went to head office to pick up the clubs checks and the VP made me stuff the chq’s into the envelope. He said If I wanted to get paid, I had to work for it. Uh what? I thought I had already done that.




A week after signing my contract, They lowered the pay rate.I was to be paid $20 a training session and $15 for Consults. Then it went down the next week to $15 and $10. Sometimes they would book me 3 consults at a time (like a family consult) and according to my contract, I was to be paid $15 each, but nope. I got paid 15 for all three. I had to block off 3hours and got paid for Just one. When I quit I told them I was going to the labour board (which I did and won) and he told me not to bother because I was double paying myself when I had two people at one time. (I wasn’t) He’d go though my whole book (this is why you keep records people) and found tons of clients I wasn’t paid for.


Their practices were so shady it was sick. A former employee of the head office said that the owner told them to double bill all the members because only half of the memebers would notice.


When Clients cancelled, they’d still be billed. the list goes on




In the summer the boss was too cheap to turn on the AC in extremely hot and Humid weather. That lead to a lot of Cancellations as well as a lot of fainting and paramedics.


I had to work closing shift, and clients always ignored the closing warnings and kept working out despite the fact that we were closed “Just one more set I Promise!!”


Some co workers of mine were extremely Rude and plain hated their jobs and let everyone know it.




That was my Worst job ever. Can you tell?! lol






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@MissCalifornia:  +1. My shitty jobs were my motivation to get a career I actually don’t mind having.

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