(Closed) What would you do if you found a 20 dollar bill?

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  • poll: What would you do if you found 20 dollars that belonged to your company?
    Keep it for sure! Finders keepers, losers weepers! : (12 votes)
    14 %
    Keep it at first, but then when I found out who it belonged to give it to them outright. : (41 votes)
    47 %
    Keep it at first, but return it to the person in secret so they don't know it was you who took it. : (2 votes)
    2 %
    Pick it up and immediately give it to your office manager/boss/bookkeeper. : (31 votes)
    35 %
    other; explained below : (2 votes)
    2 %
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    Not even a question if I found it at work I would ask the teachers around me if anyone lost $20 and if no one did I would bring it to the principal. Knowing my school it would be one of the students’ but I’m definitely not going to go asking them.

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    If I found it at work, I would give it to someone in the accounting department saying someone may have dropped petty cash, then let them find out who dropped it if that isn’t the case. Accounting would know if something were missing.

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    Yeah, I would ask around.  If no one spoke up I’d keep it.

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    I’d keep it and wait to see if I heard someone mention they lost $$, if yes I’d definitely give it back to them, if no I’d keep it.

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    I work in a corporate office so I’d probably just give it to the receptionist since that’s where most of the lost and found crap ends up. Now, if it was out on the street, finders keepers.

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    We found one out on our daily walk around the square on our lunch break. It was a cold spring day and nobody was around. We kept it and treated ourselves to lunch the next day.

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    This happen to me once when I worked at a supermarket, I found £20 by door.

    I was a hard up school kid at the time and could have soooo done with the money but having realised we couldn’t work out who it belonged to I asked to donate it to the Breast cancer charity as it was BC awareness month.

    My boss agreed and said she’d put it in the safe for when I could get it a the end of my shift. When I went to collect, it had mysteriously gone…Clearly my boss felt more deserved of it.

    So now if i ever find money I either give it to charity or buy something for someone else less fortuate than me. I believe in Karma.

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    There’s only 11 people in my office, so I would make the rounds and ask if they’ve lost the $20.  Or perhaps by then I would have overheard them complaining about it.  Either way I would make sure it got returned to its “owner.”

    If I found it on the street, finders keepers for sure UNLESS I see a panicked person searching around for it.  Example, when I was in HS/college, I worked at a sub shop.  A couple came in and asked if we’d found $50 because they had lost it.  They were really concerned about it.  We didn’t have anything in our lost-and-found.  So, they ordered their food and sat down to eat it.  About that same time I was getting off of work.  When I went out to my car, low and behold, $50 on the ground.  Could I have kept it?  Sure.  But I knew that this couple had been looking for it (even if by some odd coincidence, this particular $50 wasn’t theirs, rather someone else’s…they were still out $50 so why not return $50?).

    Idk, I’m a big believer in karma. 

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    Ok, so lets see…

    I walk down a hallway, see a $ 20 on the floor, and no one else around.

    I pick it up and pocket it (find me someone who wouldn’t)

    Later in the day, I hear that someone in the office has lost a $ 20 (be that personal money, OR company money, doesn’t matter)…

    Ya, of course I am going to return it to them directly… and I am going to also owe up where I found it (in the hallway near the coke machine)

    I have found countless things in my 50+ years of lifetime that people have lost or dropped… and I always make a point of trying to return them to their RIGHTFUL owners (have looked thru purses & wallets, for info, made phone calls, and even delivered to folks)

    But I am also skeptical about the honesty of others… having been I believed burned in the past (sadly, not everyone is as ethical as myself I’ve discovered over my lifetime)

    So in the case of cash, I won’t turn it into Management etc.  If I work in the building I am pretty sure I am going to hear about the loss… I may even put up a sign.  “Did you lose something?  Item found, please see ___ to identify”

    If I don’t work in the building (ie visiting a store) and find something that obviously belongs to someone else, and doesn’t have ID with it, then I make a judgement call.  Someone leaves their jacket behind in a change room, I turn it in to the Cash / Customer Service Desk.  If it is money, a diamond ring, or a wallet with no Identifying features, then more than likely I give some basic info to the cashier… (“I found something of value… if anyone comes in saying they lost something… please have them call me at ___”).  Then I would advertise (BTW – Found Ads in a local Newspaper are usually FREE) or if it was a Mall contact the Mall’s Customer Service Kiosk, and if possible also put up an Ad nearby (many Kiosks have Community Bulletin Boards)

    AND if it was something that was truly valuable, like a Diamond Ring, Watch or a Wallet, I’d also contact the Police Dept to let them know that I found it.  (Sometimes they just take the info down and let me hold onto it until it is claimed, othertimes they ask you to turn it into them for safe-keeping).  IF all efforts are exhausted and no one comes forward to claim it, then the Police typically let you know you can keep it.

    My lifetime record is usually in favour of the Person who lost something (yippee, there is a God), vs me.  I think there has only been 2 occasions where I’ve been awarded the findings (money both times).  The first time I was a little kid (the incident that set the precident for WHY I do what I do) and the second was as an adult.  The first time, after the Police investigation, and the money was handed over to me, my parents used it to buy me a bicycle (a bike I loved dearly for about 10 years).  The second time, I donated the money to the local Food Bank (figured as it was “found money” it could do a lot more good there for many, than just being mine to spend willy-nilly on some not so significant purchase)

    EDIT TO ADD – I see others have referenced Karma… Ya she is my friend, and has been very good to me in my lifetime … YOU DO NOT MESS WITH KARMA !!


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    I would keep it unless I knew and/or heard that someone had lost it.  At that point, I would return it to them.

    ETA: I don’t work in a store or anywhere where there is any kind of exchange of money.  So I would know that it didn’t, for example, fall out of the register or something.

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    At work I would immedietly give it to a manager, I work in a store so that money could belong to a customer or an employee. On the street or even in the change slot at Fresh and Easy, you better believe that money is mine.

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    Ha, when I read the headline, I thought it was asking, how would I spend it..

    It depends on where I found it. Like if it was on the side of the road, I would pocket it. But at work, I would certainly see if anyone lost it.


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    Honestly, I’d keep it until I heard word that someone was looking for it. THEN I’d return it. Why wouldn’t I turn it in to management? Because they’d be more likely to just pocket it and pretend like they’ve never seen anything. They aren’t exactly stand up people and I don’t trust them to do anything honest in their personal lives. I mean, these are people who steal money and food from our snack fund which is based on an honor code. Some of them make $100K+ a year and they’re STEALING money. Yeah…

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    pick it up immediatly and ask around where I found it and if no one claimed I would give to my boss. No way would I keep it!

    I found a dollar on the floor at work and my co worker took it. I told her not to but she did anyway. yeah, its a dollar, but its not yours! And we are right by our finance department, NOT COOL. you could get fired for that. it could technically be the companies money. probably not, but it coudl be.

    Either way, i dont want money that is not mine to take. I used to work in retail and a co worker took money they found on the floor and they got fired because aparently it was $ that fell out of a cash drawer while being carried to the back to be counted. not cool!

    one early morning on a jog I found a $20 bill right outside someones drivers side car door. it was obvious they dropped it getting out of their car. I left it there, and I sure hope they found it before anyone else. Pocketing that would be stealing, if you ask me!

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