(Closed) What words of wisdom do you/will you pass on to your children?

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To be the best person they can be. To be kind to others. How to be a good friend. That money is not the best predictor of a person’s character. To be careful with their own money, so they can have their own foundation of support. That hard work and persistence will be noticed by someone – eventually you will be rewarded in some way. That it is okay to fail, pick yourself back up and try again. Not everyone gets a ribbon/award/etc… for everything they do! To respect others opinions. Also, to stand up for themselves, because if they don’t, no one else will. (esp. as they get older).

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@Soon2BeeMrsG:  Pretty much everything you mentioned. I hope to teach my children to have common sense, which so many people seem to lack nowadays. I also want them to learn basic survival skills that a lot of kids in their generation probably won’t have: how to make a fire, how to read an actual map, stuff like that. Oh, and I’m going to be honest with them about where the gifts come from at Christmas. I never believed in Santa and neither will my kids.

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To be people of integrity.  I believe that integrity will open doors in life that a few other things can.

To be concerned about the injustices and abuse of other people.  I believe that if you see people being mistreated and you do nothing you’re part of problem.  

To love God and to develop personal relationship with God.


When you choose to love somebody choose to love them deeply.

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I agree with a lot of the above.

*Thorough sex education and the availability of contraception. If offered in a comprehensive way through the local school, be first in line to sign my child up!

*Teaching them to be smart; to recognise junk science, bias and questionable sources. Teaching them that all are created equal – showing this through gender roles in the home (or lack thereof)

*Teach them to have respect and compassion for everyone, even if they are not like us. Our parents have different beliefs to us, and each other. We want to teach our children that it’s ok to question, and to choose the belief system that is right for them, but not to use it as a place to oppress others from.

*Teach them about how priveleged they are (which, when we are likely to have kids, will still be on a lower income than average). Teach them that a lot of people have a lot less, either materially, or through circumstances. Teach them that not everybody start at the same place in life, and to consider this.

*Teach them the value of education.

*Teach them about the world. They will be dual citizens (NZ/USA). Spend time between both coutries, and others as we can afford it (we intend to have babies whilst Mr. Farawayviolet is in grad. school, so are hoping for a significant income jump when the children are about 1 & 3). We intend to raise them are fully American and fully Kiwi, and not hold one country above the other. We also want them to embrace the concept of citizens of the world. As future voters in both countries, I intend to raise them to critically evaluate both countries through the lens of the other – to recognise when misinformation is spread.

*Teach them that it’s ok to laugh, and giggle, and be silly!

*Teach them to work hard and that they can succeed. Teach them that when they do, it is inexcusable to then turn around and push down the people who haven’t yet reached where they are at. Tell them to also enjoy the journey.

*Teach them to be smart with money, but not too smart – it is ok to spend and enjoy, but be wise!


ETA (after re reading everyone elses replies): Integrity = YES, Celebrations that are magical = YES!

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I always have taught my kids to never treat somoene in a way that would hurt them. I hate bullies! 

I also have taught my girls about being independent and persuing a good career and always plan for their future. 

Respect themselves no matter what

Treat adults with respect 

Amoung many others. 


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My dad always says: “Everybody’s different,” and “The truth wins out in the end.” Those always remind me of him and I will pass them on to my kids 🙂

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  • Manners – Ps and Qs are going to be something from a very young age.
  • Meal-times are for sitting at the table, with the family, discussing your day, and taking ejoyment from your food.
  • Rugby is waaaay better than football (soccer)
  • Welsh
  • Everybody is different – that’s what makes them cool.
  • How to use their imagination to play.
  • Play!  Play to your heart’s content – adulthood comes too quickly.
  • To have compassion for others.
  • To get respect, you must first give it.  I hate the general attitude of “I want respect you bitch” that so many people tend to have today.  It’s not a right – it’s something you earn.
  • If they want something, to go out there and get it through hard work and determination.
  • That Mum and Dad will ALWAYS be in their corner supporting them in their life choices.



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