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I vote move! If you rent out your house, you can always move back and if your husband can transfer wityh work, I dont see any reason to not give it a go! It would be a lot harder to do if you had a family first and you have lots of time to TTC later. Live your life! Do the things you want to do, go on adventures!

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Bumble bee

mermaidbride862 :  “we are talking about renting our house because neither of us can stand the thought of selling it because we love it so much”

That seems like a reasonable compromise.  I own a house in a different city, I rent it out and have great tenants who looks after it well, while I rent a different place in the city in which I currently live.  You could do that for a year or two, see how you like it in Utah, then if the novelty wears off just move back into your old place.

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mermaidbride862 :  Be careful with renting out a house you love, especially if you’ll be in a different state. Some renters are great, but there’s a huge risk. My family did something similar when I was younger, though we weren’t in a different state and could better monitor the house. The goal was to rent out the house for five years than move back. The first family that rented it destroyed it. We had to sell it. We did background checks and everything too. 

If you love your house, have great careers, and know that moving to Utah would leave you without jobs (and you say there’s no jobs out there) and leave you relying on savings (that you’ll need if you’re planning to TTC in the near future) – this all seems like a harebrained plan. 

Ski on vacation. 

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Helper bee
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I vote to go for the move! I live in a ski area in Colorado, and know so many people who moved to Denver to be close to the outdoors and not one of them has been upset they did it.  I think if your drive is strong enough to make the move in the first place, you owe it to yourselves to enjoy your youth in this way.

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I vote Move!

So it now before kids. If you don’t..  you might always sit wondering “what if?”

If you come to regret it then that’s part of life?  You still have yuoir house and can chalk it up to experience. Then go home and have kidlets! 

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Blushing bee

I vote move to Utah! I lived in SLC for four years for sporting pursuits. I wasn’t a fan at first but ended up loving it. My husband and I debated moving there but ended up staying in Oregon and buying a house. Houses are cheap (er than most Western states) and there are lots of jobs. 

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Buzzing bee

I guess I don’t understand why the two choices are so stark. One choice is the stereotypical “responsible” move and the other is the stereotypical “irresponsible” move. Seriously? Just up and quit two well-paying jobs? That seems a bit extreme, and yes, very much like a quarter-life crisis.

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Busy bee

My Darling Husband and I are in our 20s as well and I have similar feelings as you do.  I would move to Utah for a bit 🙂

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Bumble bee
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mermaidbride862 :  I vote move, and rent your house for a year!  If you love Utah and want to stay longer you can always sell your house later, if you hate it and want to come back then you only have to wait it out a year.

I’m 26 and can’t wait to move away with Darling Husband for a fresh start (though we don’t have a house so we’re saving so we can do that when we move)  I have always moved around and can’t imagine staying in the same place my whole life.

I do think it will be best to be around family when you have babies, if it’s possible.  Heaps of mum bees here seem extra stresse when there isn’t family around to help.  

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I agree with PP. Go to Utah to live. Keep your home and rent it out. Your family is close so they can keep an eye on renters for you if they are willing to do so. If you love Utah after a year or so then you can sell and move permanently. If you find after being there a while that you do not want to stay long term then you have the luxury of being able to go home to a place you love and be near your family, especially if you want to have children. Their grandparents will nearby. If you can afford it then there is no reason that you have to sell your house to give yourself the full Utah experience. 

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Move! My husband and I quit our jobs and moved across the entire country to California when we were 26. We thought we’d be here ~5 years and move back east to be closer to family and where we’re from, but we love it so much that we’re here long-term. We’ve been at our jobs 4 years, bought a home last year, definitely in it for the long-haul.

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mermaidbride862 :   Personally I feel like it’s easy to live in one place and feel like your life also stayed in one place. Your routine becomes so second nature 10 years go by and it doesn’t feel like you did much. I think moving to a new place invigorates your life changes things up and really makes you feel like you lived different experiences and different lives. From everyone I know who’s moved for a new experience none of them have regretted it. Even now at 33 I know I will always regret not moving to London my favorite city and living there even if only for  A short while. You’re very young and you have plenty of time you could have kids when you’re 30. I say you pick up you move to Utah or wherever it is that you want to try living you get yourselves out there you explore everything you can you make friends with your coworkers and your new jobs and have a good time. You’ll have plenty of time to move back and have kids five years down the road. 

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You have plenty of time for babies, and starting a new adventure sounds fun and like you’re in a good position to do it now. My only concern for you is related to quitting your jobs – are you planning to look for new jobs once you get to Utah? Otherwise you would be doing what for 1-2 years – just playing/doing outdoorsy stuff and living off your savings? If you rent out your house at least you’ll have some income, but I would worry about coming back when you’re ready to TTC and having spent all your money, and having a year-long gap (if not more) in your resumes. Not to mention student loan payments, if you don’t pay them all off before you move.


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