(Closed) What went wrong on your wedding day? What do you wish you did differently?

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: September 2017 - Poppy Ridge Golf Course

1.) My mother and the DJ of all people were 20-30 min late, ceremony was delayed. Major irritation, I hate to keep people waiting.

2.) My hair did not turn out as expected bc my terrific stylist is not so terrific with sew ins. Mild annoyance, it was still nice just not what I had in mind.

3.) Officiant led us through 3 prayers and threw in 2 questions never discussed at our meeting. I answered correctly despite being caught off guard, guests seemed to be entertained and ceremony was under 11 min total so I let it go.

4.) DOC must moonlight as a Nascar driver bc we nearly lost our lives getting to the golf course photo location. 😨 Hair was a mess, sun was in my eye and I hope all that was worth it once we have our pics.

5.) MOH/sister #1 was silly drunk before the ceremony even started and working my last nerve. We had two champagne bottles in the bridal suite for 6 people. She had one bottle to herself. wth?

6.) Bridesmaid/sister #2 was not ready to be picked up on time and put me 30 min behind schedule to arrange centerpieces. I should have known better, she’s never on time.

7.) Bridesmaid/DH cousin got sloppy drunk and threw up in the champagne bucket…most ended up on the floor. Pretty gross.

8.) DJ announced us with a couples entrance and had everyone stand. Which we specifically didn’t want but people were so happy for us I didn’t mind much.

9.) DJ then announced cake cutting, also not wanted! So now there’s 50+ ppl crowding us and staring right in my face. I get anxiety issues with crowds and feeling closed in so I was genuinely ready to flee the scene until DH stuffed a cupcake in my mouth to change my focus. It worked. 😄

10.) I did not like my bouquet. It was nice to look at but I’m not into flowers and the thing was so heavy it felt like a burden. I didn’t know how to hold the stupid thing or what to do with it. Mother-In-Law insisted we have flowers and paid for them plus picked them out.

11.) Saved the worst for last. Event was supposed to be 5 hours open bar with a consumption limit and we’d pay any extra once the limit hit. Mother-In-Law *offered* to pay for the extra as a gift. I let her know that was fine and to give the DOC a card for payment that day prior to ceremony. She never did so. Limit was reached around hour 3. DOC went to ask Mother-In-Law for payment method and this &%[email protected]# refused. So instead of DOC coming to us for a payment method she turned it into a cash bar the last two hours. We knew nothing until the next day and felt like complete crap. Guests didn’t seem to mind since cash bars are the norm in our social circle but its not what we wanted at all. 😶

Even with the stuff that went wrong we had a great day. But we wouldn’t repeat this experience if given the opportunity. A simple ceremony with 20 people or less and a nice restaurant reception would have been my idea of a perfect day. None of the wedding expectations and extra fluff I don’t care for, “When are you cutting the cake?, When will you start the dancing? etc.,” When will you people GET OUT OF MY FACE!!! 🙃 Thats what I wanted to say.

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: October 2016

A couple stupid little things went wrong which at the time seemed bigger than they were. I definitely didn’t stress though and I let everything roll off my back. 

1. The biggest thing that went wrong was the flowers. They came to my parents house first and then the lady was going to go straight to the church. I could have sworn I had told her ahead of time that she needed to drop off the boutineers to the guys at my house, which was only ten mins away but a little out of the way to the church. She reluctantly agreed to drop them off and seemed annoyed but she had all the addresses written down on her paper so I’m not really sure why the miscommunication was entirely my fault. Anyway it worked out fine but definitely worried me for a minute.

2. Me and my mom spent forever getting a basket ready and bubbles wrapped with bows. Well for some reason no one could find them in all the chaos. Everyone kept asking me where they were but I designated a Bridesmaid or Best Man to handle the basket so I had no idea. Somehow they ended up in the party bus and brought out last minute. We ended up using them but the whole thing was annoying.

3. The guys were so late getting to the church. Amazingly enough the girls were all on time and just waiting for the party bus to swing back to pick us up after dropping the guys off at the church. I was really freaking out because the coordinator at the church was adamant that we had to be on time. The ceremony didn’t start until 15 mins later after we were supposed to start but it was fine. The priest was smiling and happy and looked like he couldn’t care less that we were late so it ended up working out.

4. My sister Maid/Matron of Honor was supposed to give a speech. She was completely unhelpful from the start, disappearing randomly when she was supposed to be taking pics, etc. then right before she had to give the speech she backed out and told the DJ she didn’t have the paper with her and couldn’t do it. The DJ was dumbfounded and just asked her if she wouldn’t mind doing a toast? She again said no so he told me and my DH, he was more upset than me and asked me if another Bridesmaid or Best Man would do it but I felt so embarrassed I just told them to forget it. My DH’s best man gave a great speech so it was fine in the end. 

