(Closed) What went wrong at your wedding? What went better than expected?

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: September 2011

My wedding was absolutely beautiful. Day of, and even the day after, all I could think about was how perfect it was. But now, less than one week removed, I can’t stop thinking about the things we forgot or the tiny things that went wrong:

  1. My fancy 9/10/11 hanger got left at the hotel by mistake before the wedding. It was out to make sure it got packed, and my mom for some reason hung it in the closet.
  2. I had an heirloom hankerchief that was supposed to be wrapped around the bouquet, but I found out an hour before the ceremony that my florist couldn’t do it (it was too delicate). In my rush, I didn’t think of another way to incorporate it into the ceremony. I feel REALLY guilty about it…it would have been so easy to do, but I honestly didn’t even think about it.
  3. The caterer didn’t use the paper straws I purchased at the pre-ceremony lemondae/ice tea stand. I bought 500 straws, and we have 400 left over.
  4. A family member recorded our ceremony, but forgot to record the speeches and first dance. Really bummed about this.
  5. My bouquet wasn’t right. It was supposed to be a multicolored bouquet (wildflower look), but it ended up all orange. My wedding colors were yellow and blue, so the orange was a bit out of place.
  6. I forgot to use the bridesmaids parasols I purchased for the pictures.
  7. We didn’t get any “funny” posed pictures, like the groomsmen holding me up, the bridal party jumping, or whatever. I didn’t even want these beforehand, but now, I think I should have done them.
  8. We didn’t say goodbye to the shuttle because we were cleaning up. I wish I would have thought to step away for a moment to do this.
  9. I didn’t get to stop by every table during dinner…I missed two, and they happened to be my extended family.
  10. We forgot to do a thank you into the mike as I had planned. I feel like I came across as really ungrateful for not doing a public thank-you.
  11. I didn’t get any posed pictures with my veil on or the straps to my wedding dress off (they were removable).
  12. The “Just Married” sign never made it onto the back of my car.

Besides these small things, everything was amazing. The weather was great, I looked better than I expected (felt amazing), our first dance went without a hitch, and the caterer NAILED the food (It was a million times better than out tasting).  With so much good, why am I so focused on the small things, especially since none of these bothered me at the time? Anyone else having that problem?

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: June 2008

I’ve been married a little over a year already! crazy!!


What Went Wrong

1. We lost our venue the night before the wedding.

We arrived the day before to set up, and nothing had been done. The room wasn’t cleaned out, it was a mess, and after calling the vendor, he said we couldn’t move the furniture in the room – what?! It was nothing like we’d thought. So we ditched him and last minute asked the church if we could use their basement. It was definitely not the vibe I wanted, and as a result there could be no dance party (because it was in a church).

2. We couldn’t dance because we had our reception in a church.

3. My bridesmaid forgot how to bustle my dress, and it unbustled while I was walking around the reception and it knocked over the microphone! oops

4. Everyone left earlier than we thought because the dance had been cancelled, so we didn’t even get to have our speeches/toasts.


What went really well:

1. My photographers were INCREDIBLE!! 

2. The reception “photo booth” – it was so fun and guests loved it!

3. My hair – I was super worried not having a hair trial beforehand, but it turned out great!

4. The ceremony was the most gorgeous event. our pastor did an INCREDIBLE job really tapping into who were are as a couple. It was so sentimental and personal, really meant a lot to us!

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Bee Keeper
  • Wedding: September 2011

What went wrong:

  • The venue broke one of the toasting flutes my sister gave us as an engagement present, and my dad had to run home to get his and mom’s, which was actually kind of nice to use.
  • There were a couple tiny things, the most amusing of which was that Fiance had his zipper down for the Groomsmen photos! Luckily, my photographer said she could photoshop it closed if it’s apparent :).

What went right:

  • My flipping fantastic BMs were able to re-sew on my hook that my seamstress had made way too tight. It wasn’t the ideal way to spend the night before the wedding, but there’s no better way to feel the love than having your BMs sew your gown for you!
  • The food was amazing, I barely cried, I was able to say my vows clearly, and all of our friends and family were just so great! It really was the best day of my life!

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: December 2010

1) The Priest messed up our Vows, especially since he wasn’t at the rehearsal, only the Alter Boy was! No one noticed though but it threw us off and was disappointing, in fact we had had them memorized, but he had us read different ones than we picked, even..since our priest was from Brazil and following his own book and not our guide we were given.

