(Closed) What went wrong at your wedding?

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  • Wedding: August 2013

Some of mine were big and some were small, but it was awesome anyway….

1) Most of my girls didn’t want to pay for their makeup to get done, so I had the makeup artist come later to do just a few of then, my mom, and myself. Well after the first girl got it and everybody loved it, they all wanted it done. We were so behind and my mom and I went last. I didn’t get the cute mom helping the daughter into the dress photos because she was getting her makeup done.

2) The videographer got the date mixed up and didn’t show. Luckily, my sisters boyfriend made sure to capture all the big moments for me.

3) The bartneders just didn’t show up. He didn’t call to tell me he wasn’t coming. My family stepped in and started pouring drinks and my sisters bf saved the day again, by calling his friends to come bartend.

4)The dj didn’t show the tons of pictures we spent hours putting together. (no big deal).

Things will go wrong, but focus on the love and the fun and it is great to laugh about now!

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  • Wedding: October 2013

yes, things will go wrong…. and you have to make an agreement with your groom not to sweat the small the stuff…. the funny thing is some of the stuff tha twill go on, you won’t even have a clue about, you will learn of it after your wedding.


1.  Our limo driver got lost and couldnt find the house so we were running 35 minutes behind.

2.  The best man showed up right as the ceremony was starting.. Luckily my hubby had two best men becuase he knows his brother is special and my hubby apparently told them to start without his brother.

3.  We had a dessert bar with three cakes in addition to our wedding cake and the grooms cake.  We had a champagne brunch and one of of your guest might have had one too many, the bakery set the three cakes up on a three tier cake stand… our guest went to cut a slice of cake and all three of them tumbled over…  The hubby and I laughed so hard at this one we had to chuckle… we even have a picture of it, it happened right in front of us.

4.  My sister turned on me at the last minute and has some type of funky attitude toward my husband, and she has never adressed it to this day. 

5.  Our Jazz guitar player  we had set up for our brunch showed up late, he was supposed to be setting up during the wedding and playing while guest arrived for the cocktail hour….. he showed up right before we walked into our reception.

and there are a few other things which I won’t even mention, but having said that, people said it was one of the best weddings they had ever been too.

So try not to worry, if stuff goes wrong it goes wrong and don’t worry about all of the little details, like “this didnt make it on the table” .

Enjoy the process

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  • Wedding: October 2013

@CarterLove:  just know that it can happen, but even if it does, YOUR DAY WILL STILL BE PERFECT…. I know mine was despite the mishaps.

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  • Wedding: March 2014

@creeative1:  I am a pretty laid back person so I am not too worried about it. We’re trying to keep our day simple. I am hoping if things do go wrong, they will be minor lol

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I was totally laid back about our wedding until our priest got kind of flaky.

We spent nearly our entire engagement trying to do our pre-maritial counseling and ended up only doing one of the required four.

We chose to do a full catholic mass, and he definitely did not perform that kind of ceremony. He didn’t want to go over the ceremony at the rehearsal, so pretty much the whole ceremony was a mess.

The worst part was he couldn’t remember our names for the life of him. He literally called me by my sister’s name. TWICE. As in “today we are gathered to celebrate the union of DH and sister” and ‘Sister and DH are a wonderful couple”. Everyone was speechless.

At that point, I corrected him and I just laughed… I mean what else could go wrong?

In the end, I am married to my WONDERFUL husband, so as far as I’m concerned it went perfectly.

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  • Wedding: October 2013

our photobooth was a no show (i was able to get a refund). when i started calling the week before to confirm with no response to email or calls, i had a feeling.

of all the vendors to be a no show, this was the best one.  it didn’t ruin my night.  my wedding was fabulous.


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  • Wedding: August 2013

@eliseemma:  Our guestbook was forgotten, and I forgot a couple of makeup products and kind of did my nails last minute. Oh and I wore the wrong socks. IDK I was having a full on anxiety disorder panic attack while getting ready so some things went slightly awry…

But I looked utterly fabulous anyway and I’m pretty sure no one noticed anything was wrong. There is ONE picture where you can see my stupid looking socks but other than that you’d never know the difference… As for the guestbook we just kept all the nice cards and didn’t really care about the guestbook. (I presume if we’d cared that much, we probably would have been more careful about it haha.)

