(Closed) What would you do? (Moving in question, sorry it's long) Please Help!!

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    @amallama:  I wouldn’t allow her to move in. Moving in with SO and adding two kids is going to be a big adjustment. Adding a random girl as your housemate will be difficult!!! Instead of living together as SOs, it’ll be like you are all roommates. I think it’ll just make things very complicated. My opinion might be different if the two of you had been living together for a year first, but I think there are too many changes going on at one time. If she wants to move down so bad, she should get her own apartment.

    Edit: After some thought, I decided that if I were in your situation, I wouldn’t let her move in at all. Like others will say, an 18 year old random girl? Too many complications. If she were related to one of you, it would be different, but she’s not.

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    I’d definitely say no. This is going to be a big enough adjustment for you two AND your kids – adding another person to the mix is a terrible idea.

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    No. Roommates are awful, especially when two people in the situation are a couple. Plus, with the kids living with you even part time, there’s no room for her and…just no. 

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    I say don’t let her move in.  If she were someone’s sister or cousin that would be a different story.  


    How would you even work out rent?  Plus, it kinda sounds like she is a bit younger than you guys….when she does get a job, she’ll start making friends.  Do you really want a bunch of 18-year-olds hanging out at your house with two small children around?  I think the whole thing could go either way….either it could work out really nicely and she’d move out once she found a few friends in a couple months or you’ll all end up hating each other.


    I’m a cynical beast.  I would NEVER allow a friend to move in– that’s the quickest way to ruin any friendship.

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    I wouldn’t let her move in. I think having to deal with the adjustment of moving in together and your children is enough to worry about. Adding another adult to the mix just doesn’t seem like a good idea.

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    I agree with both of these ladies. You’re going through a big enough adjustment, so are the kids, and you simply don’t have the space. I think it’s a bad idea.

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    @amallama:  The hell? Who even suggests this? This is a crazy imposition on her part, suggesting she move in with you.

    I’d would say HELL NO.

    It’s bad enough you’re going to have to get used to blending the family… but adding a stranger into the mix to top it off?

    So weird.

    Don’t do it… the kids and your SO and yourself come first.

    She can visit, but staying with you for a few months?? Uh….

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    Since it sounds like it would be for the very short term (a couple months while her Fiance is away at training), I’d let her move in the the 3rd bedroom.

    Darling Husband and I have had another couple renting a room from us since last August and I’m actually kind of sad that they are moving out last month.  They were more aquaintances than friends when they moved in but they were in a tight spot and needed a place to stay while they worked some things out.  We’ve really gotten to know them a lot better, they’ve been so helpful around the house, and it has been great having them around.

    I think you should give the situation a chance and help her out, especially since it is so short term.

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    I definitely would not let her move in. there isn’t much space for her, and it’s not your job to take care of her even if her home life sucks. And even if youre not concerned, i think an 18 year old female moving in with you guys will probably cause some issues. 

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    When you say “a few months” what are you thinking realistically?  1, maybe 2, months, or more like 6?  If you’re just helping them out for a month or so, I’d say it would probably be a really nice gesture.  But this could be a slippery slope if one month all of a sudden turns into 3, turns into 6.  Like other PP’s said, it’s going to be a big adjustment for your family and the kids to make without adding the additional stress, inconvenience, awkwardness (or trying to figure out boundaries) of another stranger.

    If her Fiance is just going to be gone “a few months” can’t they find a place together and she just stay there alone until he returns?  I imagine they’d move in together when he gets back if they’re engaged, right? 

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    no way in heck would i let her move in. after five years of having roommates i swore i would never do it again. especially with two kids and living with your SO for the first time- no matter how nice she is i would still feel like she was imposing.

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    I wouldn’t make two step-siblings who have never lived together before, and are different ages/genders, sleep in the same room so that this girl can have her own bedroom.  However, I am always in favor of hearing out the entire situation and seeing if I feel comfortable helping out in any way.  Can you find out exactly how long her fiance (who is a “really close friend” of you and your hubby) is going to be out?  If it’s only, say, two months maximum, and she loves kids and is willing to help out with them, and you guys think she’s great (nice to everyone, pulls her own weight and then some around the house), I’d at least offer the couch.  However, if they can’t nail down the precise amount of time, or it’s going to be longer than 2-3 months, or she isn’t willing to help out with the kids, or for any reason you or your husband feel uncomfortable, then you should probably tell her you’re sorry but you can’t help her out.

    I don’t have kids, but if my best friend or my husband’s best friend’s fiance needed to stay at my 3 bedroom house for a couple months, and they were willing to take responsibility for my dogs while I was at work and kept the house nice and clean, I think I would let them.  Darling Husband and I have had a few roommates in our 7 years together, and we are still close with all of them.

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    @MadTownGirl:  I was going to say something similar. If it really is one or two months, I think it’s a great way to help out a friend. If two months could turn into six — that’s a life adjustment that you guys shouldn’t have to take on when you’re already adjusting to living together and having the kids around for some of the time.

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