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Helper bee
  • Wedding: March 2010

Our limo driver got lost twice but it made us laugh!

Apparently, my husband hates that the limo was showing its age. (I had never been in a limo before so I had no clue)

Nothing much to complain about.


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Busy bee
  • Wedding: June 2010

  • my photographer quit the day before
  • the chairs we picked up for the ceremony were trashed, and i had to find new ones the morning of my wedding
  • my husband never mentioned how beautiful i was
  • we had 45 no-shows
  • the lawn sprinkers went off at my reception while i was taking pics with my girls
  • my dj tried to play pop, when i gave specific directions that i only wanted country western
  • my husband refused to have fun with the garter toss, he acted like he was picked up chewed gum of a NYC sidewalk
  • we forgot our marriage license for the ceremony
  • while signing our marriage liscense at the reception, everyone felt the need to talk to me
  • my sister decided she needed to ‘use the potty’ as soon a the photographer showed up, making us late for the ceremony
  • no one disbersed the flowers, when i arrived a the venue i had to tell everyone that my guys needed their bout and mom’s needed their corsages(and then my mom preceded to tell the gandparents which were theirs.. but i did’t get them any cause i didn’t know what was even gonna show up!)
  • and a million other things that i can’t even think of at this second

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: June 2010

To everyone who had issues with kids screaming/crying all I have to say is THAT’s why we didn’t invite children!  I happen to love kids and really wanted an adorable flower girl and ring bearer, who doesn’t love a kid in a tiny tux??  BUT i have been to so many weddings where people just sit there and let their kid cry and ruin the ceremony.  It pisses me off enough when it happens to someone else, I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle it if it happened to me.  Especially since we had a videographer, could you imagine if a kid started going off and i’d have to be reminded of it every time we watch the movie??  ug, no thanks.  I’ve also been to weddings that were ‘adults only’ and people STILL brought their kids and STILL let them cry thru the ceremony. what jerks!  People think they can get away with it because the couple won’t say anything to them… well not me lol!  I called or facebooked all my friends and family with young children (we invited anyone teenage or older) to mention politely that we were going to have an adults only wedding and that I wanted to be sure they were aware and ok with that.  thankfully they were all cool and said they didn’t plan to bring the kids anyway.  and we didn’t have anyone revoke on that! πŸ™‚ 

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Honey Beekeeper
  • Wedding: June 2009

I couldn’t get the ring over my husband’s knuckle and the officiant called him my ‘wife’ by mistake.

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Helper bee

I have a list…though it could be worse!

– I tripped walking down the aisle – and everyone saw

– Like a PP, my flowers were the correct flower, but not at all the color I imagined.  I liked my bridesmaids flowers better than my own

– I was so nervous beforehand that I didn’t enjoy the champagne or any of the food we had in the bridal suite

– Our photographer took way more pictures of my husband and his family than me with mine – and my mom is really upset over it

– Despite everyone knowing things would wind down around 8PM (and it started at 4PM), a lot of people left early (granted it was a Sunday)

– I didn’t enjoy our getaway car as much as I expected to, it was a classic car and I didn’t realize it wouldn’t have seatbelts, so I was terrified the entire ride home!

– People bailed via FACEBOOK the morning of!  At least call!

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: June 2010

Our day was perfect and I honestly wouldn’t change anything that happened. Here are the biggest three things that went wrong:

We were supposed to have private appetizers outside on one of the decks, but our venue’s coordinator put us in the bridal changing room, which is also next to the babysitting room. There were two babies in there screaming their heads off, and the coordinator kept coming in to ask me questions (that I answered weeks ago). When I mentioned that we were supposed to be on the deck, she looked confused, even though I have it in writing. Not a big deal…we scarfed our food and left early to join the cocktail hour.

There was a child present at the reception who was not invited and was supposed to be with the babysitters. I saw him at his table while I was eating my salad. Guests told me that when staff saw him standing by his parents’ table, they brought out an extra chair and an extra place setting for him. In the end, I didn’t care that he was there because he behaved, but I can’t believe they didn’t ask us first. They also allowed a guest to change tables. He was my bridesmaid’s boyfriend and he told staff that he didn’t know anyone at his table (he actually didn’t know ANYONE at the wedding, so I carefully chose a place for him because I thought he would get along well with these people). Staff let him choose a new table and they moved his chair.

