(Closed) What Would You Do: Adopting a Dog … Maybe Two!?

posted 5 years ago in Pets
  • poll: Should we adopt both dogs or just Nikki?
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    Aw, what angels! Thank you so much for adopting, by the way. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Have you interacted with Miranda? How is her personality? I certainly would never advise an adoption out of pity, but if you bond with her, it would be an amazing gift to give her a loving family for the last few years of her life.

    Best of luck!

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    I think it’s great that you two are thinking about adopting two rescues! They both look so sweet! We have three dogs and it’s so much fun. They are crazy but I can’t imagine life without them. If you two have experience with dogs and know what to expect then I say go for it, adopt them both!

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    I say if you get one of those two, you have to get them both, I’d feel too sad about splitting them. Otherwise, I’d look for another single dog that could fill your needs. ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck!


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    I think getting them both or finding another dog all together would be kinder to the dogs. It is awesome thatnyou are adopting though!

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    First off yay for you two for adopting!! Those two girls are so cute! One thing to consider with Miranda being 12 already is medical expenses. Alot of dogs in my area live to be 15-20 ppl years old but I’ve read that generally life expectancy is about 11-13 yrs. Do you have enough saved to take proper care of Miranda in the event she has issues due to her senior age? Do you have enough time to take proper care of Miranda if anything happened- stoke/heart diease/digestion/etc… 

    I’d have to agree with you that it would be cruel to split them up but if you were originally looking at one five year old dog, that is quite a different responsibiltiy (time & $$) than two dogs, one getting near the end of it’s run I’m sorry to say…. 

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    I was actually in this exact situation about a year ago. I ended up adopting both dogs (both were around 9-10 years old), and I already had a 7 year old toy poodle.  Unforuntately, the dog I already had didn’t get along with one of the males I adopted, so after a few days I returned them both because I didn’t want to split them up. They ended up getting adopted again a week later, but I still felt so guilty about it.  I think when you already have one dog, getting a second isn’t that big of a deal unless you can’t afford the extra food/vet costs.  But day-to-day things like walks and play time don’t change whether you have one dog or two, IMO. I say go meet the other dog, and if you like her, then go for it as long as you can afford it (keeping in mind that older dogs tend to have more vet expenses).


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    Yay for adopting!

    Miranda looks so sad in her pic. ๐Ÿ™  The reason they are not being put up as an adopted pair is because they are doing ok on their own as individuals.  But if they are buddies they would blossom together in a loving home.  Isn’t it more fun to share in something special with a friend than by yourself?

    I agree with PP.  If you can handle the added extra expense/time than adopt them both.  What an amazing thing for you and your Darling Husband to do!  More dogs is like more kids, a little more money, a little more work but in the end not enough to make you not want more!  GL!

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    I’d get both, but only if the medical expenses can be handled for Miranda.  Vet bills are not cheap, and older dogs can rack up a ton.  Other expenses to consider would be grooming and any special diet foods.  Spaniels are such great and gentle dogs though; I grew up with a springer spaniel.  And if the two are buddies, the transition into your family would be easier.

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    I love that so far its unanimous. I think getting both would be great. The whole process of being in the shelter, being in a new home, etc. can be a little scary at first for them. Having a friend would be very comforting. Also, senior dogs have a harder time getting adopted and it would such a blessing for that dog to live out their last few years in a loving home with their best buddy!

    I have found that having two dogs is better for them anyway. They’re not as lonely when were gone. I also have one senior and one young dog & the younger one has really been a huge help for her as she has lost her hearing and has a harder time getting around These days. I definitely say go for both ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    Have you hung out with both of them? If you haven’t, I suggest spending some time with both of them as well as them separately. I have two dogs (both rescues, FWIW, but one was rescued at a few weeks old) and I can’t imagine separating them. They were adopted separately (about 1.5 yrs apart), but are super close now. When my partner and i broke up briefly, they were separate for a bit and it did NOT go well. They are meant to be together. As for cats, I briefly stayed w/ a friend and her  cat and one of our dogs became very good friends. He taught the cat to play catch! I think w/ any pets, there is always an adjustment period. Also, w/ both of teh rescue groups we adopted our dogs from, they have you meet the dogs in a neutral place,then if that goes well, you take them home. With the pug, he was at my house for one day, if that went well, one week. then at one week i talked to them and if it was a good fit, I kept him (obviously I did!). I tried another dog and it did NOT go well. After a few hours, it was clear it wasn’t a good fit.

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    I agree with baletrina, at the shelter where I volunteer we definitely adopted out animals that are bonded together.  If two dogs (or cats, or whatever) that are surrendered together seem to be OK on their own, though, we will list them separately as it’s a lot to ask an adopter to take on two new animals at once.  Also, we’ve had pairs come in that are inseparable, but as they get used to the shelter environment & volunteers, start to become more independent.  So while I think it would be a wonderful thing for y’all to take both, I would also feel OK trusting the judgement of the rescue that they don’t *have* to go together.

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