(Closed) What would you do? (Found Money)

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Bee Keeper
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$20 i might keep it or donate it – i would like to think i would up it in the Savlo’s collection tin or go to my local cafe and point out an elderly person and tell the cafe owner i want to pay for their lunch

purse with no id – yikes…. i would try to find the person, put something up on the nearest notice board (if its a shopping centre)

bank cash bag… keeping that baby!!!!  we scuba dive and im always wondering if one day i will find something exciting – nearest ive come was a dead body and that was not a good day

edit: re the bank bag,…. you ladies are making me feel bad now! 🙂

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Honey bee
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If I found a $20 on the ground, I’d keep it.

If I found a purse with cash in it, no ID, I’d take it to the police station. (They hold it for 90 days or something & they will give it to you if no one claims it)

If I found a bag stuffed w/ cash with the bank’s name across it, I’d return it to the bank.

Karma is a b!tch & I don’t want to feel the wrath one day.

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Helper bee
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$20 on the ground – keep it. It’s clearly lost, and no one is going to try to claim it’s theirs.

Purse with cash in it – I feel like I would hold onto it and wait for someone to post Lost signs or something.

Bank cash bag…this is tough. I’d wonder if it belonged to an individual who withdrew it from their safety deposit box – if so, then I’d probably feel bad about taking it and would try to find the owner. If it was just the bank’s…well….I don’t know. I’m a very honest person and I think I’d have a hard time taking all that cash…but then again, the fact that it’s a big faceless corporation helps a little. I’d still probably try to find the owner.

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Helper bee
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$20 on the ground – I’d keep it. Though I do like eloping’s idea to secretly treat some unsuspecting person to lunch or buy coffee for the next 3 people standing in line behind you.

Purse – I’d hang on to it for awhile and see if I could somehow find out to whom it belonged.

Bank bag – Would definitely return it as there probably aren’t that many customers walking out with a bank bag, so it has to be pretty easy to identify who lost the cash.

Once I found a wallet in a movie theatre full of cash. I can’t remember if there was ID in the wallet or not, but I turned it into the cinema’s staff. Later on I felt like an idiot because I had no way of knowing if the guy I gave it to would be as honest.

Next time I found a purse I took it home with me. I left my details with the cafe so that the woman with the missing purse could call me directly. This time I knew for sure it made it back to its rightful owner.


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Sugar bee
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$20 I would probably keep, if there didn’t seem to be anyone around scouring the ground, (my coworkers and I found a $50 bill on the ground at work once, and before we could get it to lost and found, we noticed some kid and her dad staring at the floor!  Hehe!)

Purse full of cash would depend on where I found it.  If it was at a place of business, I would take it to lost and found, otherwise I would probably take it to the police station like RecssionistaBride suggested.  I would be totally cool with keeping the money if nobody claimed it.

Bag full of bank money?  That sounds shady – like someone robbed a bank and dropped one of the money bags!  Shady or not, I would turn it in to the police or the bank.

I have a coworker who lost her wedding ring.  It’s got a LOT of diamonds.  She thinks she may have lost it at work, possibly in a customer’s bag, and that in that case, it would be long gone.  I told her I would return it if *I* were the customer that found it, but she doesn’t have much faith in that happening with most customers.  I mean, it’s a wedding set – obviously it means something to someone.  I would have such incredible guilt for keeping (or worse, selling!) something like that that I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.  So to add to this thread, what would YOU do if you found someone’s wedding ring?

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Sugar Beekeeper
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20 bucks/ purse I would probably ask if anyone dropped any money or if they lost a purse

Money bag: I would give it back those things have ink thingies that explode!!! How embarrassing! Seriously I would give it back to the bank.

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Honey bee
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if i found 20 bucks on the ground i would probably keep it.

if i found the purse i would take it to the police station and/or maybe put an ad up somewhere.

if i found the bag of money i would take it back to the bank!

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Bumble bee

I found a $20 in the u-scan machine at the grocery.

I turned it in at the front desk, the woman looked at me like I was nuts…

I’d probably make a CL post for the purse, and maybe notify the police and the shop nearest where I found it.  I’d be tempted to keep the bank-bag just to stick it to the man, but I’d take it back…



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Honey Beekeeper
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The $20…it’s mine. Random public place=fair game

Purse–turn it in to the police with my number. Usually if it’s not claimed within X days, you can claim it.

A canvas bag with a bank’s name on it? Definitely return it asap–they’d come after me for it if i kept it! Bills are traceable and they’d totally find me lol.

Someone’s wedding ring? I guess it’d depend on where I found it. We used to find all this random jewelry at the hotels we’d stay at in Vegas. Those big wave pools tear lockets off necklaces and everything. Sometimes you find very random things in very random places and you can’t pinpoint where to turn them in. If it was in a shopping bag for an actual store, well, that’s a pretty obvious one.

I’m a relatively honest person. Karma always comes back and I feel like dishonesty begets dishonesty in general. Plus i get way guilted =]

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Helper bee

$20 i would keep if no one was around- but i have seen people drop money and gave it back to them. one woman said to me “thanks! if i found that money there’s no way i’d give it back!” i just stared dumbfounded at her…

purse- take it to the police station! what a nightmare it would be to loose that! 

bank bag- yikes…i’d like to say i’d give it back without a doubt…but if it was my bank who has charged me up the butt with overdraft fees…i might reconsider LOL.

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Helper bee
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I would do my best to return them all…I agree with others – karma is not something I want to mess with!  Plus, I’ve had things lost and hate that I never found them…


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Buzzing bee
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If I found $20 I would consider it lucky! I found it. =) So I would probably use it towards a manicure or something haha …

If it were a purse than I would hand it in to the police station. I agree you do not want to mess with karma … and if I ever lost something of value I hope that a person who finds it would do the same.

A bank bag stuffed with cash … would it be considered stealing? How much cash is there? Would I get in trouble if someone was looking for it? I’d probably be so freaked out if I kept it … that it would be better to just turn it it!

Miss Apricot: I would turn in any item of value … especially a wedding ring. I mean … you can trace jewelry and diamonds …. especially from pawn shops. They turn in records and stuff.

I actually lost of high priced jewelry once and dealt with it through police ..


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Bee Keeper
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My response is similar to others!

$20 dollars – keep it

Purse – police station

Bag – back to the bank

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Bee Keeper
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$20 on the ground: I’m keeping it & doing the happy dance!

Purse: I would just leave it where its at & not touch it, unless its at a store/bar/place of business; then I would take it to customer service or someone who works there.

Bag of Cash: I know the bills are traceable, so I would be scared. BUT, if I could figure out a way that the money wouldn’t be traced back to me I would totally keep it! Bad, I know!  

A wedding ring: it depends on where you find it, if I find it laying in the middle of the street, I’d prob keep it since there is no way of knowing who it belongs to, but if I found it at store/place of business, I would do the same as the purse and turn it in. And if I found it in a shopping bag, I would def give it back to the cashier herself, not to customer service.

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