What worked for you? What kept you motivated to change your body?

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I was having the same problem with wanting to eat all the time.  I just started using this stuff called fitteam fit.  It has curbed my cravings and appetite.  I have also known an improvement in my mood and energy level.  It is a powder you mix in with water twice a day.  It tastes really good…like berry flavored.

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Right this second, it’s my husband who will not let me make protein balls and the over 100k people doing this challenge with me. But in all honestly, the company I’ve surrounded myself with has made such a difference. They believe in me and encourage me when I don’t believe in myself. Remembering why I started is a very important factor. I want to be the healthiest I can be for my future babies because between me and Darling Husband, 3/4 of our parents never even made it to 48 and we have to be there for our kids. 

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LoveAndLaughter :  I very much connect with your struggle. Like you, I have tremendous back and rib pain (due to spinal fusion, thoracoplasty, and several other major surgeries I had for my genetic scoliosis). As a kid/teen/early 20s person I was at a low weight partially because I was an active athlete (ballet dancer) but mostly because I had a ridiculously high metabolism. In my mid-late 20s my metabolism slowed, I got an office job, and I quickly gained about 30 pounds, which at 5’2″ is a huge amount of weight. 

When I realized how much weight I had gained I tried to diet it off by counting calories, which left me feeling hungry, and wasn’t super effective. It made me feel terrible about myself and my entire self worth seemed tied to a number on the scale. I went up and down and up and down for months. I’m very disciplined, so I wasn’t cheating on my diet, but I still wasn’t seeing results. For me, a whole 30 gave me tremendous results and felt super sustainable, because it wasn’t about calories. I only weighed myself once a week. Now I eat an 80% primal diet, but still indulge in wine and pasta on occasion. It works for me. 

I’m not saying a whole 30 is the only option (or the right thing for you), just that it was the right option for me. Like you, my motivation was not only vanity but also health. Since losing the weight I’ve seen a massive increase in my flexibility and a much easier time with sustained physical activity. My current weight is about 5 pounds higher than I was in high school, which is ideal for me.

My advice is to be patient and keep trying different approaches. Different programs and plans work for different people. I’ve always enjoyed things that are more prescribed, where certain things are allowed, and others are immediately ruled out. However, if whole 30 programs make you feel bad about yourself you may just have a different personality. A more moderate approach might work for you, something like weight watchers where you can eat every type of food in moderation might be worth looking into. 

Since you’ve also mentioned pain I wanted to share that advanced flexibility training and body weight strength training has worked wonders for me. Feel free to PM me if you want! 

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I would follow an 80/20 rule. 80% of the time you eat healthy, 20% of the time you can eat whatever you want. 

I used to use Myfitnesspal and it worked GREAT when I was in college and ate a lot of pre-packaged stuff but now that I cook in bulk (like an entire pot of chili, etc. for a workweek) it became a lot harder for me to track my calories. I still would HIGHLY suggest it. 

Lastly, I used to follow a “Paleo-ish” diet which is kind of like whole 30. What I have done now is I try to limit my carb intake and try to stay away from sugar at LEAST 5-6 out of the 7 days a week. When I did Paleo it was just too much. Now I allow myself an occasional bowl of cereal for breakfast and I allow myself a SMALL portion of rice and/or potatoes at dinner if it is part of the recipe. 

Overall cutting out carbs except for at one meal will help as well. 

The VERY LAST THING I WILL SAY (lol) is try out AnnaVictoria. On her website she has both a detailed food/meal plan and a workout plan. She has a lot of carbs in her meal plan (she is married to an italian) and she lost quite a bit of weight and now is sort of an instagram/social media fitness star. I follow her on Insta and Snapchat and I love her. I used to think “Oh I don’t need a workout plan” blah blah because I also was an athlete and coach 6 months of the school year but it is a nice stash to have some at-home things that work random muscles like your adductors and hip flexors, etc. 

If you have any other questions just ask! Or I can send you the link to AnnaVictoria’s stuff! 

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