(Closed) What went wrong at your wedding and do you think anyone noticed but you?

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  • Wedding: May 2010

i made all the food for our buffet dinner ahead of time, including the big show piece of brased short ribs in red wine.  i told the “caterer” to reduce the red wine sauce while heating up the meat.  instead he drained it off, down the effing sink, and served the meat in a dry pan.  i could have strangled him really, my mom had to calm me down.  but everyone said how amazing the food was, so don’t think anyone noticed.  that was my big disaster, guess i was pretty lucky!!

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  • Wedding: May 2011

@j.grossman13: His last name wasn’t “Bedelia” was it?

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  • Wedding: September 2010

our uplighting was suppose to include 4 giant white paper lanterns that light up over the dance floor but someone it was forgotten the day of.  No one notice and no biggie since I saved $300 by not having it. 

The top of my dress kept sliding down.  A few people notice that I was holding my boob all night and i think a couple during the night had given me the you should pull up your dress look (in a nice way).

I think that’s it.

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  • Wedding: October 2010

My MUA/hair stylist that was going to do my hair/MU and the hair/MU of my Maid/Matron of Honor and Bridesmaid or Best Man was a no-show the morning of the wedding.  Turns out she’d gotten the dates wrong in her head and thought my wedding was Saturday instead of the FRIDAY like I had stressed to each and every one of my wedding vendors because I knew it was unusual.  She’d scheduled something else that day and couldn’t get out of it to come do our hair/MU.  Needless to say I was very angry and very panicked!  I wanted this day to be one of the very few can count on one hand days that I got my hair/MU done for me!

My mom came to the rescue by recommending a local salon that she’d had a really good experience with.  The new salon was wonderful and really pulled together to get my hair/MU and my MOH’s hair/MU done in time (even though we started 2 hours later then originally had been planned!.  My SIL (my brother’s wife) who was my Bridesmaid or Best Man, also very much saved the day because she volunteered to make it easier to find a replacement by doing her own hair and MU and also did my flower girl’s hair/MU.  It ended up saving me $50 plus tips because of this goof up and everyone who had seen the trial vs the actual thought that it came out better then the trial.  ๐Ÿ™‚  I agree!  No one even knew until I said something.  ๐Ÿ™‚

A couple other minor glitches:  My other SIL (hubby’s sister) was to hand out programs and bubbles to people, but I’d not gotten a chance to talk to her about it and my wedding planner didn’t notice that she was looking a bit lost.  My mom went up to her and quietly told her to start handing out programs to everyone.  No one seemed to realize that there had been an issue.

Same thing happened with my bro who was an usher.  i hadn’t really gotten a chance to talk to him about it, and he didn’t really know what he was supposed to do.  Again, my wedding planner didn’t notice, and again my mom came to the rescue and told him to go ahead and start seating people slowly.  Again, no one had realized anything was anything other then what was supposed to be.  They were just enjoying meeting and greeting before sitting basically!

While all of this was going on, my wedding planner, officiant, groom, his groomsmen were all trying to figure out the music!  We’d brought a burned CD of music with us to the rehearsal, but the chapel coordinator didn’t bring the key to let us into the room to test it out.  We assumed (our bad there) that it would work since burned CD’s were so very common these days.  Day of?  Didn’t work!  OMG!  lol  Luckily my hubby had thought to download the songs onto his brother’s IPhone as a backup and they were able to hook that up after a few minutes of looking for the right cord.

The last goof up that happened was that the song that was supposed to be played during the unity candle ceremony didn’t get played.  We had silence during that, and the unity song ended up being played as we were walking out.  That glitch ended up being a good one as both of us decided we liked walking out to that better then what we had planned!

All in all, none of the goofs mattered in the long run and I really doubt that anyone besides the people involved had any idea they happened until they heard about it from one of us!

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  • Wedding: August 2010

  1. Our priest forgot we were giving flowers to Mary.  The cantor walked over to him after he forgot to remind him.  We ended up having two first kisses because he told us to kiss when we were supposed to give the flowers to Mary.  Then after we gave the flowers, he had us kiss again I guess because he didn’t know how else to end the ceremony.
  2. My dress was too long and my Darling Husband and I kept stepping on it.
  3. Caterer didn’t fold the napkins to hold then menu cards and just placed them on top.
  4. I had asked the site coordinator to use ribbon to tie around the cocktail tables.  She didn’t get it and the ribbon was all loose and floppy and looked pretty retarded.
  5. Photographer was so late that they missed our getting ready shots completely.  The also neglected to read anything that I ever emailed them regarding shot list, inspiration photos, schedule, directions, etc.  They were a mess.
  6. I was really sweaty the whole day.
  7. I didn’t last at all with my beautiful heels and had to switch to my reception shoes immediately after the ceremony.

