(Closed) What was your WORST job ever?

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i have done everything from wiping old buts to dishwashing to cleaning rooms but the worst

was a barista!! at this one coffee shop where the lady had cameras and watched you from home. so if wornt doing something right she would call you. most of the girls were teenagers and there was sooo much drama and not enough pay. my boss was a natzi…pretty much.

my fav: commerical fishing. which might be some ppls worst. since most the time you are covered in fish guts.

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@pocketfox:  Yes!! It was Vector and like 3 other names they liked to use. Yeah, it had a crazy recruiting process. We had to read off a script and I feel bad because I would meet some really cool people on the phone who were excited to come in and meet me and then I’m sure would think “ahhh this B tricked me” i HATED it.

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In high school I worked behind a deli counter in an independent grocery store near my parents’ place.  Besides the fact that I was in pain after every shift from standing on my feet for so long, and smelling like turkey and other assorted meats all the time, the two worst things about that job were:

1) Accidentally killing a mouse that had crawled up inside the meat slicer, and gotten caught in the mechanisms;

2) Accidentally slicing my thumb on said meat slicer (on a different day).

I still have my thumb. And I can still pretty accurately estimate what 150 g of black forest ham looks like.

That store is closed down now.  Surprise.


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Victoria’s Secret. Too many catty women working there, I hated selling the credit card, and I hated folding tiny panties all day.

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Hotel housekeeping. I lasted less than a week!

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This is such an entertaining thread! Hmm…I’ve been fairly lucky with my paid jobs (so far!), but the worst one was probably when I worked at a homework/tutoring center in high school. The kids HATED it there, we had no real authority over them except to make them write sentences over and over if they were disruptive, and the place smelled incessantly of cup o’ noodles and grape soda. Just smelling either of those two things brings back horrible memories.

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@leisha606:  Thankfully for Fiance, the Canadian company isn’t allowed to cold call perspective employees, but he did have to do a few recruitment sessions at a local college when he was an Assistant Manager.

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I worked making pizzas for a pizza resturant by my dorm freshman year of college.  It wasent horrible but I always smelled like pizza and took it way too seriously cause it was my first job

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Chuck E. Cheese. I’m going out on a limb here and saying this is one of the main reasons I dislike children. Most children. However for all the horror stories that I have from there (don’t EVEN ask about the ‘explosion in the bathroom’ night!) I do have some equally awesome stories. Like the little boy that came to our store after his Chemo treatments when he was feeling up to it… and then when we were able to celebrate with him when he was considered cancer free.


However, I do work auto insurance now at a BIG insurance company (not naming which!) and as an adjustor, you’re personally insulted every single day. Because, you know, it’s my fault that you didn’t pay your premiums. Or that you took collision coverage off your policy three months ago. And I forgot – I made you rear end that person. My Bad!

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@RedPandas:  Yeah, it was an experience, if nothing else. 

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As a nurses’ aid in a nursing home. Back breaking work with rude old people and lazy coworkers

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I worked as a telemarketer one summer during college.  Worst JOB EVER.  I quit even though they begged me not to.  I just couldn’t take it anymore.


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Prior to this job I worked at a Family Practice.  I didn’t really mind the job so much as the crap that went on at the office.  I was more like a babysitter for the dr, in fact I got yelled at once by him when he let his license renewal date pass and I didn’t tell him he needed to do it…WHAT?  How the hell am I supposed to know when his license expires and needs renewal?

The other nurses were catty, immature (even though they were years older than me) and lazy.  If I took a day off I would come back to mountains of work on my desk, mostly just stuff that needed to have drs signature or be filed and their excuse was “They were working short”.  But if one of them took the day off I would do their job and mine and get it all done before it was time to go home.

You had to watch your back because they would turn you in for ANYTHING they could find wrong in your work.  I left there about 3 years ago.  And I miss the job I did, the patients I had and the doctor I worked for (even though he was crazy lol) but I couldn’t stand the laziness and drama. 

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I was a House Manager for a wealthy family with 4 kids on the North Shore. They would tease me for being Catholic, calling it a “stupid religion” (they were Jewish). The father thought he was above me and never spoke to me. The mother would give me recipes for dinner and when she would get home she would pick through the dinner and say shit like “oh, the recipe called for 2 cups of broccoli, this doesn’t look like it!”, or “this looks disgusting”. I felt like I was on an episode of “Top Chef” lol. The kids would trash the house and would refuse to clean up after themselves, and the parents didn’t care or back me up. The housekeeper fed the youngest child candy all the time and I would be blamed for her weight problem. Ugh believe me, the list goes on…

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Nearly a year after I graduated college (good GPA, useful degree, well known school) and could not find ANY jobs that didn’t involve moving away or heavy travel, I applied for a job at a recruiter’s office as an admin assistant. The company was literally just him, and his wife came in once a week to do the accounting. So it was just him and me every day for the most part.

Anyway, one day about 2 weeks after I started, he got on my computer while I went to lunch and found Facebook in my browsing history. When I got back, he asked me to sit down and confronted me about it. I’ve worked in offices before, and literally everyone has always had a browsing window open while they work. It’s not work related, but it helps keeps your mind fresh in between tasks so long as you finish what’s expected of you. Anyway, as he talked he got angrier and angrier, and without provocation he eventually was yelling at me telling me I had no work ethic, that I was a liar, and to give him my key to the office and “GET OUT”. I was in tears, totally overwhelmed by wtf just happened so I got in my car and drove home. He called the next morning to ask if I’d like my job back. HAH! No thanks, temper-tantrumming crotchety old man. No wonder he didn’t have any employees.

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