(Closed) what would you do about this coworker?

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    Bumble bee

    WOW, ok I work in a law office, and most of the time Law Offices aren’t very big. I would talk with her supervisor so you don’t embarras K and let him know your concerns.

    A.) It is extremely unsanitary and could potentially be dangerous with ecoli bacteria if it were to get on something besides her pants

    B.) It disrupts work flow because she leaves work to change her clothes.

    C.) Have her see a doctor, there has gotta be SOMETHING they can do.

    He could talk to K to discuss her options such as possibly wearing depends under her pants so that if she does indeed have an accident then she can change her diaper without making such a mess.

    Also he could mention to her that there have been numerous complaints regarding uncleanliness of her usage of the bathroom and that it is protocol to keep the bathroom within sanitary reason, and should not be left for someone else to clean up.

    As you probably know, her supervisor can’t fire her because of her condition, but she can bring the concerns of the office to K’s attention which in turn might help the problem.

    Good luck! That is just disgusting, your poor mother. :/

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    Eww!!! That’s gross….I’m so sorry for your Mom. How old is this woman? She is so unsanitary it makes me sick. I actually had a similiar story. I was teaching 5th grade and this boy, we’ll call him D would go to the bathroom and come back and smell like well you know! I actually would have to hold my breath when he came up to ask me a question and it got really uncomfortable for the other students. I sent him down many times to the nurse and the problem was still happening. We had to bring in his mom for a conference. Turns out when he went #2 he just got up and left! He didn’t wipe himself or wash his hands! His mom said it was happening at home too and she had to throw some of his underwear out. Turns out he was just being really, really lazy which is horrible for a 5th grader to not know any better.

    Do you think you can have K’s mom come in for a conference?  😉

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    What?  This sounds insane.  Does this person know they have poop on their pants or are they just in denial or are they just lazy?  I think it is a manager’s job, not your mom’s, so I would say something to a manager, about being concerned for the health and safety of the others in the office.  It is aparently a medical issue, so I wouldn’t speak to others about it (I doubt she is doing it on purpose- but who knows?), and I would not confront her.  I would tell a manager in confidence – it is their job to “help” her, or at least deal with the issue for the safety of everyone involved.

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    Helper bee

    I think she should definitely say something to the boss, not necessarily to K herself. As the boss it’s their job to deal with that kind of stuff I would imagine, esp if there’s no HR person to speak with. I’m sure they would be interested in taking care of it if it’s really so bad that she is leaving while on the clock and causing other employees to take their attention away from their work to clean up her disgusting messes.

    How does that happen anyway? The WALLS? REALLLLLY?! You’d think she’d know better at 60!

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    OMG!  That is so gross! I feel ill just picturing it.  How in the hell does she get poop smeared on the walls?!?!?!  That is so nasty!

    I would start off with an e-mail.  I would give her exactly one more poop smearing incident after that e-mail before I would go to the manager.  If the manager refuses to do something then I would go to HR (if there is one), if there is no HR I would just have to tell her.  I wouldn’t care if it hurt her feelings. 

    If she has a medical condition then she needs to take herself to the doctor stat!  No one, absolutely no one should be subjected to that where they work!

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    Helper bee

    @Stephanie: When I worked in retail I saw some SERIOUSLY disgusting things in the restrooms. So I am not really surprised. But it seriously boggles my mind. I am convinced they are all absolutely crazy, or had really poor upbringing. Because you just don’t do that! 

    Give her the book Everybody Poops, and write a little anonymous message in it? 🙂

    “Everybody does it, but not everybody smears it. Wipe up and clean up. And invest in Depends.”

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    @twentyeleven: my niece was obsessed with that book!!


    That is so nasty I would vomit, your poor mother. Maybe put signs up on the stalls saying “PLEASE clean up any mess you make.  (This means you K!)” 

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    is this woman elderly or something?

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    Awful, simply awful. That has no place in a place of business, especially a law firm! What if a client went to the restroom and saw that?!? And it’s so unsanitary for the other people in the office.

    I agree your mom should talk to the office manager again, and if necessary, to some higher level management if the office manager won’t man up and say something to “k.” They are lawyers, and they should know how creating an unsafe work environment is a legal landmine!

    If “k” cannot control her bowel movements, then she is disabled. They could offer her disability leave, if needed.

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    This is something the office manager should be dealing with. If she doesn’t tackle it, I would go to HR.

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    I’m sure the office manager is embarrassed to have this conversation with her, but it’s his job. I would go in there and ask him to talk to her about it and if he doesn’t then call his boss. The people that work in the office should not be subject to such unsanitary conditions and it’s not their responsibility to address the issue.

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