(Closed) What would be your minimum standard for diamond specs?

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Busy bee
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Excellent cut makes all the difference in a round brilliant I think. Mine is an excellent cut, SI1 and H color and I get compliments on the stone aaaaallllll the time. It is crazy sparkly and so white. So I think I would go as low as J in color for an excellent cut. And I’d stay around SI1 as long as It’s eye clean.  

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Sugar bee

Cut is number one. It will determine how the light goes in and out giving it sparkle.

color would be next. Do you want it to look yellow or clear no yellow. You cant go wrong with a G i think its a good compromise 

clarity is next. If it is something that can’t be seen to the naked eye or can be covered with a setting i am fine

and last carat! 

My ring is an ideal cut vvs2 H in color and .48 carat.

i also have small fingers and didn’t want anything big.

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nessdawwg:  Cut is king, as they say, so cut is top priority and I’d only ever go witb the equivalent of GIA excellent cut. Colour and clarity are king of equal for me in that both are important, but I’d also beautiful willing to compromise. So, ideally I’d prefer colour in the D-F range, but would drop to G or H depending on the other specs, and clarity I’d prefer VS range of better but would drop to SI2 provided the stone was eye-clean. Carat size is bottom for me. 

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Sugar bee
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My rankings were 1. cut, 2. carat, 3. color, 4. clarity, but my Fiance picked out my diamond and his were slightly different: 1. cut, 2. color, 3. carat, 4. clarity. It didn’t really affect things that much, because I didn’t want a huge diamond anyway, but it was probably the difference between a 1 carat and the .8 that I have (I don’t miss the extra size at all). I just told him I wanted something very sparkly, through his research he decided he would not settle for anything less than a Triple-Excellent cut. He was also very color sensitive so he wouldn’t get anything out of the colorless range – I didn’t think color was that big of a deal and would have been fine with a G or H, but seeing my stone next to his sister’s G I can definitely appreciate the colorless vs near colorless and I love mine. Clarity didn’t matter that much to us as long as it was eye clean. My Fiance is a scientist so he ordered several diamonds from Blue Nile and Brian Gavin and put them under his microscope and ended up choosing one based on a lot of other factors as well (he got into percentages, cutlets, fluoresence, measurements, ideal scopes, etc.) He probably went a little overboard picking out the diamond – it took him 6 months of ordering and exchanging diamonds before he bought “the one”, but I have to say it’s beautiful! 

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Buzzing Beekeeper

Cut: I wouldn’t go for anything less an ideal cut, XXX, scoring under 2 on the HCA (unless I were to fall in love with a certain diamond in person, then none of that matters as much).

Color: I’d go down to an I for platinum settings (since mine’s an I and I lahve it!), and would even go down to a J if I were to go for a yellow gold setting.

Clarity: I’d go down to an SI2 if the questionable inclusion could be hidden by a prong.

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1. Cut-  I think this one is so important. Think about building a house. If you don’t have a good foundation, it doesn’t matter how well the walls are built. The cut effects how the eye perceives color and clarity. 

2. Color AND Clarity-  I found out, through in person diamond comparison, that I am very color sensitive. I compared an F and G diamond. I’m glad I did. I was surprised at the huge difference in color. Also, I had thought I wanted a diamond with low clarity. That was until I saw my diamond. Mine is SI2. I have a rather large carbon spot in mine. Luckily, it is perfectly covered by the prongs. BOOM! Saved myself thousands on a diamond.

3. Carat- I am putting this last, but I feel it’s a bit misleading as I started my diamond search by giving the jeweler a carat range, but I would have gone up or down in carat based on the other three specs.

The best advice I can give you is to compare diamonds side by side and chose based on your personal preferences. 

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Must be GIA or AGS. Absolute most important for sparkle is cut/polish/sym so I wanted XXX, color above I (I think this is the perfect place to save- an excellent cut Round Brilliant will be white to I or J), clarity starting with a V, carat I was hoping for a carat + 

i ended up with 1.45 excellent cut/polish/sym, H, VVS2 and it sparkles gloriously and is very white to me so don’t be afraid of the “near colorless” range.


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Eh, I only care about how it looks in the setting. You can get a really beautiful sparkly stone without going into  the cream of the crop grades. I equate it to outrageously priced designer handbags. The knockoffs look exactly the same unless you scrutinize the tag with a magnifying glass (or in the case of a ring a loupe) and sane people don’t do this.

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nessdawwg:  I want a 1 carat real diamond with minimum specs of G/HVS2 excellent cut preferably GIA. Don’t have the money for that yet though so will be getting a Forever Brilliant moissanite and trading it out later. 

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Personally I wouldn’t go lower than a f colour, and with only one inclusion. My ring is a higher set princess cut so the light hits it at all different angles and it really sparkles. It definitely depends on your own preference but I wouldnt get a lower colour for a bigger diamond. I was told its important to have the side stones( if you have side stones) a colour lower than your centre stone or else the centre stone could look more yellow. My ring is a 1 carat centre stone princess cut with F colour and .50 side stones with G colour. Happy Hunting 🙂

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My diamond actually IS the minimum specs I would go for a Round Brilliant.  🙂

As others have mentioned, cut is king!  Mine is a XXX from GIA.

Color is I, with slight fluorescence. It looks white.  In some darker lighting (like on overcast days), it takes on a grayer color… but even my Mom’s colorless diamonds do this sometimes, too!  I’m not really sure how to describe the color change, but I think it’s something diamonds just do in general. LOL!

**As a note about color, I looked at pears and ovals as well.  I would have wanted them in at least an H.

SI1 clarity.  There are a few TINY black inclusions near the edges of my diamond.  You have to look really, really hard to find them.  They don’t compromise the strength of the stone.

Aaaaaand I’ll be honest and say that carat was important to me.  I didn’t want to sacrifice quality overall, but I was happy with a diamond that simply looked white and flawless instead of technically being those things.  🙂  My center diamond is 1.6 cts.

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Buzzing bee

Cut is definitely most important, I probably wouldnt go lower than Very Good. I’d consider going as low as SI2 on clarity provided I could see the stone before purchase. Color isnt a huge deal either for me, since I like yellow gold and that can help a warmer stone look whiter. 

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Buzzing bee

nessdawwg:  If you purchase a stone from James Allen, they have images/video of the actual stone. They’re also cheaper than Blue Nile

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Sugar bee
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Honestly it depends on what you see as “white” to me, there is a negligible difference between an “F” and an “I” color. After “J ” it takes on a warmer color to my eyes which i prefer in fancy and antique shapes.

With that said, as long as the clarity is “eye clean” meaning you cant see any inclusions, that is really all that matters.

I am wayyyyy more of a stickler for cut/ proportions as that will determine the sparkle than color or clarity.

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