(Closed) What were/are/will be your sleeping arrangements immediately after baby comes?

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Helper bee
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We have a queen sized bed in our baby room, since it used to be the guest room, and we’ll likely sleep in there for the first few weeks, with the baby in his crib. My husband will be home with me most of the time during my maternity leave, thank goodness, so even though I’ll still have to get up often to feed the baby he’ll at least be there for diaper changes and to keep me company.

I’ve heard that having a fan in the baby’s room is actually good because it increases air circulation and cuts down on SIDS risk. As long as it is not blowing directly on the baby it should be fine.

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Blushing bee
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We have been pondering the same questions. I think we’ve decided that the baby will sleep in her room.. my thought is she has a crib, we should use it. This way we have a few months before we will have to buy a pack n play for traveling during the holiday season and its one less thing that we will have to put into our already crowded bedroom… we are close enough to her room I don’t feel worried. One of the biggest factors in making the decision was that…. if she was in our room it would be so easy to pull her into bed with us to feed and I worry that we would fall asleep and something terrible would happen. So if shes in her room in her bed I’ll have to wake up a little more to walk to her room and feed her in a chair. Better safe than sorry.

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Busy bee
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We live in a small city apartment so we’ve put the crib in our room for now. I feel that with the space we have and the time I’m going to spend nursing/checking on him, it’s the best place to have him. 

We’ll look to buy a new home, with more space, in the Spring – we sold our vacation home last year and had been looking before we found out we were expecting, now that’s on hold until after the little one arrives in December. 🙂 

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Sugar bee

She sleeps in a swing next to our bed right now.  The first week I always got up and went to her nursery when it was time to feed her because she would do marathon sessions in the middle of the night, like it literally took 2 hours to nurse her because she’d eat slowly from each side then need changed then be kicking and playing but then want to eat again and then poop again, it was craziness.  I was about to fall on my face after the first week so we moved her to the swing next to our bed and I started just feeding her in bed, she didn’t seem to wake up quite as much then and if she did wake up I’d just turn the swing on and she’d fall back to sleep.  I have to say my husband did usually end up leaving to sleep in another room for the first 2 weeks we had her in the room because he wasn’t used to night lights or the noise.  But he got used to us and she’s been sleeping good chunks at night since she was like a week old.  

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Busy bee
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we’re only about 3 weeks into this, but so far we have the baby sleeping in a pack n play in our room. we also have a lounge chair where i nurse him and rock him back to sleep, and a small tv that i watch in the wee hours while i’m nursing to avoid falling asleep (man, it’s hard! lol). we both feel more comfortable with him sleeping nearby. he wakes up 2-3 times each night to have his diaper changed, nurse, and rocked back to sleep – now that dh is back at work i mainly get up to care for him throughout the night. its a little noisy for dh cause the baby screams his little head off when he’s having his diaper changed and i have to turn on a small light to move around, but dh is learning to sleep through it for now 🙂 

we just got a changing table for the nursery so i will probably start changing his diaper in the nursery (about 20 steps away lol) and coming back in our room to nurse and rock him back to sleep.

we also sleep with a ceiling fan on – dh gets really hot when he sleeps so we already did that, but i also read that it helps reduce the risk of SIDS because it helps circulate air and keeps the baby from overheating. so far he hasn’t seemed too cold (we use this Halo swaddle blanket so he stays nice and warm, plus it REALLY keeps him from waking himself up and helps him sleep longer – i highly recommend) and hasn’t had any breathing issues from dust or anything.

it’s definitely personal preference, but i can’t imagine having him sleep in a separate room right from the start! he is just so little and new and i like to hear him as soon as he starts squirming. 

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Busy bee
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Initially DS slept in our bed.  I had a co-sleeper and everything but he just wouldn’t sleep without being next to me and it ultimately helped our BFing relationship to be able to nurse him down while still getting some rest too.  After about 6 weeks of that I transitioned him to his nursery and into his own crib and I slept in the guest room next door so I could get to him a lot quicker.  Once he started only having 1-2 night wakings I went back to my bed with Darling Husband and now we take turns at night since he isn’t always waking because he is hungry.

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Bee Keeper
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I think so much of this is going to be just personal preference.  If you can, try to be prepared for a both options, so you can adjust your plan to however you feel after the baby comes.

Personally, we used a co-sleeper at the beginning.  That was our plan during pregnancy, but I was amazed, when we brought our daughter home from the hospital, I couldn’t have handled her being far away from me.  In the immediate days following birth, I wanted her right next to me all the time.  I really didn’t want her in a crib in another room; I was way too emotional for that.

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Helper bee

We had her in a bassinet for the first 3-4 weeks and then she moved into her own room. My daughter had bad acid refkux and I was too paranoid not to have her by my side because I had such a fear that she would choke. Every noise she made I would wake up so I did not sleep at all the first couple of weeks haha.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I plan to put the baby in his/her own room from day one. Its just so much easier in the future if they get used to having their own room

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Bumble bee
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We will be using an “arms reach co-sleeper” next to our bed at night. I plan to put her in her crib for naps so that when she finally transitions to sleeping in her own room it will hopefully be a little easier.

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We are going to have her/him sleep in the crib in the nursery right away. But our bedroom is upstairs while the nursery is downstairs so I think we’re going to sleep in the guest bedroom directly across the hall from the nursery for awhile in the beginning.

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Helper bee
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Our plan was to have her in a playard stages crib in our room for the first six months (Health Canada recommends that infants sleep in a crib or bassinet in the same room as parents for the first six months, and it made the most sense for breastfeeding / night-time changes, etc.).  We learned very quickly after we got home that Baby J hates cribs… all of them (we’ve tried three), but sleeps soundly in a bed (ours and the guest room at my parents house).  So we’re co-sleeping, but that was not the plan! 

I think you’ll find out pretty quickly what works for you and your little one – and getting up for feedings and changing at night are (in my opinion) much easier when you don’t have to go far!

We always have a fan on in our room (totally agree with you – SIDS is a huge fear).  I just put it on the floor or aim it at the wall so the air circulates but it’s not directly pointed at us.

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Busy bee
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Consumer Reports recommends putting baby right into a crib as opposed to a bassinet or a co-sleeper, so that’s what we’re going to do.  We’ll likely set up her crib in our bedroom at first, then move it into her room when that time comes.

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