(Closed) What weird "couple rules" do you and your SO have?

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mrs.akjp:  Actually this was his rule (He was the first man I slept with)…I know its getting serious if the socks come off!!!!

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HAHA! I love these! 

Our big one is that his hair can never be longer than mine, and mine can never be shorter than his (We both had ex’s in the past where this was a problem!) 

We also moved about a year ago from California to Alaska, and one of the conditions of the move is that he has to start my car every morning before work. 

Whenever the dogs need to go out in the middle of the night (we have a puppy right now, so this is especially frequent!) I am required to take them between the hours of 9pm and 6am.  This rule will also apply to children waking up in the middle of the night once we have them. 

Inside chores are my responsibility (i.e. sweeping/vacuuming, laundry, etc.) and outside chores are his (i.e. all yard work, taking out the trash, cleaning up dog poop). Except dishes, we both HATE dishes, so we usually tag team on this one. 

And lastly, it’s not really a “rule” but I request a kiss every time he leaves me, even if it’s just because he’s going out to the garage to tinker and I’m reading on the couch or whatever. He’s (usually) happy to oblige. 


I almost forgot the most important one! No watching Game of Thrones or Walking Dead without the other person!!! This is a HUUUUUGE struggle for me when he’s traveling and we get more than 2-3 episodes behind! There was only once time we broke this when he was traveling for the GoT finale and neither of us wanted to wait, so we both agreed to watch it separately then spent the rest of the night talking about it on the phone! 

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I cook dinner during the week, Fiance cooks over the weekends. We both love to cook, but I’m home during the week so it gives Fiance time to work out when she gets home – except she always makes the salad! Plus then I get waffles Saturday mornings! 

I take our dog out first thing in the morning, she takes our dog out last thing at night a nd over nights. (I’ll pay her back for this when we have a baby and I’m nursing/staying home!) We live in the city so it requires boots, hats, etc and a short walk instead of just opening the back door. I dream of the day!!

I do all the laundry because I’m the spot queen but Fiance loves to fold, so I save it for her to do in the evenings. 

I am only allowed to join in on FI’s bedtime crosswords after we’ve been in bed 10 minutes.  



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Why didn’t I think of this when I moved in with my FI! I end up doing all the chores and work. I think my only rule is if it’s not in the laundry hamper it won’t get washed, I do washing twice a week because of long work hours and I don’t need stragglers!

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No watching downton abbey without each other! A hug and a kiss before bed every night. Whoever leaves earliest in the morning has to find the other person and kiss them goodbye before walking out the door.

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This is such a neat topic! I so want to steal some of these ideas, so cute!

I don’t know if we have specific “rules” so much as, habits we’ve fallen into that are clearly unwritten wrules now.

– Whomever is leaving for work first, gives a good-bye kiss.

– If traveling during bad weather, or for long trips due to work or other reasons, a text letting the other know they arrived safe is a must.

– When saying our good-night’s we always love each other a “shipping shite ton.” Please don’t ask where this came about, because I honestly don’t have a clue. It just somehow…stuck. Lol

– I cook and clean. Period. I’m way OCD about how things are done, where they are at, etc. After enough fights about nagging, putting things away wrong, not cleaning up enough, we just decided i’d do all the cooking and cleaning. He mows the yard, shovels the walks, takes out the trash, etc.

– Frequent money discussions are a must. We don’t have joint accounts, and won’t. However, I know frequently what he has in his accounts, and he what I have in mine. My ex used to hide money from me, and when we seperated he cleaned out our entire account. He grew up with parents that lied about what kind of money the other had. This is non-negotiable. We have access to each other’s accounts online as well.

– Going with the money theme, whomever got paid that week, pays when we go out. We get paid bi-weekly, and on opposite weeks. We almost always eat out on Saturday (whether it’s a cheap sandwich or sit down,) so whomever got paid that week, buys.

– If he’s having a friend over, a courtesy text that so/so will be there is a must. If i’m having a really bad day at work, i’d like to know that i’m coming home to more than just Fiance before I start sounding crazy walking in the door, lol.

– We both love football, but love seperate teams. We root for each other’s team, except when they play each other. Then it’s no hold’s barred!

Wow….we have a lot more “rules” than I thought we did!

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bbbria:  Ugh wish he would comply with that. But the line is no farting in the shower.

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I have to fall asleep first. If he falls asleep, I nudge him until he wakes up. He snores like a freight train and j sleep like the dead, so it works, but only in the right order. 

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