(Closed) What would be different if you pregnant right now?

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Buzzing bee
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Well, I am pregnant… 

Many things on your list applied to me. I’ve tried really hard not to let my pregnancy “get in the way” of our normal life, but there are things that are more difficult. 

-Going to movies. I can still do this, but with a big belly, my back kills me, so we go to the nice theaters with the cushy seats so I don’t suffer so much. I’m guessing I won’t be able to do this for too much longer, though. 

-Halloween fun stuff– We love Halloween and always do a ton of trails and houses. This year, we’re just doing one trail and one house– and I’m choosing not to ask my doctor because I’m pretty sure I know the answer. But I know myself, and I’ll be fine. 

-Sitting on the ground– I had to explain to my neices why we needed to picnic at a table instead of on the ground. Aunt Stephanie’s belly makes it so it’s very difficult to sit on the ground… and get back up! 

-Concerts– We’ve gone to a few, but now that her ears can hear pretty well, and my stomach is pretty huge, I don’t feel comfortable going (last one was in September, around 29 weeks, I think). 

-Exhaustion– I don’t think this can be highlighted enough. Especially in the first trimester and again in the third. I’ve never been so worn out in my life. 

-Sex is different. My husband is totally creeped out by our daughter potentially being poked by his penis. Though I tell him this isn’t possible, he’s still creeped out. 

-Eating– I ate pretty healthy, but I really try to make sure she gets everything she needs, even if I don’t want it. Of course I threw up for 32 weeks straights, so, I did my best. 

Honestly, a lot is different. But I try really hard never to use “But I’m pregnant” as an excuse not to do something. We had to cancel our ziplining trip, but we still swam with manatees and went hiking. 

Good luck on your journey. 

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Buzzing bee
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I wouldn’t have to clean the cat litter!

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Bee Keeper

I would not be on the rag…. lol!!!

Then again, I might have morning sickness. So… yeah.

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I AM pregnant, 12w, and here’s how life has changed:

  • Sleeping is my favorite thing.  I could sleep 12 hrs a day if allowed.
  • I’m sick all. the. time.  I’ve lost 12 pounds.
  • I can’t eat things I used to love, because their smells make me nauseous.
  • No more espresso or alcohol.
  • No more sub sandwiches.
  • I eat when I need to, not because I want to.
  • My feet get puffy if I’m on them a lot during the day.
  • I have absolutely zero desire for sex or anything related.
  • Sitting on the ground or bending forward is becoming difficult.
  • I get winded easily.
  • My pee smells awful.
  • I have terrible gas.

It’s so unglamorous and not at all what I expected.  Good luck with your IVF and I wish you an easier pregnancy than me!

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Buzzing Beekeeper

I’m pregnant too, not much has changed.  I didn’t drink alcohol or coffee previously and I hate seafood.


My only changes


-Not changing kitty litter
-More doctor’s appointments
-Having trouble rolling over and bending
-Having to buy maternity clothes
-Sometimes being too tired for sex


I really don’t have many complaints. That’s about it! ๐Ÿ™‚


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Biggest thing for me: I wouldnt have to clean the kitty litter!!!! YAY!!!! 

I would probably NOT be able to drink my morning cup of coffee… which I will probably be okay with. I have a friend who allowed herself one caffeinated beverage a day because he doctor said it was okay.. but I think I would be too paranoid. 

Also, no more hot tubs for a while… ๐Ÿ™ 

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I’m 12 weeks pregnant right now with my second child. I have to say that really nothing has changed for me, I was never a huge drinker or caffeine person, though I guess I am more careful about adventure style things. I feel a bit more tired and am more picky about foods due to food aversions, but it’s no big thing. Not currently having trouble sitting or anything. Good luck and it’s all totally worth it! 

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Helper bee
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I wonder about this too! This is my first cycle TTC. I have had a few offers over the last few weeks (more than normal!) to go for happy hour, have a glass of wine with dinner, and my co-workers gifted me a Dreamweaver Ale yesterday because I completed a three-day intensive training on Adobe Dreamweaver; I’ve declined all of them! I just don’t know if I’m pregnant, and I didn’t want to drink during my FW. If I was pregnant now  I don’t think much else would change except banning alcohol altogether. I’d have to curb my lunch meat eating habit too!

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 Probably wouldn’t feel as guilty for that cheeseburger I just scarfed down!

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  I am 26w4d pregnant…here’s how things changed for me:

– I have been much more tired…even at this stage, when I’m about to enter my 3rd trimester. I’m thankful my work schedule allows for me to be home by 3 and I can take a nap!

