What went wrong that ended up being one of your best memories from the day?

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Helper bee

Haaha, those are too funny!! Especially trying to imagine the bridesmaid running across the street baring all after an officer let you guys through XD
Congratulations on your marriage 🙂

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: July 2017

Hahaha the mental image of the naked bridesmaid running through the parade is amazing.  I’m sure something will go wrong at my wedding but that is just priceless.

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: April 2017

My story isn’t anywhere near as entertaining as yours, OP,  but one thing that went wrong was that the wedding was outside and while it started out very nice, the wind picked up pretty fiercely right as the ceremony was about to start. I couldn’t keep the veil attached to save my life. I actually have a great picture of my sister, my DH, AND the officiant all trying to put my veil in after it blew off the second time. 

It blew off a third time and I just caught it in my hand and my DH and I held it as we held hands the rest of the ceremony. Then when we had our kiss there’s a pic off my basically smushing  the veil into the side of his face cause I forgot I was still holding it. The pictures came out really cute and it  totally destroyed the nervousness I was feeling because it was such a silly moment and everyone got a good laugh. 

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Busy bee

Well, for what went wrong: the food we ordered wasn’t there (they had accidentally subbed in other side dishes), but we didn’t even notice till we were a plate in. New hubs and I then went to ask the caterer what had happened (very nicely! It was still very tasty! Just not deviled egg potate salad, it was German lol) and the caterer almost had a heart attack. Like you could see him wince…and started apologizing madly and we had to interrupt him to tell him it was okay, it still was delish, but hey we paid an upcharge so can we just get that refunded? They ended up insisting on comping 25%. So that was cool. 

We also got the wrong color cupcakes – they were super, super pigmented and for some reason Seattle Seahawks colors, which would have been hilarious if we weren’t in Wisconsin. We did ask for a lime green and teal, so I suppose it was close enough. Everyone was a bit confused on the colors but still the cupcakes were delish, and on the plus side hubby was too terrified of the super pigmented frosting to smoosh it on my face. Nephew (who was maybe 2) looooooved the colors and smooshed a blue one over the white tablecloth. We have cute pictures from that one. 

I think my favorite one now was when my dress was altered (after my final fitting, where it was perfect, mind you…2 days before wedding) and it was a size too small around my waist. Momma Sass had some issues getting it zipped up, and the photographer you could tell was trying not to smile. Someone must have given him a look because he turned and said “all I can say is, your husband’s going to like these pictures.” It broke the tension and everyone started laughing. We have some hilarious pictures of me making goofy faces while my mom was trying to zip up through laughing, and the best part is I’m squashing my boobs up holding up the dress. Hubby did indeed like those pictures. 


I’m sure some people would freak the hell out over any of those issues, but even the day of…big whoop! Life goes on! The only thing that upset me at the time was the dress. No one apart from hubs and I, and my parents really even knew that something wasn’t as intended. 

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: December 2016

We had a super low key ceremony so DH and I were together before the ceremony helping set up and get everything ready. My MOH and I were standing together and she was fixing my hair. DH walked up with a cup of hot black coffee for our officiant and as he walked by the lid popped off and the cup fell out of his hand, bouncing off my hip and spilling all down my dress!  DH freaked! MOH and I just kind of stood there like “WTH just happened?” He ran to his truck and grabbed the tshirt he had been wearing before he put his suit on and started frantically dabbing at my dress, still freaking out.  MOH and I realized it was too late to save my dress and we had to still go get married so we were just laughing at how it was just the most stereotypically bad thing that could have happened.  When we all walked over for the ceremony, the side of my dress with the coffee on it was facing away from our guests and she kind of strategically folded it so the coffee just looked like a shadow lol. You can’t see it in photos, so that is good!  And by the end of the night my dress was filthy anyway.  DH still feels awful that he did that and I crack up every time he brings it up. 

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: May 2017

It wasn’t really “wrong” but definitely strange.

The last song of the night in my family is almost always Piano Man by Billy Joel. People tend to be pretty sauced by this point, so everyone gets together in a circle and basically yells the lyrics. Lately the bride and groom start dancing in the middle surrounded by everyone. So cute right?

So when my husband and I are dancing in the middle and we’re so happy, it’s maybe 2/3 of the way through the song andsomething hits the train of my dress. I was like “wtf?” and looked back and realized that there were about 4 dozen shoes surrounding us. People were kicking them off into the middle of the dance floor and someone had accidentally flung it and hit me. My husband assumed it was some sort of tradition, and frankly, I did too.  We were asking people at the after party who started it, what it meant, and no one really had an answer. They all said “Oh is that not a thing?” “Someone did it so everyone just went with it assuming it was a thing…” “Katie’s been to a bunch of weddings, maybe she’s seen it before…nope.” 

We found out later that one of my bridesmaids had kicked off her heels, and tossed them behind her. She accidentally tossed them “at” one of our friends who’s response to having a paid of shoes tossed at him, booted them out of his way, accidentally straight into the middle of the dance floor. Then, on the other side of the circle, someone saw and kicked her shoes in the middle. Next, other people followed until there were a few dozen shoes surrounding us. My bridesmaid said it was the coolest thing she’s ever seen at a wedding, that our families and friends would just be so supportive and randomly go with whatever is happening. Makes me laugh everytime I think of it. 

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