(Closed) What were some of the small details that you didn't think of?

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  • Wedding: September 2012

I need this post in my life!!!

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Very helpful!!

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Tagging for later…thx ladies!

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I really liked Mrs. Turkey’s tip about your groom bringing along extra black (or whatever coordinated color) dress socks. I KNOW we have at least one groomsman who will only bring white ankle socks!

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1. Even though you gave directions to everyone, put up a sign with your names on it or one that says wedding or even just balloons at points where it might get a little confusing on which way to go. 

2. I second the making sure you have your bustle figured out thing!  That may have been my one bridezilla moment of the whole wedding fiasco, I was getting so frustrated as well as the rest of the bridal party that we couldn’t get the bustle right and made us late entering the reception!

3. Make sure you ask everyone to do a toast that you want to.  I totally  thought my cousin or my best friend would just stand up and make a toast since my sister the maid of honor was shy and didn’t enjoy speaking in public, but they totally didn’t!  And no one really spoke from my side.  My cousin said that she definitely would have if I had asked but felt it wasn’t her place to upstage my sister.

4. You might want to clarify that you would prefer no embarrassing story toasts if you are worried that some of your party might make some.  Mine sure did and I was totally expecting heartfelt emotional toasts!

5. You and your husbands thank you speech after the toasts!  I always knew we were going to do this but in the midst of the craziness of the day and also the surprise of some of the embarrassing toasts that were given, we totally forgot to do our thank you speech to our parents and everyone for coming!

6. Make sure your DJ announces everything so that everyone knows what is going on and doesn’t miss anything and there is some sort of flow to the wedding.

7.  I regret a little bit that I didn’t go downstairs and do a little touch up on my hair and make up after sweating on the dance floor.  The later part of the nights pictures aren’t the best.  But I also didn’t want to leave our reception for a minute and wanted to make sure I was soaking it all up!  It goes by so fast.

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Married last weekend!  We had lots of DIY, including the catering, and there were a few things that I wish I had thought of beforehand:

Courtesy items in the restrooms for guests are always a nice touch — shoe shine cloth, deoderant, individually wrapped mints and gum packs in the mens room, and hygeine items, hair spray, dental floss, more mints, mending kit, etc, in the ladies room. I had this stuff, and I ended up using the mints myself! But if I had not read it on-line, I doubt I would have had these items. It’s one of those extra details people remember and appreciate.  

Leftover food/flowers Destination and Delegation.  AFTER the reception, we had a ton of food left over (2 hotel pans full+) and left over flowers. Guests were invited to take home leftovers. I took the surplus to our church which has food bank and soup kitchen, BUT I wish I had delegated that to someone else. If we had taken a honeymoon right away, all that lovely food might have gone to waste! 

DIY Catering details! Also, DIY catering has some extensive details that you don’t always think about. We rented some stuff, but almost everything was cheaper just to buy at a restaurant supply place (we’re donating lots of items to charity and taking a tax deduction) but it still adds up, and then it’s a lot to schlep around — salt and pepper shakers, AND the salt and Pepper, ladles, serving spoons, tongs, butter pats, condiment dishes, and the lost goes on and on and on and on! You have to visualize the whole meal from beginning to end (TRASH BAGS!) to get a complete list.  

Half Hour for meeting with the “Front of House”staff. We had a friend who is a pro caterer from out of town running the show, but I wish I had built at least a half hour into the schedule to spend with the two wait staff we hired to go over how the service was to be set up. I had about five minutes to lay out the napkin folding, table setting, etc. and there wasn’t time for the details, which resulted in a few minor issues, like a rubbermaid plastic storage container on the buffet for the last-minute vegan salad dressing (that we should have had in the menu to begin with), when there were plenty of lovely dishes at the candy/dessert table that would have been much nicer!     

Vegan Salad Dressing.  And labels for people who have food allergies and intolerances. This was a big issue for us and we thought we had it covered, but it’s A LOT of details. Even if you have a caterer, it’s important to make sure they have thought of everything!

