(Closed) What went wrong on your wedding day? What do you wish you did differently?

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  • Wedding: August 2016

No regrets and I wouldn’t do anything differently. But a couple things did go wrong.

1) Our cupcake person refused to set up the cupcakes even though we paid extra for them to do that and it was in our contract that they would. Our day of coordinator stepped up for us in that regard though.

2) I tripped walking down the aisle. I had to have my dad hold my bouquet so I could get up the stairs at the start of the aisle. 

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: May 2017

These are my biggest regrets:

1) I got my nails done and they broke off before he ceremony from being too thick and poorly done. 

2) The day of my wedding my hairdresser f*cked up my hair AND makeup and I ended up running to Sephora and paying them to redo my makeup. 

3) My brother in law never bought the vest I requested, and in ALL of the pictures he’s the ONLY one with his blazer unbuttoned. Every single one of my pictures he stands out and I literally could still strangle him…

4) My DJ was a total prick and 1/4 into my reception I ended up plugging in Pandora! He messed up my father-daughter dance AND the mother-son dance. 

5) My bustle broke and I was tripping all over myself all day. 

To solve 89% of these problems, if I were to do it all over again, I would do most of everything myself: hair, makeup. I wouldn’t have hired a DJ, or at least had done more research (but my wedding coordinator recommended him!). I would have been even more on top of my Brother-In-Law. I did plan this wedding in a month and a half, and I’m still happily married! 

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Busy bee

My hair dresser/makeup artist quit about two hours before I was supposed to walk down the isle. It was someone I knew personally, and he had a previous engagement earlier that day that he said he would be back from in time. I did a trial run and everything a month before the wedding. I ended up having to go to JC penny’s to get my hair done, and had to borrow a friend’s makeup and do my own. I didn’t look like I had always envisioned looking like on my wedding day. My hair and makeup is really the only thing that I wish I could go back and change. So I don’t suggest letting an acquaintance do hair or makeup, even if they are supposed to be a professional own their own salon. I ended up having to pay extra since my photographer came early to our hotel to take pictures of me getting ready and I had to leave to go get my hair done. 

I am excited that one day we will get to renew our vowels and I will have the perfect hair and shade of makeup though!lol


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Busy bee

The catering staff served me and our officiant (my brother who was also at the head table with us) last – but thankfully not my husband or there would have been a hangry outburst!- and some of them didn’t serve according to the meal markers, so we ended up running out of some options.

We had to start our ceremony a little late due to a car accident right near the entrance of the venue, so about half our guests were stuck in traffic and running late 

I had a sticky bra malfunction – pre ceremony, thankfully! Ended up goinf braless which ended up being more comfortable anyways 

Our DOC didn’t put our guest sign in book out on the welcome table (which is probably the thing that I was most bummed about)


Even with those little snafus, the day was amazing and everyrhing I could have dreamed, and I have zero regrets! Now just waiting on our pro pics so we can relive it πŸ™‚


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sunworshipbride :  I’m not sure if this fits…but the one thing that went wrong is that not all my photographs that I wanted got taken. Partly its my fault. My photographer asked me, but I said nope each time he asked.  I sent him the list before the wedding. Someone at the reception should have had the list to double check. 

My guests showed up late…I was waiting in the parkinglot for them to be seated. Nothing one can do about that! LOL. 

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  • Wedding: October 2015

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sunworshipbride :  So, here are the “little” things that went wrong on our wedding day. They barely registered the day of, but afterwards when someone mentioned it I went, “Oh . . . yeah . . .” 

  • The AC in our venue went out. I vaguely wondered why I was sweating absolute balls all night, but just chocked it up to being at an unbelievable level of nervousness, excitement, and happiness
  • The best man showed up to the wedding without his wedding attire. In fact, he hadn’t even purchased it yet. He bullied DH inot going to Macy’s with him to buy a shirt and a vest. Again, when I found out while I was getting my makeup done, I turned to DH’s sister and simply said, “Please handle this” and let it go. Best Man and DH are her younger brothers, so she immediately snapped into action. 
  • Same Best Man gave the most HORRENDOUS speech EVERRRRRR. It was so embarrassing and my family was scandalized. 

That was literally it. And again, even now, I realize that is barely anything. My entire wedding was a dream from start to finish and in the end my parents received 50% of the money they paid for the venue due to everyone sweating their dicks off, so it worked out awesome for them haha. 