– Bathroom trips are much, much more frequent…it’s very annoying!

– I normally like to eat steaks and burgers at a medium rare temperature. Now, it’s brown all the way through.

– Other dietary limits…smaller amounts of fish, no sub sandwiches, no alcohol (though I wasn’t a huge drinker before, I did like a glass of wine here and there)

– During the 1st trimester, I had a low-lying placenta. I had to be on pelvic rest and limited physical activity. Luckily, the placenta moved, so those restrictions were lifted!

– I do get sore a lot easier (backaches, sore feet/legs, all that good stuff).

  However, it really hasn’t been that bad! It hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be. I didn’t really have morning sickness, and I haven’t had to make too many huge lifestyle changes. It’s been really fun to see the baby grow via ultrasound, and I’ve loved being a part of our January 2014 moms…such a great group of girls! It’s been great to feel the baby move, especially these past few weeks when my husband is able to sometimes feel the kicks, too :-).

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Sugar bee
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  1. No sushi
  2. No alcohol
  3. Probably no upgrading wedding ring in two months, because I’d rather save for baby
  4. Would probably start looking for a more practical living space for having a child. Our place is rather bachelor-paddy lol
  5. Would have to have my work computer tower placed on my desk instead of below it, since I likely wouldn’t be able to bend down that far with a belly
  6. Also would have to buy one of those automatic kitty litter cleaners for same reason as above
  7. Would have to shop a LOT less… well atleast for myself ๐Ÿ˜‰ ha!

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Helper bee
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I’m Currently 37weeks 6days.

My Advice:

  • Enjoy to the fullest your last few indulgences. For example alcohol, but remember later on  if a craving hits you some how some way that you can get those drinks made VIRGIN. I’ve never been invited to as many weddings as I have this year alone, I didn’t sulk I drank my damn virgins and loved it. lol
  • Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. On your belly, back, sides, on your head upside down, any way you possibly could enjoy every moment. The first and third trimester will drain you.
  • You’ll be surprised at how something you loved so much could turn your stomach so fast with just one wif, or sight, or thought.
  • Take a mental picture of what your girl parts look like. Many months down the road the only way your gonna get a peek at her is with a mirrow between your legs. 
  • Your breast will never look/feel as amazing as they do now many months down the road. I’ve been larger chested my whole life and never had the experience of perky until they filled and did they ever. Don’t even need a bra (but still using one).
  • Practice kegal over and over and over. It’ll help with the need to pee. You’ll never believe how much fluids your body could possibly store.
  • Think of a time when your thought your were so thirsty. now times it by a million. You’ll never quench the unsational thirst coming your way.
  • Towards the end simple things like getting your underwear up, or running shoes on seem like the biggest ordeal ever. Find a shoe that you can just slip on. I was lucky it was summer and i lived in flip flops. 
  • In the begining i had this crazy urge to clean out my house. All cupboards/closets etc. Do it! don’t let anyone tell you there’s lots of time. before you know it you’ll be panting just trying to take a shit.
  • The second trimester really is heaven. Take advantage of it.
  • If you can and you enjoy sex, have lots of it. You might not be in the mood at all—but holy shit is it absolutly amazing when. Probably the best times I’ve ever had. Even now it’s pretty comical but worth it.
  • I highly recommend that you pamper yourself as much as possible. Get many many massages and pedicures.
  • Always remember that ALL pregnant women not matter what shape or size or trimester are beautiful. 

I’m sure there’s a ton more, but I’m off to make dinner. xoxoxo


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Bumble Beekeeper
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– I wouldn’t drink.

I can imagine that’s the only dietary concession I would make… because I’m NEVER giving up stuff like eating fish and working out, etc etc!

That said, I imagine my body has lots of awful, awful things coming to me… morning sickness, gestational diabetes… the list is endless…

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Sugar Beekeeper

Oh goodness here’s hoping for October!

-Stop working out 6-7 days a week, perhaps scale back to 4-5.

-Drink less black tea. Although I do water it down quite a bit.

-Wouldn’t feel as guilty about eating. I am always trying to cut back and eat clean. I think once I’m pregnant I will try to be less harsh on myself. Try being the operative word.

-Would have to cut back on my coaching and clinics that I teach for volleyball considering I am growing a person inside of me and will be more exhausted. Who knows, maybe I will be a bundle of energy and not feel a thing? Dare to dream!

-No more deli turkey. ๐Ÿ™


@BelleriverBride:  LMAO! Sounds delightful.

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