(Closed) What went wrong at your wedding!?

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: February 2013

My wedding day was pretty perfect with only a few mishaps.

1.We wrote letters to each other to read standing next to each other without  seeing each other. What we didn’t think about was the lack of privacy we would have. This private moment turned very public because we were standing where everyone was walking in. Our photographer actually had to tell people to move out of the picture.  

2. My daughter (8) spilt water at the top of the stair case and then slipped and fell down a flight of stairs 15 minutes before the ceremony started. Thank God our wedding party consisted of EMT’s! She didn’t mess up her hair or dress but she had a pretty nice bump on her head..

3. Not a mishap just a funny.. One of our guest brought his son as his plus one. He was checking me out all night and he wore a very bright shirt and is in so many of our pictures. You can’t miss him in any of them. He looks like Kanye West..lol.

4. We left in our getaway car after the wedding and half way home we realized neither one of us had a house key! We had to wait until everyone was done cleaning up and have someone bring us our key’s. On the plus this gave us a chance to go see my DH’s 99 year old grandfather in the nursing home still in our wedding clothes!! Talk about making someone’s day! =) 

5. Not on our wedding day but the next morning on our way to the airport for our honeymoon.. We hit major traffic and almost missed our flight. Had the bathrooms on the plane not been broken we would have.


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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: December 2012

I planned on posting this after my wedding since I really enjoyed reading things like this during my wedding planning… so I’ll do it now 🙂

1. The big, big horrible misunderstanding that I would love to forget about. I posted the story here: http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/so-guess-what-happened-less-than-48-hours-before-my-wedding%E2%80%A6#axzz2TUL0brC5 But if you don’t feel like reading that, essentially what happened was my uncle went the entire year leading up to our wedding thinking he was our officiant. (We had a friend who we asked to perform the ceremony right after we got engaged.) He planned everything out, bought a suit, and came to town a few days early. I didn’t know any of this until less than 48 hours before the wedding. It was so awful.

2. We had our photobooth in the bridal dressing room. I thought it would be neat to just make that a fun, photo-themed room so we filled the room with balloons that had pictures attached to the end of the ribbon. I guess balloons weren’t made to hold pictures because they all sunk 🙁 The ones that stayed up were up because the pictures fell off. That room looked like such a mess.

3. I FORGOT TO TAKE OFF MY RING! We get to the ring exchange when I look down and uhh, my ring is still on! I tried to quickly take it off so I could hand it to DH but it absolutely wouldn’t budge. We had to fake it but we ended up with some hilarious pictures of me trying to get it off and whispering to DH “OH SHIT IT’S STUCK!” haha

4. The best man was DH’s 21 year old brother. He got super drunk and oh my god he was a liiiittle too friendly. He kept putting his arm around me and telling me how pretty I was haha. I still remember the looks my dad and I exchanged when he went over and started drunk talking my dad’s ear off.

5. I had a red and black wedding and the petals on my cake were more like a pinkish, coral-y color. It wouldn’t have been too noticeable but I had the cake table decorated with red tealight candleholders so you could clearly see the huge color difference.

6. I didn’t find this out until the next day but our friend who was officiating assumed we would have his script so he didn’t bring it with him. This wasn’t discovered until about 5 minutes before the ceremony began! Our venue coordinator sprung into action and ran to the hotel next door with him so they could find it and get it printed out. (Luckily, I had sent him the attachment in a Facebook message so they were able to get it.) I am so freaking glad I was in the dark about this!

7. This is minor but it kind of irked me. Before the ceremony, they had me hidden away in a random room so I could just sit and chill alone for a few minutes (and so no one would see me.) The door opens, I figure it’s my dad.. but no. My step-mom’s mom pops her head in (She didn’t know I was in there, no clue why she’s opening random doors…) Instead of “oops sorry” and leaving. She comes right in, leaving the door wide open so everyone can see in, and tries to start talking to me. Luckily, my awesome photographer swooped in and got rid of her!

8. The plan for the ceremony was: the groomsmen each walk their mothers down the aisle (they were my brother, and DH’s brother, so they walked my step-mom and MIL) then the bridesmaids, then me & dad. No grandparents. They will just go to their seats like the other guests. While I’m hidden away in that room I hear my step-mom helping get everyone lined up and she says “okay, now the grandparents go here…” WHAT?! You were at the rehearsal last night and this is NOT what we rehearsed!!! My dad walks in the room and I’m immediately freaking out ‘WHAT IS SHE DOING?!?!” Ugh. I almost went bridezilla 2 minutes before walking down the aisle. **Brightside to this: one of my grandfathers passed away 3 years ago. DH saw my grandma standing there alone while they were lined up so he walked over to her, took her by the arm, and said I’m not letting you walk alone. And he walked her down the aisle with him. TEAR. Oh goodness. I love him.

9. Our officiant friend was super duper nervous and forgot to say “You may be seated.” So when we started reading our vows we hear all the guests suddenly sit down all at once. Super, mega AWKWARD!

10. I didn’t notice this until we got our pics back but DH’s dad looked like he had just rolled out of bed. He didn’t try to straighten out the jacket of his suit or anything for family pictures and through our entire ceremony he sat slumped over and you can see it in our ceremony pictures :/

11. DH and I had a period of time in college where we were broken up. It wasn’t a pretty breakup. Now that we’re married we don’t really mention to people “yeah we were broken up for a couple years!” Well, one of DH’s college buddies gave a speech. He got up there and during the speech he said something about “when all that stuff went down…” Oh goodness, I was mortified!