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Worker bee
  • Wedding: October 2017

1. My bouquet and the bridesmaids bouquet were the complete wrong colours. I didn’t have time to deal with it the day of so I just used them. We ended up getting a full refund for them but I’m still sad about it. 


2. Our string quartet didn’t play the song we chose for my entrance. In fact they didn’t play any music for 2/3rds of my walk because they got flustered and confused! So far they’re just saying that they tried their best – good enough. 


3. Ghostbusters was playing from the restaurant downstairs for the first 5 minutes of our ceremony. 


Everything else was good!

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: April 2017

We only had a few little things go ‘wrong’. 

1. The first is just a silly thing, but the MUA insisted that I needed/wanted false eyelashes despite me not having them at the trial and me saying I didn’t want them. I eventually gave in and let her put them on. I had my pre-ceremony pictures with them but I couldn’t stand them and pulled them off before the ceremony. Not a big deal, but the lesson is that you know yourself best and you shouldn’t let others pressure into something just because everyone else does it! The MUA actually put on more makeup in general than I had at the trial, too, but that was also fixable. 

2. The main ‘bad’ thing was that the family and group pictures took way longer than I expected, and we didn’t have much time left for our couple pictures and missed the best light. I was quite stressed. So I guess the lesson there is give yourself more photo time than you think, or maybe do your couple photos first or something, and be very clear with your photographer if you want particular light and times. 

3. Also, when you go off in your car for couple pics make sure your bridal party has a ride to the reception (if in a different place to the ceremony)!

4. My husband and I hadn’t planned a speech but we were forced up to the microphone and kind of embarrased ourselves lol. Should have planned out a few points just in case!

5. There was a mix-up with the guys who were picking up the sound system. They came at the end of the night instead of the next day and we had to pay a night-time pickup fee. That one was 100% our venue’s fault though. Grr. 

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: October 2016 - Painswick Church and the Falcon Hotel

My wedding went perfect! The only thing I regret is not starting it a little earlier so the day didn’t feel quite so rushed 

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: October 2017

Nothing went wrong worth mentioning really. It was perfect. 

If I could change something:

1. I wish I put more thought into figuring out if we could afford a videographer. We just opted out thinking it wasn’t necessary. Wish we had considered it. 

2. Wish we had put together a proper thank you toast. 

3. Wish I hadn’t drank at all. Started to at the end and it’s a bit of a blur. I think it’s a blur regardless, but if I made it worse I wish I hadnt   

Best things we actually did:

1. Hire a day of coordinator 

2. Personalize our vows

3. Do photos before the ceremony 

4. Provide plenty of food and drink start to finish 

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: October 2017

MY ZIPPER BROKE. You guys, I can look back and laugh now (this was a week ago), but holy moly, in the moment it was stressful. My dress fit absolutely perfectly at my last fitting 2 weeks before, and I had actually lost a few lbs since then. HOWEVER, I found out the day before we left for our wedding (5 days before the actual wedding) that I was pregnant. So unexpected!!! So, my weight has redistributed a bit I think, more to the boobs area. The dress still fit but getting the zipper over the seam to the beaded bodice was tricky. 

Ended up being sewn into my dress and the day went off perfectly after that. But geez!

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Busy bee

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sunworshipbride :  Our servers had originally agreed to move the chairs from the ceremony (outside) to the dinner tables (inside) during Cocktail Hour. I paid for extra servers to make sure there was enough staff to move ~100 chairs. At ELEVEN O’CLOCK the night before our wedding, they emailed me to tell me that they thought they couldn’t do it anymore. We legitimately had DH’s friends moving chairs inside, which is terrible, but they were super nice about it. 

One groomsmen got strep throat the week of our wedding and the medicine made him constantly naseous/vomiting. He didn’t make it to the wedding.

It was a little hot inside our venue. It’s an old, stone building that didn’t have AC, but always stayed cool inside (so we thought). Once all the people came inside, it got hot–but once people started dancing, we got sweaty anyways, haha. 


Honestly, the day of, you’re too busy to care about those things. At that point, you kind of have to adopt the attitude of “it is what it is” unless if you want to be stressed out and crying on your wedding day.

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: October 2017

I was prepared for things to go wrong but hoped I had planned well enough that it wouldn’t really impact me. Well, the morning of my MUA was over half an hour late. She promised me it would take less than 45 minutes to do my makeup–ended up taking almost an hour and made me 10 minutes late to my hair appointment. My stylist promised my hair would take less than an hour–what do you know, it took 1h15! And I left my hairpiece at home, but my wonderful fiance brought it to the salon for me. 

That ate up all my buffer time and eating time, and I still got to the venue 15 minutes late. Luckily everything else went fairly smoothly as far as the timeline. As my photographer told me, no weddings are ever on time!