The biggest thing was that my venue gave the honeymoon suite to someone else. For the past year we thought we had it booked because we repeatedly spoke to the owner on the phone, who assured us that everything was taken care of. Somehow it didn’t make it into their records, and when we asked for our key, they told us we were not staying anywhere on their property that night. Our friends are AMAZING and they ran to their cabin next door to clean up the downstairs for us. They gave us the entire downstairs, which is two bedrooms and a bathroom, and made sure that no one came near us after we went to bed. They really saved the night!

I still wouldn’t change any of it! My husband and I had the best wedding ever.

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Helper bee

The one thing I cannot seem to let go that went wrong was our photographer didn’t do a group shot with my husband, me and our immediate families.  We would have really loved to have that shot to hang in the house πŸ™

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: May 2010

There were some things that bothered me after the wedding, but I’m in agreement with the other bees that even though some things didn’t go perfectly we felt like the day was definitely the best day of our lives – we had so much fun and were just so happy.

-The ceremony rehearsal coordinator told us how the ceremony was going to go all wrong. I’m not Catholic but it was a Catholic ceremony so keeping track of the traditions was not easy. Well she told us that we were going to have a ‘sign of peace’ even though we weren’t going to have a full mass so we were like ok whatever. At the time when she told us the sign of peace was going to be, it was actually time for us to have our first kiss! My husband was totally confused and I could tell, I had to go in for the kiss because I realized what was up when I heard the music I had picked out for the recessional start to play! It didn’t help that the priest never said “you may kiss your bride” or anything like that lol When we were walking down the aisle DH was like, “I was about to HUG you! Not kiss you!” Good thing apparently nobody else noticed the awkwardness of that besides us lol

-The venue and their horrid card box. I brought them my own card box to be placed on the table with the wedding gifts. I even had a sign saying “Thank you for your love and support” to place right next to it. For whatever reason sitting right next to the wedding gift table the venue felt the need to place this white, tall, wood thing next to the card box we already had. Guests were confused all night, they had no idea which one to put it in so at the end of the night we just collected from both.

-I wish we had more time to take pictures of just the two of us. We were supposed to drive down to a lake/park to take them but by the time family photos were done we didn’t have enough time to go.

-I wish there was a little more time that we could have sat together at our sweetheart table and just enjoyed one another. Instead during dinner people were coming up to us constantly so I barely ate anything at all. It was hard being able to talk to everyone. I lost my voice for a good 3 days after the wedding lol

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: June 2010

 – we were so AHEAD of schedule getting ready the morning of our photographer didnt get a lot of shots of hair/make up.  He showed up just as I was finishing my make up and scrambled to get some detail shots – that’s what I get for being on time!

– it rained – well duh. this affected a lot!  It only downpoured for about an hour during cocktail hr then cleared up.  We seriously lacked good group shots – got no photos of just the guys. and major – soaked the bottom of my dress.  It left us with portraits later in the evening when we were less “clean & perfect”

– I designed the room to have the dancing on the less pretty side of the room.  This was stupid – our first dance, toasts etc had the dj and ugly background with florescent lights.  I hate that we didnt get a shot of us with the amazing ceiling and cool chandeliers.

-my mom got a major rash over her entire body a week before and couldnt get it to go down despite trying everything. πŸ™

-my luggage didnt get to our wedding night suite so we had nothing but my bouquet & iphone till the morning.

-we started seating the grandmothers then mothers 10 then 5 minutes before and a lot of people hadn’t arrived.  There is litereally 1 path to the seating area so everyone had to cut infront of us – some people didnt even make the ceremony!  We needed a sign and/or started at 4pm, not 10 till.

-cousins’ SO stood in our family photos.  This is a pet peeve of mine – I’m sorry but if you’re not family, don’t stand in their photo.  Until you’re engaged/married quietly step aside.  It may be rude, but in reality everyone will be grateful!

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: July 2010

Love this thread! its good to realize that no one has a perfect wedding, but still has the best time ever. Here are my oops:

-giant black garden snake decided to make an appearnce during our outdoor ceremony. had to pause the ceremony to allow the Bridesmaid or Best Man to pick up and remove the snake. EWWWWW

-people loved my wedding cake..too much. i had two flavors which means everyone started to get TWO slices to try both flavors and we ran out of cake, even though i had ordered way more servings than needed!

-The DJ’s system broke during our announcement and we had no music. our guests picked up on the problem and started clapping to a beat instead, so it was actually a pretty cute moment.

-my hair came undone during our first dance, so all my dance pictures have some wild curls coming out of the back of my bun.

I try not to focus on the bad because, hey, no major event is going to be perfect, and im just so glad our guests had a great time!