I had been told over and over that some things would inevitably go wrong on my wedding day. And they did. All of this being said, I had an amazing, perfect wedding. It was the most relaxed day leading up to our beautiful candlelit ceremony at sunset. It was an incredible night and I wouldn’t change a thing. Bride-to-be’s: honestly, you will be on cloud 9 that day. Things will go wrong but they will seem like such small, insignificant things and they won’t faze you one bit.

The only thing I wish I would have done was to really stop and take in everything I had done. Absolutely every last bit of that wedding came from my head (okay, pinterest helped a little 😀 ) It was my vision that I worked so hard to bring to life. I know everything turned out beautifully but I really wish I would have taken the time to really look around and really appreciate all I had accomplished.

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The only thing I can remember going wrong at my wedding 32 years ago was that I had a horrible, drippy sinus cold–hubby kissed me anyway!  But I was too wiped out on cold medicine to enjoy the wedding night.  We just waited until the next morning when I was feeling much better.  What a sweet guy I married.


For our daughter’s wedding last summer, I was basically her wedding co-ordinator and had a tendency to over-think and micro-manage everything.  Even so, a few details slipped under the radar.  The neckties that Mom helped me finish sewing for the groomsmen got locked in my mother’s car, along with her keys.  My husband had to scoot back home to get our spare key to Mom’s house, go there to find the spare keys to her car, then race back to the church to open her car so the guys could finish dressing.  We all live within a few kilometres of the church so it worked out OK but it still was a glitch that got hubby a bit over-heated before walking his baby girl down the aisle.


The timeline for the ceremony had a 4:00 start time for the bride’s processional to begin.  All other participants were supposed to enter prior to that when certain musical selections were played.  Apparently, the pastor thought that 4:00 was the time to start all the other processionals, so it put us behind about 10 minutes for the rest of the day.


During the receiving line was the first I knew that some people who had RSVP’d “yes” were only attending the ceremony and not staying for the reception dinner.  We invited Mom’s pastor to join us at the last minute, but there are others who we probably could have included had we known earlier in the week.


Some friends of the family were serving punch and water during the 30 minutes between the receiving line and the dinner, but they ran out of plastic goblets and couldn’t find any styrofoam ones in the church kitchen, so they ended up using little “Dixie cups” from the bathroom dispensers.  I later realized that it was my fault because I had given a couple of “spare” packages of cups to the groom’s mother, who had set things up at another venue for the dance later on.


We had asked ten teenage girls from the church to serve as waitresses for the sit-down dinner, but two of them (sisters) didn’t show up and didn’t bother calling.  Their parents and two older siblings were invited to the wedding and all were in attendance, but never mentioned to me that the girls were AWOL.  The other eight waitresses worked it out so all the tables were served promptly, but I made sure the thank-you gifts did not go to the girls who didn’t turn up.  There were a couple of other kind-hearted souls who pitched in to help at various points so I wrote out new thank-you notes and gave the gifts to them. 


In spite of these little problems, my daughter and her husband thoroughly enjoyed their special day and were unaware of any mini-crises.


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Busy bee
  • Wedding: June 2013

Bump cause these are all priceless and super fun! Us about to be wed Bees want the inside scoop :]

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: March 2013

A few hiccups, but nothing truly went wrong at our destination wedding:


1) My father’s suit had a security tag on it that wasn’t removed. He ended up having to travel to a huge resort on the island to get it removed, but fortunately it was!


2) My Mother-In-Law was unable to find the rings that she was instructed to bring to the ceremony location. She showed up without them and suggested both mothers give their rings to us for the ceremony, but we laughed and said it was no big deal and had someone drive back to the place we were staying to get them. All we lost was a little time.


3) The starter salads that were placed on the table had hard boiled eggs on them when our menu indicated no eggs. Fortunately we noticed before folks were sitting and the chef fixed up some new salads. No big deal!


4) My shoe broke at the very end of the night. So I ditched my shoes and danced barefoot! 🙂


Overall, every slip up was no big deal. Just take everything with a grain of salt and realize that it’s not going to be the end of the world. 🙂


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  • Wedding: June 2014

This thread is really helping me to get over the heebie-jeebies about what could go wrong.  I see things going wrong is pretty normal.  I have procrastinated on really diving into the planning but now I see that my fears are normal and if they do happen then that is pretty normal too.  Maybe not ideal.. but I can do normal with a smile and still enjoy my day/evening.  Cool

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: August 2012

Honestly I had the most perfect day and the more time that passes, the happier I am with how it all went! But obviously, there were a few things (with photographic evidence):

Couldn’t get the ring on the groom’s finger – awkward (but we laughed)

Shotgun Wedding Photography: Mary and Ben &emdash; 2944 Mary and Ben 0345

Forgot to drink the local beer we’d ordered on my request (but the guests loved it!)

Shotgun Wedding Photography: Mary and Ben &emdash; 2944 Mary and Ben 0866

It rained – a lot! So we didn’t get to have drinks and photos in the garden as I had wanted (I barely even noticed)

Shotgun Wedding Photography: Mary and Ben &emdash; 2944 Mary and Ben 0208

Ripped my dress while dancing (and didn’t care one single bit!)

Hair was a MESS by the start of the reception…!


Shotgun Wedding Photography: Mary and Ben &emdash; 2944 Mary and Ben 1807

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: August 2012

Oh, and I also spilled white wine (I think) all down my dress at the reception. Oops. You can see it on this picture, with my wonderful mother and sisters

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  • Wedding: October 2013

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@cooperlove:  The thought of your grandma icing cakes with her (licked) fingers had me in stiches ahaha!

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