(Closed) What would be different if you pregnant right now?

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Honestly, I’ve felt pregant for the last couple of months, so nothing would really change. lol.

I’d have to cut my carbs and caffeine, but I’m already trying to do that anyways.

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Sugar bee
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Not a lot. Obviously no booze and cleaned up my diet somewhat. I rarely sleep through the night and I pee constantly. 

But I still crossfit, bend over, carry heavy things, work full time. 

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not much.

i don’t really drink. tonight is the first time i’ve had any alcohol since december and only because it’s our anniversary.

the only thing that will change at work is, eventually, i won’t be allowed or able to lift and carry full totes and garbages because they will be heavy. though… i am thinking i will ask to be transferred to day shifts for my last month so if i go into labor, i can leave without leaving only one person alone.

more veggies. i heard that babies sometimes develop similar tastes to the foods that were eaten while they were in their mom. so, hopefully, i could help them like veggies more than i do.

i wouldn’t feel as guilty about asking Darling Husband to make a fun to the convenience store for something i’m craving.

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im  22 weeks pregnant so ill weigh in

gave up high levels of caffeine – red bulls, multiple cups coffee etc. sitll have a cup of coffee a day or a soda tho. this also means limiting caffeine in chocolate

extremely reduced alcohol – now i have maybe a small glass once a month with food. but i havent given up entirely

gave up smoking – obviously

limited diet coke and things will artificial sweetener in -aspartame

no more hot baths/jacuzzis

no more brie/camembert or other mold ripened cheese

no more sushi

sheer exhaustion

an array of fantabulous side effects – nausea, extreme heartburn, constipation, mood wings (first tri). boobs in agony – general aching and burning/itching nipples. pregnancy insomnia

no clothes fitting

sex feels uncomfortable

saving money rather than splurging


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If I were pregnant right now, there would be only a few things that change, I think.

I would have to really give up soda…I have cut back a lot, but I still get a small coke through drive-thru on a bad day.

I would be sleeping a whole lot more. Since I work part-time and am usually home by noon, I foresee a lot of afternoon naps ahead of me when it comes down to it.

My garden would get really overrun by weeds(hence my rush to get it all under control before I get a BFP).

It would be interesting with my job if I were pregnant. I care for the elderly and give showers and do other toileting jobs, so I’m not sure how I would handle it. Lots of bending and lifting and smells associated with my job- I might have a super queasy stomach (more than I already do).

Food would be interesting since I do all the cooking. If it all started making me sick and I didn’t want to cook, then my poor husband would start losing a lot of weight (not that he needs to).

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@Macintosh:  I think sex would be different (not sure if it would be better or worse), obviously you won’t have a period, you may feel sick and incredibly tired, you may have to pee more, it will be hard to put on shoes, your clothes won’t fit, and you may get stretch marks! I don’t even want to start a list of what will change after the baby comes, lol. 

I’m not sure what you mean by transferring your husband? If it has to do with a work transfer, I do worry about how my career will be impacted when I get pregnant. It may make sense to focus on his career and transfer with him if that’s an option – then you won’t have so much pressure to work. That’s what my sister did.

We will be TTC as of our honeymoon, so hopefully there are no issues. I wish you luck with your TTC efforts! 🙂 

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Almost 35 weeks pregnant here…

I feel like almost everything changed.

– Bending over/down feels like it should be an Olympic sport. Tying my shoes makes me want to cry sometimes

– Working 8 hour days standing up the whole time is nearly impossible for me now (I’ve done it for 7 years). My back hurts so bad when I get home that I can’t walk for the rest of the day.

– People notice and judge everything you eat/do.

– Clothes are so uncomfortable, especially pants as my hips have widened a lot. I wish it was okay to just be naked all the time.

– Stretch marks. I know some people never get them, but I got them early on and with a vengeance. I’m so self-conscious about them.

– I haven’t had an orgasm during sex since my first trimester. I hope they return someday. I think it’s because I feel uncomfortable with my body.

– Extreme tiredness. The urge to nap can be so intense.

– Sleeping can be impossible/uncomfortable. I have always been a stomach sleeper, so sleeping on my side all the time almost feels like torture. It’s also hard to get a great night’s sleep when you have to pee every 2 hours.

– Joints cracking. It’s insane how many places I crack when I move these days.

– Heartburn makes eating way less fun.

– My skin has cleared up a lot, and I don’t get as many breakouts as before.

– Walking up a flight of stairs is the most excercise I’m able to get. It’s hard to imagine really working out when I don’t have the use of my abs anymore.

– Mood swings. Watch out for that jar you can’t open that will make you so frustrated that your only option is to burst into crazy pregnant lady tears!

There are so many more things I could list, but I’m too tired now, and it’s probably time for another nap 🙂



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@Macintosh:  Not sure if anyone has said this already but I can tell you personally the physical stuff is hard but I was shocked at how much I was effected mentally. I am 28 weeks pregnant – in the first tri I worried A LOT and from what I’ve talked sanity with friends they did too. I never thought I would be so for lack of a better word “obsessed” with my pregnancy. You think oh I won’t care if I do this or that but then when you’re actually pregnant you think well what if some thing did happen? I would blame myself so I better not eat that etc etc. I never imagined how crazy different everything would be, my body, my outlook etc. I thought oh I well have my old life I’ll just have a belly. LOL i couldn’t have been more wrong.  I’m not saying everything is harder just way different.

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