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: January 2017

A lot went wrong. Ultimately, although we had a very small wedding, I still regret either not flying to a beach just the two of us or not having something in my home country. So, basically, I regret everything about my wedding EXCEPT marrying my man

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Sugar bee

Shit that went wrong (but no big deal):

I didn’t love my hair. MUA used REALLY YELLOW foundation (I’m porcelaine skinned/super duper pale)…

My shoe cut my toe and I got blood on the hem of my dress. I think there’s actually photos of one of my BMs trying to get it out with a wipe at the park we had our photos taken at πŸ˜‚

Also at said park – a million tiny gnat flies got stuck up between the chiffon and silk layers of my dress and we had to try get them out without squashing them. I wouldn’t have been too bothered but we had all our bridal party photos done BEFORE the ceremony 

Bustle was not staying done up so I had to use the loop around my wrist all night to get around

I completely forgot about the programs… 

Shit that went wrong (that still bothers me):

SIL encroached on our first look when even the bridal party just left us to it since its meant to be a special and PRIVATE moment between the two of us. SIL was standing at the door of the venue the entire time watching us and even made a point to yell out so I would notice her. .. that really fucking irks me to this day… It totally changed how I felt going into our first look because she was watching us πŸ™ She also helped herself to the bottle of whiskey DH had put behind the bar specifically for the groomsmen and probably drank at least half the bottle 😠😠😠 knowing she is a bundary pusher I wish I had of told the photographer to tell her to move on if she was anywhere near us during the first look. Also would have asked the bar staff not to serve the whiskey to anyone other than the groomsmen. Its kind of ridiculous that I’d even NEED to go to those lengths though tbh.

We somehow missed getting a photo of just me, DH & my ONLY grandparent 😭 thankfully we at least have a photo of us and his grandma and mine together. We even had a list of photos to take and it still got missed so there wasn’t much else I could have done to avoid that.

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MrsMeowton :  oh! I forgot about that…or choose to forget about it. The bestman did a horrible speech too. It was a rambling mess and had something to do with a twenty year old mattress. ughh

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Sugar bee

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VictorianChick :  omg. It would have been nice to have vetted our best mans speech before hand but he only made himself look like a total dick anyway πŸ˜‚

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Bee Keeper

We forgot to bring an integral item to the wedding venue, so I had to drive back home to get it. As a result, I wasn’t available to help set up, and the centerpieces that my mom spent so much time making never got set out. To this day, I feel so horrible about it. 

But we’re married now, and that’s still happy. 

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  • Wedding: May 2017

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sunworshipbride :  So little went wrong it was amazing. But the few things that weren’t perfect on the day of:

The caterer for lunch got the number of sandwiches wrong so she only made/brought 8 instead of 16, my dad had to drive 20 minutes to pick up the rest and then 20 minutes back. He was not happy about running an errand. 

My mom decide on the day of to get balloons to help guests park their cars and know where to walk into the venue (she was really worried about people getting lost and showing up late). That was a cluster f$&k trying to have my poor dad finagle the balloon delivery and set up.

Our speeches finished 10 minutes earlier than planned so the food wasn’t fully prepped in time and we had a 10 minute lull between speeches and the buffet dinner starting. No one noticed.

The MC couldn’t really be heard on the other side of the relatively small venue due to the positioning of the speakers.

I forgot to print my toast so I had to wing it and I forgot to say a line I wrote about taking a shot all together and then keeping the glass to remember. I made shot glasses as favors and we had about 40/100 left over. There were 85 adult guests so a few forgot/didn’t know they could take them.

That’s it. It really was the best day of my life. 

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: August 2016

Nothing disastrous, it was a wonderful day, but a couple of things did go wrong. 

I completely forgot to bring the seating chart to the venue. It wasn’t even on my list! I had let the caterers know how many people were at each of the tables, but that’s all they knew. Fortunately I spent so much time and energy working on it that I knew I could recreate it exactly. It was nerve-wracking though, and delayed our ceremony start by 30 minutes.

Our parents are both divorced, so for the ceremony we decided to have his mom sit with my dad and stepmom on one side, and have my mom, grandma, and uncle (to escort grandma) sit on the other side with his dad and his dad’s gf. Our wedding planner even put nice name tags on the chairs. However, none of us thought to tell the fathers this plan. Oops! They each slunk into the second row, behind the mother of their child. This left DH’s mom all by herself on one side of the front row. I know that bothered him.

Also….not enough of the desserts we ordered were chocolate based. There was enough and it was all really good, but the chocolate to fruit ratio was just kind of off. I haven’t voiced this particular regret to anyone. Thanks for letting me get it off my chest! πŸ˜‚

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Worker bee
  • Wedding: May 2017

1) A button on my dress was missed which caused me to show a lot more cleavage than I planned to ( I won’t go into a lot of detail b/c I already posted/ranted about this).

2)I  paid for a rush order for some in memory signs to be tied around an empty chair on each side of the aisle to symbolize our deceased relatives but somehow I think they were missed being put out. ( I say think b/c I briefly glanced at the grooms side during the ceremony and someone was sitting in what was supposed to be the empty chair.)

3)MUA got stuck in traffic and was running late ( she had a total of 11 faces to do) some how we ended up only being about 30 minutes behind schedule though so no biggie. 

4) The wait staff served cake to our parents table last and had run out of the groom’s cake so they didn’t get any

5) I completely underestimated how quickly the day would go by. Being that we had an evening wedding I thought I had plenty of time to do “little” last minute things but those “little things took longer than anticipated so I didn’t really get to sit down, relax and just take in the day like I intended to.


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