The only thing that went noticeably wrong was my ceremony music. The Bluetooth speaker wouldn’t work when we lined up at the beginning of the aisle because it was too far away, so the processional song suddenly started halfway through! Then we had to cut my song off because it was taking too long. 

 Other things that I forgot that no one noticed: left my Harry Potter-inspired bouquet charm at home and forgot to get fresh flowers for the cake! But honestly, the day was more perfect than I could have hoped for and I have no regrets. 

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Worker bee

All in all, everything went swimmingly and the few things that weren’t perfect, aren’t that big of a deal.

1) There was supposed to be 2 bottles of wine set out at each of the tables. I noticed they were absent as I was taking my seat and asked my DOC to get the venue/catering to distribute them, but it was sort of annoying because the bar had already opened and thus I think people were more interested in that than the wine that DH and I had spent a decent amount of time deciding on for the tables. Lots of bottles were hardly touched, so that was kind of a waste of money.

2) Didn’t have a receiving line – it helped keep us on schedule to NOT do it, but I really wish we had worked it into the timeline better because I was exhausted from the pressure of having to circulate the room and make sure I was able to talk to everybody present that night

3) I realized after the fact that one of my bridesmaids dress’ wasn’t actually floor length and her shoes were visible while everyone else’s dresses were floor length. It never occured to me that the dress wasn’t floor length, but I never really got a picture of her in it (just the stock photo which appeared floor length). I am not sure if it was just her shoe choice or what, but her feet were very visible while everyone else’s were not. Of course I didn’t even notice this until the day after the wedding when I saw some guest pictures floating around.


There are a few more things, but nothing that i can be bothered to type.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: May 2017 - Ocean front

Our day was just about perfect and aside from major wedding photog issues (which have since been properly dealt with and made right) here are the best parts and couple small snafoos which in the grand scheme of things are minor and took nothing away from our perfect day!


1. Having a venue that included a wedding coordinator,  full wait staff, bar tenders,  food, (which was to DIE for), tables, and linens set up,  even cute beachy decor if i wanted to use it…some I did to incorporate w my own touches, cake cutting (we supplied the cake) champaign toast and all clean up included.  It wasn’t cheap,  but well worth the money!!!

2. Keeping our wedding smaller and manageable to be able to offer our nearest and dearest the best experience.  Having a small Wedding Party which meant alot less coordinating as they were my now step son and daughter,  my Maid/Matron of Honor and his Bridesmaid or Best Man…flower girl and ring bearer.  This allowed all of our good friends to sit and enjoy the day w their SO’ and all of our guests!

3. Hiring HMU artists to come to me….. there was no way I wanted to go to a salon or deal w doing my own as it was my wedding day, so I wanted to chill and be pampered! Lol

4. Having the rehearsal dinner a couple of nights b4 our Sat wedding….rather than the night b4. That was my Mother-In-Law request and a great one!

5. Going home right after the wedding as we were leaving for Jamaica at the crack ass of dawn. My Maid/Matron of Honor drove us and it was nice after a crazy night to be just the three of us and reflect on the epic night we just had.  


1. My  florist made us two special roses out of duct tape for the ceremony.  My dad passed away and used duct tape to fix & mend everything.  I wanted to incorporate the duct tape roses as a way to honor my dad during the rose ceremony ( our Justice of the Peace does the rose ceremony to symbolize a strong marriage and sais in tough times, place a single rose on your SO’s pillow to remind us of why we fell in love and to always love and support each other) and they came out looking so real that he thought they were, and so didn’t incorporate the meaning behind the duct tape roses into the ceremony…as he thought we changed our minds!! They did look wicked real but were actually white glitter duct tape roses!! Lol

We keep them on our table w our sweetheart table lantern and place card!

2. My hair didn’t look as great as it did the day of trial but my hairdresser made a quick change,  bringing the back into more of a side pony as i thought the extensions looked a bit scraggely down… problem solved!

3. Our wedding party and family who entered cocktail hour after a few pics didn’t get any apps. There were plenty and had my wedding coordinator realized, she woulda got them some as they were sooooo good! 

Other than that,  things were perfect and even w those minor issues….I wouldn’t change a thing!!


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Bumble bee

I wish id have handled paying the hair/makeup artist. I was getting photos done when she finished and the photographers said “let your Maid/Matron of Honor handle it, that’s what she’s for” so I gave my Maid/Matron of Honor my wallet and told her to count out the cash and give a reasonable tip. MoH gave her everything I had. Which was a good $150 over what I owed. I had extra money for tipping the DJ and limo driver for the day. Luckily DH had money too. But geez, I couldn’t believe she did that. She tipped more than I paid in services.

Personally, I think she ended up paying for my some of my bridesmaids without realizing it and that’s why the makeup artist didn’t say anything.

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