Glass for breaking!  Apparently a light bulb is used instead (maybe because it’s often forgotten?!), but make sure that you’re clear on whether the officiant has that or not, and a cloth for it.  We had to procure something on site. 

Tape for cheaper aisle runners. The double stick tape on the “non-woven fiber” runners may be inadequate if there’s a breeze. We had someone run to the store for some white duct tape to stick it to the cement.  

White Duct Tape good for all manner of wedding emergencies. You could even fix a hem if you had to! 

Food for the set up people! I grabbed an extra box of savory pastries at the same time I was picking up one of the appetizers, but it wasn’t on my list of things to do, nor was it in the budget, nor did I have time to stand in the second line! However, the nosh was essential and much appreciated by the generous friends and family who were helping to set up. Also, it ended up being my own lunch.  

I second the note to use the bathroom before climbing to the dress, or as my sister chimed: “Speak now or forever hold your pee!”

White Paper Table Covers — just in case. The DJ table on stage desperately needed something — totally not on my radar — and cheap paper table cover from a grocery store was better than nothing. It ended up looking really cool. I would suggest putting 2 of them in your decorating kit just in case you’ve forgotten something, or get the opportunity to add something, like a table in the ladies room. 

Extra Tent Cards and a Calligraphy Marker  Sometimes, the need for signage is often not apparent until you’re using the venue.  If you’ve forgotten something, you can always make it up on site. 

I waffled on the issue of designating a “Day Of Coordinator.”  I wish I had had one. One of the most important things to remember is that you can’t possibly remember everything, plus, there are always things you would never expect. It’s better to have someone people can refer to who understands your WHOLE vision. Even though we had different areas well-delegated, overall, we needed someone who was know what I would want in every department so that when those last minute things came up, somebody could riff off of what was already on-site. 

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Saving this for later!

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What great post!   Keep the tips coming. 

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Having some snack type food & drinks in the room where you & BMs are getting ready and helping you get ready

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great thread idea!!

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Ahh one more thing, I did remember this but I noticed some bees saying their BMs / moms didn’t know how to do it, fumbled and didn’t look good etc — basically send a youtube link to your BMs / gfs / Maid/Matron of Honor / Mom etc whoever is going to do up your corset lace back (if yours is a corset lace back). I sent that link to my girls & made sure they watched it and as soon as they arrived in my villa, they practised on the dress whilst I was getting ready.



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Have an “emergency kit” for you and your bridal party (one of your BMs can carry it in her purse or have her date take it) that has safety pins, bobby pins, double-sided tape, and white chalk and/or tide stick for if you or one of your ladies spills something.

You should also designate one of your BMs to carry around your lip gloss/lip stick and a compact with powder or foundation and a mirror.  You will be kissing, dancing, and taking lots of pics, so these will prove essential!

Also, if you’re changing outfits, designate someone to keep track of everything.  I had one outfit for getting ready, then changed into my wedding gown, then changed shoes after the ceremony/pics, and finally changed into my after-party dress.  By the time the reception was over and I was changing to go to the after-party, my bra I’d worn while getting ready was with my getting-ready outfit in a relative’s car who had already left and I had to borrow a BM’s bra, 2 sizes smaller than my size, to wear.  There’s a lot of little details that are easy to forget!

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What a great post! I will definitely come back to check.

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Great post! Will be coming back to check

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Be sure to tell your DJ exactly which part of the song you want. Otherwise, he will start it from the beginning.

Do you really want to do the entire 4+ minutes of your first dance, or do you want the DJ to play maybe 3 minutes worth and then seamlessly transition into F/D or M/S dance? We didn’t plan this out and honestly, after 3+ minutes, I felt like we had been dancing foooorever.

Bring flats. I thought I could hack it all night in 4″ heels since I wear heels daily. However, what I didn’t count on is that I don’t dance/run around/pose for photos/stand on my feet for 5 hours straight.


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