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  • Wedding: July 2012

One of the few things my husband was adamant about was not seeing me until I was walking down the aisle. Us girls got to the venue first to take some pictures. The limo driver was supposed to call our wedding planners to let them know the boys were approaching the base gate so I could get up to the bridal room.  Well, he didn’t call.


im standing around with my bridesmaids being silly when all of a sudden I hear my husband call out “Hey Jen(his sister and my bridesmaid), is Katie out there with you?”  I was so flustered that I shouted out to him “Yes I am so get the f*ck out!”  Not quite sure where the expletive came for as I was really mellow and calm the whole day. I proceeded to pick up my huge poof of a dress and run in my 5 inch heels into our reception room.  I really didn’t want that special moment to be ruined but that of all things was what I shouted at him on our wedding day?  *embarassed face of epic proportions*


Luckily, my husband just burst out laughing.  My outburst attracted the attention of one of the florist’s staff who was kind enough to show my husband where to go so I could sneak up to the bridal room. Our poor wedding planners were busy dealing with the limo driver and cake lady.  


My husband and I had one hell of a laugh when we watched some of the raw footage from our videographer a month later. I wasn’t mic’ed but you could clearly hear it on my husband’s mic. Our videographer told us it was one of the funniest moments at a wedding he’s done as he doesn’t usually hear that phrase in anything other than a drunk, angry context. 

Other than that, we really didn’t have any issues. No one got sloppy drunk, no one went into the water (my biggest fear what with 20 small kids and a few guests who enjoy the booze a bit much), no one was late, everyone made it on to the base. It really was perfect which I must say was due to my amazing wedding planners. We all had a blast. 

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  • Wedding: June 2013

@kay01:  yikes. this is why i am putting barriers down the aisle and the pastor will ask evertone to Not jump in the aisle during the ceremony.

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– Some drunk person at a wedding at our venue a few weeks before broke one of the glass doors at the entrance of the reception room and it wasn’t fixed in time for our wedding. Luckily we were able to drape some nice fabric over it and not many people knew about it, but it was super stressful for me.




– Our wedding was on one of the only Saturdays that it rained that summer. Not too big of a deal but we had to change up our cocktail hour as a result of it so it couldn’t be outdoors like we had planned. It cleared up for pictures so that was good at least.




– Some of our family members and friends left without saying thank you or goodbye, which I felt was kind of rude and really hurt my feelings. DH’s dad and stepmom left very early and did not help with clean-up after the event even tough my parents and DH’s mom did. His dad and stepmom had also showed up late and left early to/from the rehearsal the night before, and his half siblings on that side did not attend the wedding at all. Ugh. Very hurtful




Other than that, we had a fantastic time and it was the best day of our lives. The good always outweighs the bad! If in the end you can say you had a beautiful day where you married your best friend and got to have an awesome party with loved ones, it was a success!!








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  • Wedding: August 2013

I love this thread! Keep it coming! I feel like a lot of these are things you look back on down the road and just laugh.

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  • Wedding: November 2012

Oh my goodness I had so much go wrong.

-hotel relocated us while we were in the salon getting ready because of some “pipe issue”.  Showed up to our room unnanounced and moved everything we had laid out perfectly for our return.  We couldnt find anything in the new room except the gowns in the bags

-groom had food poisoning from dinner the night before, he was so sick he didnt even notice the gift i left for him

-ceremony musician played the wrong music

-veil fell out from everyone pulling on it immediately after the ceremony taking my hair with it.  i have the time lapse photos to show it

-Restaurant was not ready for us post ceremony.  Dinner was rushed so we could get to our open bar at a lounge, which was delayed because Mother-In-Law didn’t want her underage child to leave the lounge so no one was served for an hour.

-My mother tore my dress in her drunken state plus added a 4 ft pull up the side

-Our pro photos came back pretty awful.  Overexposed/bad lighting.  We weren’t allowed to choose a photog we were given one by the hotel.


Umm I think thats it..lol.

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  • Wedding: October 2012

Hmmm…well, I fell down at least once (behind the scenes, thankfully) and was so nervous about falling again that I like…speedwalked down the aisle really ungracefully and hiking my skirt up.

There were also a lot of little minor things that went wrong, as I imagine happens at every event:

The reserved signs and card box never made it to our venues, we didn’t think about a guestbook pen and somebody had to scramble to find a ballpoint, the wrong color napkins were put out, we didn’t have a cake topper, the tux shop accidentally gave DH a necktie instead of a bow tie and lost a jacket button (my Mother-In-Law scrambled to the shop to get a bow tie and also used our emergency sewing kit o sew the button back on), my garter was too big and fell off when we were taking photos. Small potatoes, luckily.