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  • Wedding: May 2013

@eliseemma:  the hotel we blocked for oot guests could have been better. The reviews were good, price was great, location was awesome…. But it was a bit dirty… 

But if that was the only thing, so be it.

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  • Wedding: November 2013

@eliseemma:  My FSILs (2 of the bridesmaids)- showed up at the venue a few minutes before the time they were supposed to.  Because no one else was there, they decided to LEAVE- without contacting me.  They went downtown and ran a few errands.  One of them was supposed to be there to get her hair done.  So because they left without any communication, the WHOLE damn day schedule got thrown out the window.  We were SO behind on pictures– that we didn’t get A LOT that we wanted to.

My mom did what SHE wanted to do with the flowers on the tables– even though I specifically asked she not use one type of flower on the table (I know, petty, right?? but still– it just felt like she was ignoring me)—

I forgot the dried lavender bouquets for the Bridesmaid or Best Man and bouts for guys AT HOME.  Both my husband’s keys and mine were at the hotel downtown– so someone had to go to our hotel and get our keys and then to our home.

The reception doors were opened an hour earlier than expected at the venue :/


My five year old who suffers from constipation at time had “an issue” and needed his underpants changed several times throughout the day (poor guy!)

And to top if off– my period had been out of whack for over a month, and as it turned out, I was SO bloated the day of the wedding, and got my period the morning after.  I would have much rather HAD my period on my wedding day then been bloated.  I literally gain about 8 pounds of water weight before my period 🙁  Then it disappears within 24 hours of getting my period.


You could really see it in pics– and thank goodness I decided to have a corset back put into my dress or it wouldn’t have fit.



Oh- and I totally forgot– I had the WORST hair day ever.

It also rained on our wedding day, but that didn’t bother me in the least!



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  • Wedding: December 2013

I think we had a great wedding, but of course it wasn’t perfect.

1) I had the flu! But I didn’t find out until the next day, so I just felt awful but everyone told me it was “just nerves” HAH! At least I still looked fabulous 🙂 I had to tamiflu it up before the honeymoon!

2) We were putting me in my dress…AND THERE WAS NO HOOK AT THE TOP OF THE ZIPPER! Basically my coordinator had to sew a hook thing so we could close my dress. Because of that the wedding started like 10 minutes late but luckily my Maid/Matron of Honor was smart enough to lie when I panicked and asked her what time it was. This made me pretty mad since my dress wasn’t cheap, but what can you do? I don’t want to dwell.

3) The bustle was complicated and totally didn’t look like it was supposed to. I’ve heard that’s a common bridal complaint though. Oh well, everyone still told me I looked like a million bucks, but I don’t have pics back yet to check that bustle haha. 

4) Ringbearer-3 year old nephew refused to walk down the aisle even with my sister haha. I didn’t think it would go well but they just kept trying to get him to do it and that made me a little stressed (just pick him up already!). When my ILs watched the wedding video they thought it was super cute and funny though so at least the guests didn’t mind. 

5) Had some close family cancel day of and some more no show. I’m still peeved about the no show, but it’s up to them if they ever want to address it. 

6) Sister and mom were late to the “getting ready” part where I got everyone’s hair and makeup done and brought whatever they wanted from starbucks and breakfast stuff from a local bakery. They didn’t want to show up as early as the stylist wanted because they just said it was too early. Since they were going to be a few hours late their coffee would be cold so they said they would pick it up themselves. Then they show up and asked if they were already supposed to have gotten their coffee (??? If you want it then yes? My venue did not have a Starbucks on site…) Then they complain complain complain about how they need their coffee. They enlist my Fiance and his boys to pick them up coffee and bring it. WTF. I guess I wished the getting ready bit was less stressful with my mom and it probably didn’t help that I was sick. 

I think that’s it! Long story short, don’t get caught up in the little things and try to focus on what everyone loves about your wedding. For us, everyone loved our decor and the music! (Lots of popular 80s songs)


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like this thread..

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  • Wedding: December 2013

@asianyoushi:  OMG why is thong song even need to be requested do not play. Who would think that’s a wedding appropriate??? I hope everyone at least laughed!

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  • Wedding: May 2014

tagging in!

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  • Wedding: October 2012

I only had one big, major thing, and then a few small things that had no real effect whatsoever.

