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Bumble bee

Are these bragging rights worth $1000+ to you? Only you know your budget and how much the amount of money actually means to you: to some people $1000 is a nice dinner out and to others that is their annual entertainment budget. The good thing is she will still be his cousin after your weddings so there may be still be opportunities to hang out.

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Helper bee

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sbl99 :  you’re best “out” here is to apologetically tell her that while you would have loved to be there for her big day, due to the expenses of your own wedding and the nature of your income, it would be too difficult. Most people will understand, particularly a cousin to your fiance that isn’t all that close.

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I wouldn’t go because I wouldn’t spend any money (unless I was so well off it wouldn’t make any dent in my budget, which isn’t the case since the amounts you mentioned are astronomical to me) to attend the wedding of someone I barely know. I don’t care about bragging rights either so…no on all counts.

It’s really up to you if you feel like it’s worth it to keep into the circle of “you went to ours so we’re going to yours” kind of obligation and to have bragging rights to say you’ve been to this singer’s wedding. The fact that you describe it as “biting the bullet” makes me think it’s probably not worth it.

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Busy bee
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“Oh, she’s my cousin” is better bragging rights than being a wedding guest. 

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Bragging rights wouldn’t be worth the expense to me

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Busy bee
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Are she and her future husband invited to your wedding? Would you be a bit salty if they didn’t come to your wedding? I would use that as the bar. If you couldn’t care less that they attend your wedding I’d politely decline. If you’d be hurt that they weren’t planning on attending yours I’d make the effort and spend the money. What she does for a living ( as cool as it is ) wouldn’t play a part in my decision….

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sbl99 :  

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I understand that you’re probably saving pretty heavily for your own wedding, but if it means that much to you to go, you can pinch a bit more out of your budget now to save for a flight so your days off won’t be as detrimental to your own wedding. July is still a good period of time away. I think that should be your bar: If you have to restrict yourself a bit more now in order to make the cost doable, is that worth it? 

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Helper bee
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My first reaction to your post is that you’ll feel you’ve missed out if you don’t attend. But of course, you cannot spread yourself too thin. If it’s doable, I say go and have a blast! 

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Helper bee

I wouldn’t go for bragging rights. Only for fun.

Not to sound catty but seriously… It isn’t like you going to her wedding would be your legacy at your funeral. No one will ever REALLY care about that small piece of information if you went. Atleast I wouldn’t? I would think wow… interesting… then quickly move on to other thoughts. That is just me though. 

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Honey bee
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Bragging rights only work if the person you’re sharing the news with cares at all about the information you’re sharing. 

I wouldn’t go as it’s inconvenient to your schedule and would cost extra money, on top of the money you gotta spend getting out there and attending the wedding, plus whatever gift you plan on getting. Besides if you’re  set on having bragging rights, she’s also invited to your wedding, so maybe you can just brag about that. 

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Busy bee
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I don’t attend weddings of people I’m not close to or out of obligation and I definitely don’t attend weddings that’ll cost me my whole vacation budget to attend As for her being famous,  stuff like that doesn’t really matter to me so that wouldn’t even factor into my decision.   Are we close , can I afford it, and does this fit into my schedule,  are the questions I ask myself before I rsvp to a wedding.   

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Helper bee

Here’s the thing… I wouldn’t go for bragging rights but would I go to the wedding of my favourite band’s singer if I was invited… yeah! But that has more to do with the fact that I respect their art and what they do. Maybe I would hope they would sing. I don’t care about telling tons of people, particularly if the group is not well known. It would be a personal decision.

Having said that, if anyone here was Beyoncé’s cousin, I think everyone would go and probably for bragging rights. You say you genuinely love the group so I would understand it if you went. But if your going just for the bragging rights, you should probably just sit it out.

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I would not give two shits about someone else going to a famous person’s wedding. And I think it’s a little cringey that you’d go primarily for that reason.

I’d send a nice gift and call it a day.

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I would actually enjoy being at a celebrity’s wedding. If it were me, I would rebudget that part of the $1000 I would miss, and go to the wedding. 

I am 63, and probably have a different POV at this point. I would remember that wedding and all it entails, and a stray $1000, not so much. 

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