(Closed) What weight-loss/fitness program did you lose the most weight in 30-45 days?

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@booEXcore:  I’m still in the process of my weight loss journey, but I think the most effective one that I’ve experienced is the one that I am currently using. I’m doing cross training and the Paleo diet and it’s been working pretty well for me. I’m not losing tons of weight, but I think that can be attributed to me being pretty close to my body’s ideal weight (which isn’t necessarily the same as my emotionally ideal weight).

I’m about 2.5 weeks in and I’m already noticing a big change in my body composition – my legs and abdominal area are leaner and my clothes are fitting better. In general I feel much better.

I work out 4 days a week doing TRX straps, kickboxing, kettlebells and bootcamp classes. Occaisionally I will throw a  yoga or a Zumba class in there if I feel like it.

I’ve been sticking to the Paleo Diet pretty closely – no cereal grains, no dairy, no legumes – with the exception of soybeans. I continue to eat tofu and edamame, mostly as a replacement for red meat. I eat lots of fish, veggies, and chicken. I’m careful with the nuts and fruits – I limit myself to a banana and/or a 1/4 of pistachios a day.

In all I’ve lost about 5lbs according to the scale – but it looks like I’ve lost more because I think I’m losing fat and building lean body mass instead.

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For me it is a high fiber, gluten free, vegetarian diet. I normally eat oatmeal with berries in the morning (not the pre-packaged stuff, but whole oats with frozen berries), beans with cheese and baked chips (normally the quinoa ones from Trader Joes), and then pasta, pollenta, or quinoa for dinner with lots of veggies and cheese. I get tons of protein and feel amazing. Plus, I am getting tons of fiber and that melts the pounds away. Just be sure to drink tons of water!

I also work out 6 days a week. I try to get to 2-3 body pump classes (60 minute cardio weight lifting), 30 minutes of abs, and 4 2-3 mile runs). I then try to mix it up on the weekend by swimming, hiking, or rock climbing.

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Since a healthy well balanced diet is key, I’d start with something like myfitnesspal or sparkpeople.  Switch out your refined carbs (white rice, white pasta, white bread) for whole grain varieties, eliminate pre-packaged foods, soft drinks, and excess sugar.  Incorporate lean proteins with every snack & meal to keep you fuller longer (hummus, greek yogurt, reduced fat cheese, nuts, tuna, chicken, tofu).  Bulk up on veggies, fresh fruits, and WATER!!

As for exercise, do a mixture of weights and cardio.  You have to tone muscle and burn the fat off the top of it so you can see it 🙂  A pound of fat takes up a LOT more space than a pound of muscle, so focus on how your clothes fit & whether or not you’ve lost inches versus relying on the number on the scale as an indicator of success. 

Best of luck!

ps- healthy sustainable weightloss should be about 1-2 pounds a week, or as indicated by your physician.  In the timeframe you’ve alotted, that’s about 12 pounds.  Is that a reasonable goal for you?  Does that put you in a healthy range?

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Medifast- it’s a bit expensive (about $300 per month) but it works. 30-60 days is probably the max you’ll want to do since it isn’t super tasty. But I lost 20 pounds the first month working out only a 2-3 days a week. My mother had similar results, losing 60 pounds in less than a year.

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I’ve done several over the same length of time but at different time periods with similar results. Keeping in mind that I have struggled with my weight my entire life, I was beyond thrilled to lose any weight at all, but ended up losing quite a bit, though I still have several pounds to go yet.

All of the diets I followed strictly according to the various books but my results were different than what they said would occur.

The first was high fiber. I forget what the dr’s name was (starts with an S – Siegal I think? – and was popular in the 70s from the publication date) but moreso than weight loss, I noticed that any illnesses and skin conditions I had prior were eliminated altogether with this diet, because people need fiber but don’t get anywhere near what they should in this country even though you don’t see any of the ailments in other countries where fiber is all they eat. The recommended intake is a min of 30 grams per day spread out over all 3 meals, mainly from finely ground wheat bran cooked into everything (which you honestly can’t taste). You cut out anything that is refined and has no fiber content. The thing that didn’t work as far as weight loss goes is that this dr says you can have unlimited portions, which defeats the purpose of a diet.

The second diet was strictly counting calories. I lost more wieght with this than with the fiber only diet but still not quite the amount I wanted to lose.

The third which has worked the best for me is the Flat Belly Diet. You combine strict calorie counting with portion control, but you don’t deprive yourself as with other diets. You are adamantly instructed to consume monounsaturated fats (avocados, dark chocolate, oils, etc) with every meal which target the belly fat to melt it away, while other diets breathe down your throat about avoiding those like the plague. The recipes they include (there is a separate cookbook and several recipes on various blogs) are delicious so you don’t have to feel like a rabbit. They say you can expect to lose 15lbs in 32 days, wothout any exercise since the fats do all the work, but I actually lost 20 in that same time following their guidelines. Now one thing I did not follow was their recommended 1600 calories per day since that is way too many for someone of my height and stature, and I was actually gaining weight so I cut down to the 1200 that I was on before (and during the initial 4 days) and lost pounds sensibly. It was the most successful in terms of overall weight loss.

I have heard from other people that they were able to lose weight and keep it off by eating only 1 Lean Cuisine frozen dinner per meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and got an excellent bill of health from their drs. Haven’t tried it though.

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i second the paleo/primal diet. i lost 20 pounds in 2 months with very minimal exercise

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@Pollywog:  I’m also boosting my Fiber intake, I’ve found that La Tortilla Factory’s Low Carb High Fiber Wraps are amazing! I usually get some lean deli meat like Turkey or Chicken and add lettuce and poof I’ve got lunch lol

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I tried just calories which didn’t work well, btu really liked WW.  Itw as slow but consistent weight loss.  When I started training for a competition my trainer put me on a High protein low carb low fat diet with low GI foods and no processed foods.  I dropped weight really quickly (well quickly for me).  I was also training ALOT.  If you want more details PM me with questions.  

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I’ve been dieting since March 1st of this year and have lost 45 pounds total. (my goal is to lose 90 so I’m halfway as of this afternoon! yay!)

I lost 20 lbs the first month on SlimFast and since then my weight loss has slowed down, but I do think some of that has to do with gaining muscle mass. I’ve been walking about 5 miles 3x per week and have noticed a lot more definition in my calves/thighs.

But anyway, I have a meal replacement for breakfast and lunch, a 500-calorie dinner and am allowed up to 3 100-calorie snacks per day (one after breakfast, one after lunch, and one in the evening.) Of course, I do have to modify the schedule sometimes because I work long night shifts, but all in all the calorie count hovers about the same.

Some of my favorite snacks are carrots & hummus, 3 tbsp popping corn made in the microwave in a paper lunch bag with “I can’t believe it’s not butter!” spray on it, Breakstone’s 100-calorie cottage cheese doubles, as well as plenty of fresh fruit 🙂 Good luck!

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