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  • Wedding: January 1999

1. During the ceremony, my Mom accidently lit our center candle of the unity candle.  She quickly put it out after she realized what she had done.  I think only my hubby, myself, and Mother-In-Law noticed. 

2. My “second” Mom, who was one of our readers during the ceremony, kept reminding me not to adjust the top of my gown so much because it looked like I was touching myself.  LOL  (I guess my hands were on my busts when I’d adjust it). 

3. Our cake was beautiful, but bare!  We paid for floral decorations on the top and each layer, but when we arrived it was plain.  My Mom and I noticed, but I’m not sure if anyone else did…especially because most people missed the cake cutting anyway (don’t know why that was either).

4. We ran out of white cake and some of our guests were served the restaurants cheesecake if they didn’t want chocolate cake.  I didn’t understand how this had happened since we had two layers of white AND two white sheet cakes with raspberry and chocolate mousse filling.   I think some of the waiters were allowing people to have seconds on one side of the room when others hadn’t been served.  This I learned from a few of my co-workers/guests.

5. We had chiffon bows on our chair covers instead of satin ones (but only I knew that because I had ordered them).  No biggie! 

Overall…none of these “problems” interfered with the celebration.  It was amazing!

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Busy bee

Interesting posts!  I’m not married yet, and decided to read the thread and thinking about a cousin’s wedding that the cake was a no show item!  The baker didn’t bring it to the reception location, and obviously it was missing, but the firemen saved the day!  The bride’s dad was a volunteer fireman, and once it was discovered to be completely missing his friends went on a mission to save the day and get everyone cake!  I’m sure that she was bummed at the time, but looking back on it… it was a memorable event, and the firemen friends insured that she felt very much loved in the long run! 

@dodgercpkl… I read your post with interest, but wanted to note something that made me wonder… you commented about your wedding planner not telling your sister and brother about what to do… but from your description it sounds like you didn’t even tell them that they had a job to do yourself.   From my knowledge, that’s the first step!  I just felt like it was worth noting because a wedding planner isn’t going to easily be able to identify people who have jobs to do…nor is the day of the event the day that they should be told to do it.  I’d hate to have a planner criticized for something that doesn’t seem to be her responsiblity.

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MY daughter’s wedding…we had a special art glass for the breaking of the glass and it was thrown out by accident, instead of kept… probably my fault.

The cake was fantastic and we had two addtional slabs…too much cake, really.


The lights from the camera were very hot and my hair got “wet”…should have brought a hair dryer. I am sure that someone had one, but I was too busy enjoying myself.

The flower girl forgot to gently throw the petals, and when she remembered, she threw handfuls. Funny, apparently.

My great nephew talked during the ceremony and had to be taken out. He also played the piano-not well-during the speeches. I had to invite him. His sister was a junior bridesmaid. Never again!

Great wedding! Beautiful bride!!!



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  • Wedding: October 2010

1 – My dress and crinoline were a little too long.  It was OK when bustled, but it tripped me up going down the aisle

2 – My mother and I didn’t “practice” walking down the aisle and we are linking arms very awkwardly in all the pictures!

3 – My photographer was 30 minutes late and also missed the getting-ready shots.  The videographer was there and I wished I had let him in as soon as I was decent.

4 – The cake showed up way late.  And was way ugly.  And the groom’s cake was worse.  And I probably should have ordered extra.  Oh well!

5 – My flowers were not what I wanted.  A lot of people thought they were beautiful, but not me and I was the person with the money

6 – There were definitely some last minute details I should have followed up on, but I just ran out of time and energy for it.  I just wanted to have fun!

Well, you don’t get a do-over and many of my guests said it was the most beautiful and fun wedding they had been to.  I guess I couldn’t ask for more than that!

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  • Wedding: October 2010

@Missbliss:  My brother and sis in law were asked by me to fill these duties and said yes, and yes I dropped the ball (and I admitted it in my post) by not going over everything again with them to make sure they understood.  However my wedding planner had told me that those things were part of her job, and most people including me barely saw her at all that day and there were several instances where she was noticeably missing (for instance she’d agreed to take care of the music and she missed one song completely).  I’m happy to take part of the blame because part of it WAS my responsibility and fault, however, as a wedding planner she touted herself as being the person behind the scenes making sure everything was going right.  In this case she didn’t even show up at the Chapel until 20-30 minutes before the ceremony and then was running everywhere when tbh she should have been there (and told me she would be there) an hour + before that.  Had she been there on time, I think a lot of these problems could have been seen and taken care of.  

I like my wedding planner overall and I don’t regret hiring her for a minute, she definitely saved me some money and I think her daughter and crew did a fantastic job at the reception.  However, I think she dropped the ball on the wedding day.  

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