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  • poll: If a sales clerk forgot to charge you for an item would you:
    Go back into the store and pay for the item : (94 votes)
    44 %
    Run run run!! : (59 votes)
    28 %
    Run but feel guilty about it! : (61 votes)
    29 %
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    Personally, I would give a call to the manager.  That has happened to me before and I called and the manager just told me to keep it.  They just had me give them the plu number so they could mark it down somewhere.  Honesty always pays off, IMO.

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    For me it depends on the store, and how much the item was.  There are stores I go to frequently (like grocery stores) and frequently catch things that I am overcharged for, so there’s probably more that get through that I don’t catch.  In those cases I wouldn’t bother.

    For a $50 item, I would probably go back, if it were convienent.  If I were no longer close by, I might call, or mention it the next time I shop at the store.

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    The answers to the poll are sad. 

    I voted go back and pay for the item, especially since you were still in the parking lot when you realized it. 

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    depends on the store to be honest

    a few months ago, in a drivethu, i was given $30 change too much and i went into the store (mcdonalds) and gave them the money back because i knew the employees till would not balance

    if it was walmart of woolworths, im guessing i would keep it because the thought of dealing with the traffic and parking would sway me to do nothing – but i most probably would donate $$$ to a charity to balance out the karma points

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    I wait tables to pay my bills right now and because of that, I’d have to return and pay for the item.

    I don’t know how retail cashier jobs operate but where I work, if I forget to charge somebody something, or I give back too much change, or make a mistake, guess who pays for it? Me. And usually the tip isn’t enough to cover for it.

    I have no idea if cashier jobs operate similarly but in case they do, I just cannot fathom taking somebody’s pay from them for a simple mistake. It’s not just that you’re getting something for free, you’re taking it from someone else’s pocket, while they’re trying to work to support themselves and their families.

    If I knew that the employees don’t get in trouble/have to pay for it, would I keep the money? Maybe. I’m not a saint. But I don’t know, and I don’t really care to find out.

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    I would go back and offer to pay.  You are stealing if you do not pay. 

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    I would go back. I work retail, and while it wouldn’t affect my pay, it would show up in inventory as a stolen item. A lady actually came in the other day with the exact same scenario as you. It actually shocked me that she came back to pay for it. 

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    Hmmm, I think, for me it depends on the store. If it were some small gift shop, or locally owned shop I would definitely go back, regardless of the price tag. But for a big corporation like Walmart, chances are I wouldn’t go back. I know it’s not the honest way to go about it, and I have never been in this situation, that I know of, but I don’t see myself getting out of the vehicle, unbuckling my son, trecking back into a long line up to pay for the item.

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    I’m in the depends on the store category. If it was small independant store I would totally go back and pay. If it were a Walmart or Target, I probably wouldn’t (just being honest). They have a percentage of theft/mistakes built in to their pricing and since the cashier didn’t ring it up, it wouldn’t affect his/her totals. I would find a way to pay it forward though as to not have bad karma.

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    This happened to me a few years ago. I decided at the last minute to purchase a Christmas tree as well as over $200 worth of ornaments at Target for my new apartment. The cashier scanned everything but the tree didn’t appear on my receipt. My conscience made me go back to customer service, which was a complete madhouse. When I finally reached the front and explained what happened, the frazzled girl told me not to worry about it. My mom swore karma would still bite me in the ass. :p

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    Stealing is stealing, IMO.  Doesn’t matter if it’s a 70-cent candy bar, or a $7000 diamond ring.  Doesn’t matter if the item was hidden in your coat or if the cashier forgot to scan it.  Taking things you did not pay for causes inventory shortage.  What do stores do to make up for inventory shortage?  Raise their prices.  When you steal, you are making EVERYONE ELSE pay for that item.

    Think about it this way…if you were in the parking lot and noticed the cashier had scanned that item TWICE, you would have marched right back in and asked for your money back.

    This actually happened to me about a year ago, only it was with a $4 dog bowl.  I purchased two bowls for our foster dog.  They were stacked in my basket and I didn’t seperate them when I put them on the conveyor.  The cahsier only scanned one.  When I realized it, I went back in and paid for the second bowl.  The cashier was surprised and thanked me.  

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    I’d go back in to pay. I’d just feel way to bad if I didn’t (for the cashier that gets nailed for it if they’re caught) and just my conscience in general. We just had this with a bakery order we placed, they failed to charge us for the entire cookie order (dozens and dozens). They couldn’t believe we came back to see where the bill tracking got lost and to ask to be billed. 

    If it was raining and I had young kids buckled in the car or things like that, or I noticed at home, I’d probably call in and speak with the manager. Like @tksjewelry:, honesty pays off.

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    I would go back and pay for it. I was raised to be honest and have integrity. To me, even a $50 item isn’t worth me feeling bad about it. And, I would most certainly feel bad about it. I was faced with a similar situation in Old Navy last week. Luckily I was still in the store when I noticed so I brought it to her attention right then. She looked at me like I was crazy and said if she were me she would have just taken the “free dress.” I thought that was sad and hoped it wasn’t the norm. After checking out the poll I see that over half of the people wouldn’t have taken it back I see that it is the norm…

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    I’m poor, I would keep my money and not feel bad about it.

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