Oh, and this happened:

That’s right. I hit myself with my bouquet. It rebounded off the ceiling, and the photo shows it midair. Luckily I was able to laugh about it! Everyone knows I’m a terrible thrower, so it wasn’t a huge shock when my first attempt at a toss went awry.

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  • Wedding: June 2013

@cooperlove:  This happened at my FI’s cousin’s wedding (we were not in attendance), the bride was a former high level pagent winner, so this was a seriously upscale affair:

FI’s other aunt (not the MOB) managed to get blackout drunk (apparently she didn’t really eat all day and was pounding the booze she snuck onto the shuttle on the hour drive to the venue). Midway through the reception, after her loudly exclaiming some pretty ridiculous things, she was ushered out in a WHEELCHAIR (due to her inability to walk herself out) and dumped in her room.

Another Aunt also mysteriously (drunkenly) disappeared, at which point her husband went (drunkenly) stumbling through the woods in the cold for hours searching for her…thinking she was lost in the woods and not inside the venue/hotel (hello, drunken logic). At the end of the night, the buses left without this uncle (as he was far away in the woods, searching for his wife…which no one knew) but someone managed to find the missing aunt and get her on the bus. Miles awar from the venue, sometime during the HOUR LONG drive back to the drop-off, the bus drived pulled over for a man waving on the side of the road. Turns out…it was the drunken uncle out looking for his wife.

These people are all attending our wedding, so we’re hoping they’re on their best behavior, but our coordinator has some wheelchairs set aside just in case Tongue Out

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  • Wedding: September 2013

@anemonie:  LOL to hitting yourself with the bouquet. When I read that I literally laughed out loud at work! I can definitely see myself doing that!

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  • Wedding: September 2012

-My friend was my photographer and she was very late, so though she made it as the ceremony was in progress, I didn’t get perfect pictures of the family beforehand. This was pretty important to me since my kids inevitably had chocolate and other crap all over their attire by the time we did take pictures. They were also pretty unrully by that point. 😛


-I walked too quickly down the aisle. I was so freaking nervouse/happy/excited. I really wish I had taken my time. But I mean, I was finally getting married to the love of my life! So hard to take your time when you’re that close :P.


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  • Wedding: May 2013

My wedding was last Friday, so these are all very fresh in my mind!


We really lucked out with gorgeous weather!  That was a huge stressor for me because we chose our venue mostly because of the awesome mountain view and garden ceremony Space!


none of these are really that major, just annoyances.  


*Grooms mom was very late, our ceremony started 20 min late (and she was asked to be there 2 hours before the ceremony start time)

*Because of the above, we had to push everything up (and only had our guest shuttle and bus to a certain time!),so I feel like our reception was cut off by 20 min. 

*The DJ played our right recessional song, but he didn’t start it when I asked him to, there  was a really upbeat part that I wanted to walk out to, instead we walked out at the beginning

*I felt that my dress was longer when walking on the grass perfectly fine on solid ground) and I lost one of my sole mates heel covers right after the ceremony and the other at some other point. 

*DJ played the wrong cake cutting song

*I had hydrangeas on my ceremony chairs and instructed the venue to place them in vases on half of the reception tables afterwards, well…I didn’t specify to put water in the cases (kind of thought would be done anyway), so the poor hydrangeas wilted fast since all they had was the small water tube.   I remember that I saw them and thought (those look weird).  


Minor regrets:

not going in the photo booth with my small bridal party or family and  not geating any photos with a few frFriendster only had about 100 people and I still wasn’t able to greet every one of them!


i would have liked a videographer, and looked last minute but decided to save the money, and really I just wish that my sisters speech was recorded bc it was so good!  




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I love this thread !

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  • Wedding: April 2013

I’ll play!

  • I created these cute little bathroom basket signs and “no need to tip” signs and left them in the hotel room.
  • left the pens for guest book at the hotel
  • The seamstress never moved the modesty panel on my dress so my Maid/Matron of Honor and mom had to squeeze me into the corset much tighter than i would have preferred and it gave me serious back fat.
  • we were supposed to break the glass at the end of our ceremony (we did not have a religious ceremony but I really like the breaking of the glass part and convinced DH to do it). Well, the person bringing us the glass never gave it to our officiant. So yeah, that didn’t happen.
  • My bustle broke at cocktail hour making things more difficult for me for the rest of the night.
  • My dad got a little sloshed and, during his speech, kept babbling on about how much weight my mom and i lost for the wedding…

Other than these small bumps in the road, it was perfect! 🙂

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