1) The BIG problem. When we showed up for rehearsal the night before, the entire garden where our ceremony was to take place was flooded. A pipe had burst and covered all of the grass where the chairs were supposed to go in water. The sidewalk where the processional was to take place was raised a bit, so that was fine, but there were 2 inches of standing water everywhere the guests were supposed to be. Miraculously, I did not freak out. The DOC (from the venue) and venue staff assured us that it would be taken care of, and I just had to believe that. Halfway through our rehearsal a plumber arrived to fix the pipe and vacuum the lawn.

I assumed that it would be dealt with, and I did not find out about this until a week AFTER the wedding (nobody told me, didn’t want me to stress out), but when my husband stopped by the venue in the morning to drop some things off, there was still water EVERYwhere and they had just placed the chairs on the lawn anyway and said it would dry. Ummm, under the shade of the chairs? On an overcast day? NOPE. My husband handled the situation and ended up having a freakout that resulted in him speaking to the actual owner of the place, and then a bunch of the workers were out there with push brooms and fans to try and clear it. All of the water was gone, but the front w rows were really squishy/muddy and some people (um, like my family) had the hems of their dresses and their shoes ruined. I feel so bad about this still!

2) Another thing I didn’t know about until later (this time after the ceremony, during formal shots) was that my husband’s bowtie didn’t work out. This is so stupid because he spent so much time looking for the perfect one and custom ordering material and everything – I told him to practice tying it but he never did – his dad did it once at a fitting, though. In the photos and video there is a montage of people trying to tie it – my groom, his dad, every one of his attendants, my niece, the DOC, a couple of other guests, etc. Nobody could do it, and 20 minutes before the ceremony 2 of the groomsmen drove 30 miles over the speed limit to the nearest department store to buy a pre-tied clip bowtie so he would have something to wear lol. The officiant said something about almost having to start late because of it.

3) When my dad walked me down the aisle and we got up to my husband, my dad hugged him and the bloom of the flower on his boutinniere fell clean off! He still had the stem and grass part so it looked silly and during our ceremony I messed with it a couple times lol. It was really funny, though, everyone laughed when it happened. I just looked at it on the ground and said, “What! Your flower fell off!”

4) During our reception the DJ announced the garter toss and I realized I had forgotten to put them on! Luckily they were just in the bridal suite right down the hall so my Maid/Matron of Honor and I ran in there real quick to put them on.

5) We had a gelato bar instead of cake, and it was a hit. The only problem? Husband and I didn’t even get any! We were so busy and by the time we went to go get some, they had left! This irritated me because I feel like it’s really obvious whether or not the bride and groom have come to the station and if they haven’t, you should ask them if they want any! Oh well, everyone else loved it.

6) We had 3 no shows and they didn’t even say anything afterward. And they are people we are close with! Irritating.

Honestly though, none of this matters – none of it upset me on the day. The bout and garter situations were just funny, I didn’t notice the no shows until later in the evening, the gelato is no big deal, the bowtie thing worked out fine. The only thing that bugs me is the crappy way the venue handled the flooding issue. But my wedding was still wonderful!

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1) I found out at the rehearsal dinner my grandparents weren’t coming. I was really upset, although I tried not to show it. When I got home that night I balled. I felt like I wasn’t important to them. Especially when they had gone to my cousins wedding a few months before. They didn’t even try to come to my ceremony. I was less upset about the money, but if they knew all along they weren’t coming they should have told me beforehand too. I paid for a boutteniere/corsage for them, and their meals. 

2) The venue told us WE had to put the table numbers and place cards on the tables. So I made a map for my mom and Mother-In-Law to do that for us before the reception. Turns out the venue did it so our moms didn’t think to double check anything. They mixed up table 6 and 9 (Numbers are identical upside down) and the name cards were placed anywhere. Even the head table was mixed up, with me on the end and DH somewhere near the middle. My brothers were at table 6, but ended sitting at table 9 because their name tags were there, even though the seating chart said table 6… turned out better for them though as they were closer to the bar.

3) There was a mess up with money and the hair stylist. I gave money to Maid/Matron of Honor to count out and give to her (things were hectic at this moment), but instead Maid/Matron of Honor just gave her ALL my money. So the stylist got at least $100 more from me than she should of. I didn’t realize this until after the honeymoon when I asked Maid/Matron of Honor for my change. So either someone got their hair paid for by me, or the stylist got a HUGE tip.


In the end though, the day was perfect. These turned out to be so minor. It was an amazing day!

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