What will your guests actually remember?

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  • Wedding: July 2016

1) How good the music is – I think a band or DJ can make or break the evening!


2) How the venue looks – it if is beautiful or special it always stands out in my mind. This includes all the special little details the couple put in.


3) If I had fun.


Otherwise I never really remember the food, or dresses etc. I recall a few great ceremonies too but otherwise they all merge into one. However, for me I really remember my own ceremony most of all!

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: April 2017

Food. And how decent the wine was – but we’re shameful wine snobs so that will really come down to the people, some just don’t really do/care about wine. But really, the food. Also, whether it was fun… but the main stuff I can remember from weddings 15+ years ago is whether or not the food and booze were any good. No one cares about favours. No one will remember your ‘theme’ three weeks after the event. But they will remember the food and booze and whether they had a good time or not!

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: June 2017

The bride and groom, the food and drinks and the ambiance

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: September 2018


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pinkdolphin :  

I know! One of them involved a devout Christian bride and groom, and the FOB stood up and said ‘I’m really glad that my daughter has found a man who shares her faith. But sharing a faith wasn’t enough to keep my ex-wife and I together…’ and it went on from there! I don’t know how the MOB and bride kept it together. 

The other FOB had been married and divorced twice (MOB was the ex-second wife) so his speech was more generic about how difficult marriage is in general and all the pitfalls newlyweds can fall into. It was also very long. All the guests were talking about how awful it was for the rest of the night.

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Worker bee

I remember the DJ (or band). I hate a dance floor where the music drastically changes and everyone walks off, or where the DJ starts playing a song I like but transitions into something new before it really gets going. 

I remember self written vows if the couple doesn’t actually vow anything. It’s a huge pet peeve of mine. You can gush about how great your partner is and how much you love them but if you don’t make any promises you are not saying vows. 

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Sugar Beekeeper

Well done with the vows. I do remember the feeling, if not the actual words, of hearing vows of cringe making cheese . I hate a public parade of intimate feelings. 

Especially as pp above says if they actually aren’t vows at all, just bleating on about how cute and lovable they find each other…..


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pinkdolphin :  

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: October 2019

I remember the venue, the food, and whether or not the music was good enough where I wanted to dance and have fun. That’s about it. I don’t pay attention to decor or anything else like that.

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  • Wedding: April 2019

The dress, food, the length of speeches…

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Helper bee

The main thing I remember is how much I enjoyed myself. I’m an introvert and honestly, large weddings (where I usually only know a small proportion of the guests) stress me out, so… I usually don’t like typical weddings and find them quite boring, generic and a bit uncomfortable. 

The above is more about me and not to do with the details of the weddings themselves, so related to that, I tend to remember the following:

– Whether food was particularly good or bad 

– Whether there was ample drink (only really remember when it ‘runs out’)

– General ambience (whether the couple & guests were relaxed & happy, not related to decor)

– If it was a pain in the arse to get to/from (answer to this tends to be yes, as people I know are keen on weddings in the countryside which always necessitate overnight stays, taxis, etc)

– How much I actually get to interact with the bride & groom (typically this is “very little” which is something that puts me off big weddings) 

– The ones where I had to help loads despite not being in the bridal party

– The one were I was invited to the ceremony and the evening part of the reception, in the middle of nowhere, so we had to try and feed ourselves and it was all super awkward

– The really religious one that included a speech during the ceremony by a family member that said “how it would top the couples’ day if someone found God today” (no doubt aimed at me & our group of friends who were the only non-church people there)

I don’t really care for the decor, the venue (unless it’s particularly special), the cake, the dress, the speeches, the music or any of the other bits.

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Helper bee

I’m completely different. I don’t actually remember details – maybe wedding colors for weddings I was in, but otherwise I don’t remember flowers or the dress or the food.

Just general stuff, was the food good? Did I (and other guests) have fun? Did the bride and groom look good together? Were there tears? How were the vows? 

But details are beyond me.

The only kinda annoying thing I remembered, was a couple who had a full day wedding – with like a 2 hour gap in the middle for the wedding party (4+ hours for the rest of the guests because wedding party had to set up for reception), but no where for the wedding party to hang out, and no lunch provided for the wedding party either. Led to me running around on foot, in heels and an ankle length dress around the city buying the group lunch (I was the hungriest person in the wedding party and I decided to grab myself food, offered the rest pickups as a courtesy and ended up getting 4 more orders – including specifics like “vegan only”, “gluten free” etc.). It was an annoyance but the rest of the event was lovely.


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Helper bee
  • Wedding: September 2017 - City, State

Food and drink. Ambience. Cake(I still hear about how good it smelled just walking by it) and Entertainment.

I never remember chair covers, centerpieces, flowers, colors, stationary of any kind.

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Bumble bee


2. the dress

3. And alot more actually. But I love weddings and the big/small details so I retain alot of it. But the food and the wedding dress are my top 2

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Helper bee

I remember the venue and how well or not so we’ll it was decorated. I love beautiful and unique venues. 

I remember how things flow. So for example I was recently at a wedding that had speakers playing the ceremony music off an iPod. When they kept just pausing the music instead of fading it out and it ruined the flow and feeling of the ceremony. Also the speeches and dance did not flow well. No one knew whose turn it was or what was even going on half the time. 

I remember the first dance and how in love and happy the couple look. I saw one first dance that did not look like the couple were in love at all and I thought that was sad. But I’ve seen some that make tears come to my eyes. Same with father daughter dances. 

I remember the dress and the floral centre pieces. I can specifically remember these from every wedding I’ve been to. 

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