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  • Wedding: August 2013

Well our officiant (also my father in law) almost cancelled it 2 days before because he heard some awful rumours about us, from my maid of “honour” who quit 8 days before the wedding and the day before the bachelorette party. Thankfully the rumours weren’t even based in truth so it went ahead, and was just kind of hectic.


On the day of, everything went petty great, but then before the dancing almost everyone left! We staayed and had fun with our friends wh stayed though.


After the wedding was over, we had about an hour drive to our hotel (our venue was in the middle of nowhere). DH got us completely lost, AND almost stuck in a gigantic mud puddle!

ETA: We also had 15 no shows. FIFTEEN!!! I am sooo glad my dad catered, and weweren’t paying by the plate!!!


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  • Wedding: June 2013

There were many things that went wrong but nothing ruined the day:

After I got back from getting my hair done, none of my family was ready to get pictures taken.

My dad showed up late for pre-ceremony pictures.

It was very hot/humid and we had an outdoor wedding.

Our musician was supposed to play live music while we walked down the aisle and instead he played prerecorded

And the big one: my husbands nana broke her hip, but no one knew until after the wedding when they decided to take her to the ER

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aggie2010:  Seriously?? Took your booze!!! Oh,no. We would have been brawlin’

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californiabride2013:  Oh no!!! Who woud say something nasty during the wedding? SO tasteful -.-

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  • Wedding: June 2014

1. Makeup artist got sick on the way to our hotel, so the owner of the company had to call backup! 

2. Hair & Makeup ran late bc of this which caused me to run late. I was getting into my dress when we were  scheduled to leave! 

3. Guests showed up over an hour early which cut pictures short. 

4. Cake design was wrong, ribbon on it was wrong color, but fixed. They also made me a gf cake when only cupcakes were discussed, hense me not liking the flavor they chose! 

5. My dress got dirty during pictures, but Maid/Matron of Honor had tide stick lol and got it out! Phew! 

6. My Mom/Dad & Aunt of my husband went MIA during pictures! my brother had to find My parents. Aunt now mad she’s not in pics, ugh. 

7. Passed appetizers never came out to my family during cocktail hour while we were taking pics

8. Photographer forgot cards with link to pics and forgot to call us outside for sunset pics. 

9. Two groomsmen left as dinner was served! Before dancing! LAMO! And all we did for them for their weddings! 

10. WORST OF ALL – the chef at my venue had no recollection that I am gluten free and the venue had NO food for me! After appetizers went missing, we were brought into bridal suite to eat for a second and take it all in and they had everything for my husband and nothing for me! Attendant told me chef had no idea I was gf and all they had were vegetables for me to eat! My guests had gf buns for my burger station (which were supposed to be only for me) & they had to go to Shoprite to get my gf pasta (yes, my coordinator did tell me this) ! All discussed prior, mannnnny times! 


But overall, these things don’t matter! We had beautiful weather, a great ceremony and a great party! 🙂 







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  • Wedding: May 2014

1. Our limo was set to pick us all up at 1:10. Its about 1:00, hair is just about finishing up.. (talk about mini freak out!) but the ceremony didn’t start till 2 but I wanted to be there on time


2. 1:50pm…umm we forgot my grandmas flowers, my moms, my ringbearer and brothers flowers in the limo! The limo driver literally came back at 1:59. JUST..in…time.. PHEW!


3. Our Priest messed up the mass intensions and said our new last name wrong, but he corrected himself and aplogized.


4. Our dj accidentally cut into the groom and mother dance some other song, and had to restart it from where it  messed up, (thank GOD it was only 30 seconds left of the song!) She also seemed alittle nervous the whole time and fubbled a bit while our introductions but I’m the only one that seemed to notice that!



I have to say I got lucky! we had a beautiful day with all my family and friends that  mean the world to us and thats all that matters. Did anyone even notice those lil things? nope! I got to marry the man of my dreams and the day could not have been more perfect.



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  • Wedding: July 2014 - Prague

I never practiced walking in my shoes (which were a complete SAGA to get in the first place and now I own them in 3 different sizes, none of which fit) and they were a bit too big. Walking to the altar was a nightmare and I wouldn’t have been able to do it if my father hadn’t been supporting me one way, and my husband the return trip! Luckily I had two back-up pairs.

I DIYed my hair and it was an epic fail. I had practiced, but the getting-ready room was tiny and there were loads of poeple in there the whole time so I felt a bit rushed and it just sucked.

Our first dance seemed ENDLESS. Serioudly. Never-ending. We were sort of hysterical by the end of it.

I never practiced my father-daughter dance ahead of tme and it was a LOT faster than I thought. It took us half the song to get it together, but eventually we found our timing.

When it was time to pay, my credit card was rejected!!! lmao. luckily it was sorted out with a short phone call, but I felt pretty stupid for a few minutes. 😀

At the end of the night I had a mental breakdown and sobbed as I started cleaning things up. I hadn’t really thought through what we were going to do with the lanterns and jars… We ended up packing it all really quickly (thank the starts for awesome cousins!) but in the process I somehow misplaced my bridal parasol (never got a picture with it, either) AND my laptop. Luckily I used a really old laptop that barely worked anymore, but still…

But overall it felt like a perfect day!

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  • Wedding: Royal Park Hotel

Our wedding was nearly perfect except for two things.

My wedding coordinator placed my cathedral veil really low on my head so you couldn’t even see I was wearing a veil from head-on and it totally wasn’t the look I wanted.  So, IMO, the veil was a complete waste of money as you can barely see it in pictures.  I told her how I wanted it but she put it on so close to me walking out that it was too late to fix it. 

Theee one thing I was really pissed about:  My DJ screwed up my bridal entrance music during the ceremony.   After I had gone over it with her a dozen times to where I was being annoying and she still screwed up.  I was gutted.  The song was so special to me and to us.  Other than this she was a great DJ but I took off 2 stars on her wedding wire review because of it (thought I still gave her a rave review otherwise AND said I would hire her again) she disputed the review.  They then came to me and said I had to prove I worked with her by sending in our contract (wedding wire is really for the vendor, not the customer, hense the near perfect reviews) which I did.  My review was fair and I was going to fight for it.  It made eveyrthing really awkward.

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  • Wedding: June 2013 - Upstate NY
  1. My caterers used an old seating chart and two friends were left with no seat
  2. my Brother-In-Law gave a HORRIBLE speeech- let’s just say he somehow managed to talk about my DH’s DWI, vomit, and a bloody broken nose
  3. no one ate the late-night food because everyone was full from dinner (we froze it and ate it for 6 months so that worked out lol!)
  4. My dad freaked out that the bar was closed during dinner (per our contract that he signed) and made them open it!

That’s it, not too bad!

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