What would you do if you found a hair in your food at a restaurant?

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    A hair doesn’t bother me. We all shed and it would be a shame to waste a perfectly good meal or cause a fuss over a hair. Then again I don’t feel comfortable asking for discounts or free items when I’ve already eaten my meal.

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    Just adding that if you are really that grossed out by a random hair in your food you should probably never eat out. 

    Ive found hair, bugs, and plastic all in my food before. Shit happens. It could’ve just flown in/landed in on the servers way over to your table. It just happens sometimes and there’s nothing you can do to prevent it from happening every now and then. The best you can do is tell someone and get a new dinner. 

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    Just because other people may not be grossed out by a hair in their food, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t allowed to be disgusted by the same thing. I don’t think anyone was saying you couldn’t find a hair in your food to be gross.  

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    I wouldn’t ask for a discount because it was free. You deserved an apology but that’s it. How polite were you to the manager? Honestly I’ve only had great service from people, and that’s because I’m extremely polite. I would’ve either asked nicely for another thing of salsa when the waiter was near, or if I ate the whole meal I wouldn’t have mentioned a thing. It’s actually pretty rude to eat everything, then ask for a discount saying there was something wrong.

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    I think you overreacted. Hairs in food are gross, but when I find one I just pick it out and move on. A truly hungry person would have kept eating! 🙂

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    If I asked for discounts every time I found something in my food that didn’t belong, I would never have to pay for a thing!

    Case in point: for dinner TONIGHT I had Chipotle and found a hair in my vinaigrette. Such is life. That’s what I get for not preparing the meal myself.

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    I am currently laughing because I do hope that all the disgusted people have never eaten grocery store bread or pastries because chances are if you have you have eaten processed human hair. Nomnomnom.

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    This actually just happened to me at The Cheesecake Factory! I went there for my birthday and got a slice of cheesecake, and found 2 hairs (at least) down in the cheesecake part. I told the waiter, who got the manager, who explained that they don’t bake the cheesecakes there (they do all the baking in California), but offered me a different piece and took the price of the cheesecake off our bill. I said I was a bit wary of the cheesecakes now, and they gave me lemon cake, which I took home and was hair free lol.

    It was really gross, and I don’t know how long it will be before I can eat cheesecake again from there to be honest. I understand these things happen, but I expect a certain level of non-hairyness to my food.

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    I found a hair in my coleslaw at a fish and chips place once, so I just asked for new coleslaw. I hadn’t really dug into it yet, if I had I might have been more grossed out.  No harm done. Didn’t get a discount or anything but I wasn’t expecting it.

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    I am obsessed at eating at the Chipotle near my apartment – I’m there so often the guy behind the counter knows I don’t eat meat. Any who, while chowing down on a delicious burrito I found a hair tucked into the guacamole. Idk if its because I love burritos so much or if it’s because I’m a regular and have never had this experience there before, but I picked out the hair and continued to scarf down the rest!

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    Whether or not you ate the whole meal or not doesn’t really matter. A hair wouldn’t bother me too much unless it was clumps of hair or a hairnet or something. I’d pull it out and go about my business. Not exactly like hair can be toxic or too dirty. I think it’s incredibly rude to demand a discount. Being polite will get you everywhere. Demanding and stomping your feet will get you, as you see, laughed at. An apology would’ve been nice, but since you didn’t get one, but I can see why they would be skeptical. People plant hairs and flies all the time. Just becase you’re not blonde doesn’t mean you couldn’t have done it.  From what I’ve seen, it’s only the item that had the hair in it that’s comped, and since the salsa is free anyway (and it costs them virtually nothing), there isn’t too much they could do for you.



    ETA: I have pets. If you have pets, you have consumed an enormous amount of hair, skin, snot and saliva. Children? All of that times ten plus urine and crap. You and your significant other shed skin that turn to dust and lands on your food, your silverware, your countertops, your baby bottles, your bandaids. Being grossed out is fine, but to think one single hair is the worst you’ve ever endured in your life is just being naive.

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    BakerBee16:  Such a DISGUSTING and TERRIBLE way to run a restaurant! How about taking some accountability and making sure your staff is wearing hair nets?! Or simply apologizing and reducing/erasing the tab to maintain a loyal customer base?! Ew. I used to work in a restaurant and regardless to whether a hair was found in something complimentary or paid for, the meal was comped. I would NEVER return to that restaurant and I would leave every type of terrrible review on the internet warning people of their unsanitary and terrible customer service practices. Like you, I’ve found hairs in my meals over the years and it completely makes me lose my appetite. Sorry about your experience. :/

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    While I do think it would have been nice of him from a customer service point of view to offer you a discount I don’t think he was WRONG. Sorry, I wouldn’t even have asked for a discount. If it was my dinner or something paid for I would expect it to be removed from my table and the bill but that’s it. This was free chips and salsa. His laughing was a bit rude but that’s it. 

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