(Closed) what words or phrases do you HATE that everyone else uses?

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Blushing bee
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“would of”, “could of”, “should of” instead of “would HAVE, could HAVE, should HAVE”… also I despise “NOM NOM NOM” and when people say, “hope all is well” – I know the intention is nice, but the phrase is so vague and cliched, it makes my skin crawl.

I am a short-form and slang texter, but I do not carry this into person-to-person conversations outside the confines of my phone.

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Buzzing bee
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I think that everyone covered most of the worst…

My personal worst are the words that my boss comes up with:  “I’ll ponder it”, “we have things percolating”, “it’s brewing”, ugh.. it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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laughing a little because I totally use a lot of the things that annoy people here… particularly “fail” and “preggo.”

The ones that annoy me are sorority-esc abbreviations. Totes (totally)! Presh (precious)! etc.

Also when people say “literally” and they do not MEAN literally. You LITERALLY died laughing? Really? argh.

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Blushing bee

there are already a lot of good ones on here, but i hate:

– “it is what it is” 

– “whatnot”

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Busy bee
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@Angela83:Agree with LIBARY.. theres an R in there!

@butterflylover: the double negative.. annoying!

Another think i hate is when people call me “young lady”. Seriously? I have a child and I’m gettin married. OH, and congraDulations. It’s congratulations!

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@iswimibikeirun: I think between you and I is used as an idiom. 

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This thread is hysterical!

My friends and family don’t understand why this one bothers me so much, but I despise when I’m in a store or at a restaurant at NIGHT and the cashier/waitress says “Have a nice day!”.  It drives me insane and it takes everything I have in me not to correct them.

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Buzzing bee
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“Don’t get me wrong.” I hate that phrase for some reason. I cringe when people use it. It just sounds so grammatically incorrect or something.

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Bumble bee
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I cringe every time someons says “nucular” instead of nuclear, but the worst by far is when people say “supposably”. It is supposedly. There is no such word as supposably!

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Bumble bee
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Oh, ya..and “the wife” makes me NUTS! It’s “MY wife” or how about instead, using her name? Last time I checked, wives were not objects.

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Sugar bee
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I hate when people refer to something as “re-donk-ulous” 

or when people start there sentence with “Not for nothing…”

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Bumble bee
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Thats whats up…


UGg that gets on my nerves!

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Busy bee
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My boss has young kids and will say things like bon of a sitch instead of son of a bitch or motherpucker. Also we work by the beach and people will come in and ask how the day is and he will say life’s a beach. What does he mean by that?


ETA – I am on vacation in Sweden and when I tell people where I am from the say “The OC huh” actually no I am from Huntington Beach not a TV show. 

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Honey Beekeeper

“Fail.” Um, the noun is “failure.”

“Ginormous.” 🙁

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Bee Keeper
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“Everything happens for a reason.” – you know those people who say that no matter WHAT happens to you? There are some people who respond with that to absolutely everything. I always have to stop myself from saying, “yeah, we didn’t get that apartment because we’re 20 and have no credit, not because there’s this apartment that’s 10x better that’s just calling our names.” 

Also the improper/insulting usage of gay, retarded, etc, like many have mentioned. 

Those people who respond with “oh yeah?” to everything someone tells them, over and over. “I went to the park today.” “Oh yeah?” “Yeah.” 

I also hate really cutesy phrases. R’s uncle always says “gosh” and “golly” and “gee” or “darn.” It makes him sound like Ned Flanders. 

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