2) The sticky tape on my dress where the chest was, wore off by the time the wedding started, so I kept having to yank it up in the ceremony because I was paranoid of it slipping after hugging my mom…Also, the stupid dress people had practically refused to fix the chest size on the dress for me too(make it small enough) I fixed the dress before the reception though:)

3) I almost couldn’t find my flowers for the Virgin Mary and had to take roses from the hotel’s vase instead.

4) The DJ forgot to remind us to visit the tables

5) Our photographer didn’t take a picture of the whole wedding party together when that’s the most important part of the wedding!!

6) Rained(poured) on wedding day, but I didn’t find it disturbing;) I was prepared with umbrellas.

7) Two guests who didn’t RSVP showed up, but it did workout because a couple people didn’t come to the reception so it evened out.

8) Hardly any guests wanted to dance it seemed like too

9) The chicken at the reception wasn’t served with the sauce it was supposed to come with at all.

Good things:

-Cake was delicious

-Church ceremony was great and the church was beautiful, and so was my music Reception beautifully decorated too

-First dance and other dances went well

-Candy bar was a hit


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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: October 2009

At our wedding, one thing after another went wrong–and we completely failed to care:

  • The friends that were doing our video got on a plane that had mechanical difficulties, and didn’t get in until sometime after 5:00 AM for a noon ceremony.
  • We had brought their dog up with us, because they couldn’t take it on the plane.  Because of the delay, we ended up sharing our bed with both our dog and theirs the night before the wedding.
  • The hair and make-up person got stuck in traffic and arrived about a half hour late, which meant the wedding ended up being a half hour late, too.
  • We forgot to bring the pictures of how we wanted our hair done to show her.
  • We had planned to have our veils over our faces during the processional, but forgot.
  • We had gotten a bunch of digital voice recorders to pick up the sound, but they never got turned on.
  • The rabbi mixed up the two rings, so NotFroofy ended up putting the wrong ring on my finger, and I had to switch them before putting the ring on her finger. 
  • When we did the seven blessings, the rabbi accidentally did the Hebrew for one of them out of order (before a different English blessing), and then had to switch the next one to make up for it.
  • The pen for the ketubah disappeared, and we had to ask right in the middle of the ceremony if one of our guests had an acid-free pen.
  • Neither of us could fit our Hebrew signature into the space provided, so we ended up with both signatures broken up over more than one line.
  • NotFroofy’s veil got knocked off, twice.
  • When we went to break the glass at the end, it wouldn’t break–NotFroofy and I were doing everything up to and including standing on it for several minutes before NotFroofy finally managed to break it.
  • My sister and my son got into a whipped cream fight at the luncheon following the ceremony. (No, neither of them had been drinking!)
  • The Legal Sea Foods accidentally served a much more expensive champagne than we had agreed to.
  • Two champagne glasses got broken.

What went right:

  • The house we rented for ourselves and all our guests was just what we had hoped.  It had several different units within it, so we could have privacy when we wanted it, but still hang out with our guests informally when we wanted to.
  • My sister, whose husband had told her that they weren’t coming, managed for once in her life to stand up to him and be there for us.
  • Our hair and make-up person did a great job, even with no pictures of what we wanted and no trial.
  • The rabbi was wonderful.  He really made all our guests feel welcome.
  • The synagogue was perfect!  It had a gorgeous view out over a nearby pond.  The atmosphere was kind of homey–perfect for our intimate wedding.
  • The chuppah (wedding canopy) I made was gorgeous.  That had been a big concern for me; I nearly gave up on it halfway through making it.
  • The photographer we hired off of Craigslist proved to be excellent.
  • We got a great video of the ceremony.  The person who did it was an amateur, but talented.
  • My son, who had been really nervous about giving a toast (to the point he initially said he couldn’t do it) gave a great one.  My daughter also gave a wonderful toast.  And my sister-in-law, who wasn’t even scheduled to say anything, gave a third, very heartfelt toast.
  • Everyone was enjoying the luncheon so much that we pretty much had to throw everyone out when we needed to give the room back, even though there was no entertainment other that great food and conversation.
  • At our at-home reception, people loved the DIY fauxtobooth.
  • The owner of our venue, who is also a friend, played a song traditional for weddings in his family in our honor.
  • The cake NotFroofy made was delicious!
  • NotFroofy and I spent the day in a complete state of euphoria.

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