(Closed) What Would You Do If you Found Out One Of Your Stones Was Fake?

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  • poll: What Would You Do If you Found Out One Of Your Stones Was Fake?
    It would make no difference to me. I'd keep it the way it is. : (47 votes)
    26 %
    I would still like it, but would probably change the stone in question. : (70 votes)
    38 %
    The stone goes! I wouldn't wear it again until a genuine stone is in place. : (37 votes)
    20 %
    I don't think I could wear it again even if the stone was changed. : (8 votes)
    4 %
    Other... : (22 votes)
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    @renwoman:  It would come down to what was paid for it. If it was a fake stone bought at fake-stone prices, then that’s okay. But if top dollar was paid and it was a matter of deceit/false advertising, then I would be upset. Of course, then you are left with the problem of bringing it up with the gift giver to find out if they were bamboozled…

    Then again, I prefer lower cost items that I don’t have to worry about as far as getting lost, stolen, broken, etc.

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    Yeah I agree with the previous poster. It depends on if he knew what he was buying.
    If he bought me something and told it me it was X and it really was Y.. he’d have some ‘splaining to do. BUT if he bought X and we found out it was really a Y.. we’d raise hell with the store.

    ETA: As long as he knows what he’s buying.. I wouldnt mind what it was and not change anything.


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    To @renwoman:  I’d be ticked… cause it would mean that WE were bamboozled in some way as

    @BluePeaches:  said in Reply # 2

    BUT considering that my ERing (both this time & for my First Marriage) have ALWAYS had paperwork as to describe the Rings – Stones – Setting etc…

    There would be a form of Store Ceritificate / GIA CERTIFICATION / APPRAISAL to back up what was originally purchased…

    And as we have insurance, that means that we’d file a claim for “miscellaneous disappearance / unsubstantiated loss”

    And I’d get the Stone replaced for the what it should be

    Which is WHY it is soooo important to have a Written Description (Certificate / CERTIFICATION / APPRAISAL) and Jewllery INSURANCE !!

    Mind you, I’d be sad about it (being decieved / defrauded in some way)

    And also sorting out in my head how often my Ring has been out of my sight at a Jewellers for a length of time where a “swap out” might have happened since the Purchase… (Dipping – Repairs – Resizing)

    And failing that having happened… I be very concerned about the Professional Integrity of the place it was purchased from

    And in any case… to file and Insurance Claim… I no doubt would also have to file a Police Report… so I’m thinking that eventually the Fraud Committers would be found out

    Lol, as they say… Karma she’s a B!tch !!


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    This is why Fiance isn’t allowed to buy jewelry for me without my input. I’d never buy a car without his 😛 This avoids us losing money over getting ripped off!! Hahaha.


    But truly, if I found out my e-ring was fake, I’d want to know who the f the jeweler was so I can go in and cause a sh*tstorm. I know my Fiance and he’d NEVER buy me anything fake (unless I asked for it specifically… but he’s very against fake stuff to begin with), so I’d know it wasn’t just him trying to be sneaky. I’d call my lawyer friends to get on that jeweler’s @$$ quick!! 

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    @madelise:  This is why Fiance isn’t allowed to buy jewelry for me without my input. I’d never buy a car without his :P”

    HAHAHA! Well said! 🙂 My SO never buys stuff for me without my input either because he doesn’t even know how and where to begin! lol 

    I agree with PPs, it all comes down to whether he knew about the ring being fake. I would definitely be upset if he lied – not because of the value of the item but because of the lie. If he bought it as a fake and told me so, I’d be perfectly fine with it. But if there was some sort of scam involved the person who ripped him off had better run and hide, my SO would destroy them in court!!! 

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    If my Fiance had been scammed when he bought it, I’d want to get that sorted out! If it were my e-ring and the stone was totally not durable, I’d want to eventually replace it with something that will last, but otherwise I wouldn’t care. I’d certainly still wear it.

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    If he knew and lied to me about what it was I would probably be like wtf?! If he didn’t know I wouldn’t care but would make sure he hadn’t been ripped off.

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    I wouldn’t care at all. Having a “real” stone is not important to me.

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    @Hyperventilate:  What if you were in the same situation TTR talked about where you fully believed you had the more expensive stone? Even more so, if your husband also fully believed you had that stone because he paid the price premium for a real stone?

    I don’t think the biggest issue in the OP scenario is that some one had a fake stone, it is more that they had a fake stone that they believed to be something else. In this case something that would be orders of magnitude more expensive.

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    @MakingHerWait:  If my husband got duped, I’d be furious and you can bet we’d be kicking ass and taking names. However, I wouldn’t bother to change it out unless we got the stone he was owed. If my husband lied to me and told me it was real but it really wasn’t… I’d have zero cares to give. It wouldn’t bother me in the slightest. But if someone juked my husband, hell hath no fury.

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    Ask for a freaking refund and call the cops!!!

    I don’t care about real/fake stones, but I do care about the assocated price tag!

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    @renwoman:  I don’t think I would care, but be extremely pissed that he was fooled into thinking it was what we thought it was. If my engagement ring turned out to be CZ, I wouldn’t care as long az he paid CZ price!

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    @renwoman:  My ERing has a designer setting with a “fake” center stone. That’s what Fiance could afford and we will put in a genuine stone when we can afford it. It wouldn’t bother me unless there was deceit involved- I.e. Fiance passing it off as “real” but it isn’t. 

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    That is an interesting thing… at the end of the day, the ring is not a measure for how much the man does or does not love you.  I certainly wouldnt divorce my husband over a ring.  But if he purchaed something he thought was authentic, and they did a switcheroo, then we would defiitey take it back to the jeweler he purchaed it from to rectify the right.  If her hubby pulled a fast one and new it was fake, then they should have a dialouge about it and move on down the road.

    But this whole dialouge brings up a point… Perhaps society has put WAY TO MUCH PRESSURE on a man to have to purchase the perfect ring with the prefect diamond or other gemstone to prove his love.  Makes you wonder how many men are actually agonizing over purchasing rings.


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