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: June 2010

Overall, our day went well and I’m sure I’m the only one that really knows what all went wrong, but it still bugs me…

1.  It was HOT.  Granted, I can’t control that, but it was so hot and humid that day. I wanted a lot of pictures taken outside and I was wearing a big ballgown with several layers of tulle.  By the end of our picture time, I was sweating and my hair had lost all it’s curl.

2. People (including several aunts/uncles and my grandmother) left the reception right after dinner.  They didn’t even stay to see the cake cut.  My mother is still angry about this. 

3.  It was like pulling teeth to get anybody on the dance floor.  I spent most of the night out there and had to beg people to join me (including my husband.)  My brother’s fiance was a blessing and she got my DJ to play a lot of fun songs and she and my brother tore up the dance floor.  Too bad everybody else just sat in their seats and drank.  (On the positive side, I definitely got my money’s worth with the open bar.)

4.  My hair stylist was late, which threw our schedule off in the morning.  I didn’t get to do all the pictures I wanted to do before the ceremony.  I felt rushed to get dressed so I could take some bridals and as a result, I don’t have any fun pictures of me getting into my dress.

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: June 2010

It wasn’t bad enough to post twice!

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: July 2010

I had a blast on our wedding day, but there were a lot of things that went wrong:

– Right at 11 AM when I was going to start getting ready, the power went out at the hotel where we were staying. Luckily the hotel was nice, they had a generator, so my friend did my hair behind the hotel front desk.

– Because of said power outage, we were late getting the family pictures done and my mom was getting very annoyed at having to stand there the whole time.

– So, we were late to the ceremony; it was supposed to start at 3 PM and we didn’t start until 3:30.

– As we were lining up to walk in, we realized that we were missing DH’s aunt who was supposed to be in the processional. She was so late, we just started without her.

– One of the readers read the wrong reading.

– The priest forgot the sign of peace.

– My dad told one of my bosses that she was my favorite….right in front of my other boss.

– The DJ forgot the order of who was being announced at the beginning of the reception, I had to tell him again during the cocktail hour.

– The DJ also announced that people should go get food from the buffet, when the hotel actually wanted to have people go by table.

– The caterer ran out of food. I didn’t even know, but apparently one of DH’s aunts made them go back to their restaurant and bring back more food.

I honestly had so much fun, that I didn’t care about any of it πŸ™‚

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: July 2010

Overall we had a great day but just like everyone else there were a few hiccups along the way..

During pictures after the ceremony hubby laid down in the wet sand on the beach and had to go back to my grandma’s house (where we got ready) to change his clothes (which was planned anyways) and take a shower.

It poured during our outside reception so everyone had to stay under the shelter instead of spreading out a little more.

We forgot to take a picture with both of us and my grandma so the photographer ended up coming back and we left the reception a little early (before cleanup) to go to Grandma’s house so we could get in a few special shots. My photographer was awesome enough to remember this though and we were truly blessed by that.

We had provided squirt guns for the kids to use by the playground but since it was raining they ended up using them around the guests and squirted quite a few older guests that weren’t too happy about it.

Hubby’s Sister, Brother-In-Law, Best man, and my Maid/Matron of Honor decided to toilet paper our car in the few moments it wasnt raining- which lead to white mush everywhere later.. Fun..


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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: October 2000

-flower girl (DH’s niece) showed up at my bridal suite super late and was not ready to go as instructed; While I was finishing getting dressed, the poor girl put her dress on backwards and I had to leave her with my makeup artist friend to finish getting ready

-cake fell so it was smeary and lopsided when we entered the ballroom; It stood out b/c it was at our sweetheart table; mIL was sure to slowly inspect it in front of me

-MIL showed up superlate for the pics-wearing black and white (whatever)

-my witness to sign the license (my sister) was nowhere to be found for about 10 minutes so we had to wait for someone to hunt her down

-flower girl basket was filled  at the last minute by venue’s landscaping b/c wedding coordinator didn’t release the flowers which were supposed to be used for ‘other things’…guess she didn’t get the memo

-we had lots of video clips shown throughout our wedding…well, that’s because the person who was supposed to put together a complete video dropped out before the editing process; it actually came out better this way with little video commercials instead of one long video but still it was very stressful to design our own video in the days leading up to the wedding

-mothers didn’t get their leis until during the reception due to another miscommunication

-our women’s bathroom basket full of goodies got cleaned out by some kleptomaniac before the buffet was even over

Ok..that was cathartic. Thanks for sharing, everybody.  We are not alone! πŸ™‚

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