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classy :  You realize that if they were deported, that means they did not actually ‘get their citizenship’, even if it had been promised to them?

And if they were promised citizenship, and they weren’t made citizens, that means they were lied to?

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slomotion :  I appreciate the response, as I am genuinely curious.  Thanks for sharing your opinion on things.  I like hearing both sides so I can think and reconsider my own beliefs, though the Bee is notoriously left leaning and I’m not so much.

BalletParker :  Totally hear what you are saying.  I think one difficulty, which of course is now negatively impacting families, is that every 10 years or so, illegal immigrants are granted amnesty.  So then more come in, waiting for the next opportunity.  It’s certainly not fair to families, especially innocent children, but eventually a line needs to be drawn and remain drawn.  Yes their families are being torn apart here and there (not to the extreme everyone implies) but they made that decision and are now facing consequences for actions that were illegal in the first place.  If they didn’t come illegally in the first place (thus proving that they are willing to break laws or at least bend rules), they wouldn’t be sent away either.  In all honesty the only thing I care about is that it’s cruel to their children who had no choice in the matter. 

It’s a shame that all those millions of individuals who want to be here instead can’t band together and fix their own country somehow.  Obviously a lot factors into that, like having mountains of cash, but it sure would be nice!  Seems to me that Mexico is a tourist paradise if only all their citizens could get a piece of the pie.

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@sephiroth i think they got off pretty easy. They used to send criminals to australia. All I’m saying is america doesnt need any more criminals to spend their tax dollars on to house. We already have the highest incarceration percentage in the world. Your opinions are truly disturbing.

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skunktastic :  “think one difficulty, which of course is now negatively impacting families, is that every 10 years or so, illegal immigrants are granted amnesty.”


this actually isnt true, if you’re talking about the US. The last time Amnesty was granted to a large group of illegal immigrants was in the 1980’s, under Reagan.

Disregard if you’re talking about another country.

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happyispretty90 :  I have this fantasy that anyone who hates an undocumented immigrant will be one in another life.  I guess, in all fairness, I would have to also be a hateful troll in another life.  What a burden.  

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Horseradish :  Oh really? I could have sworn it happened again under another president.  I probably read something vague awhile back and then mostly forgot about it… I’m very, very bad about following the news and used to be far worse!  I should stay off these threads, lol.

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skunktastic :  Agreed 1000%. My father was one of 7 children. His mother emigrated to the US and left all of her children behind. She then worked cleaning homes for years to send money back home and to save enough to sponsor for each of her children. In the meanwhile, the kids’ caretakers stole the money, worked them like slaves and abused them. She left my father when he was so young and for so long that when she came back for him, he didn’t even know who she was. Long story short, she was able to get each child up to the states LEGALLY as a single mother of 7 kids with no support. It was hard and expensive, but she did it. My mother and husband’s story are very similar. It can be done.

I believe in legal immigration. (ETA. More than anything, our focus should be on reforming the incredibly slow, costly and bureaucratic application process so as to make the legal route easier). Nevertheless, I would NEVER report somebody who came here illegally. 

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I wouldn’t report anyone unless they were doing something so blatantly illegal I couldn’t look the other way, and would report no matter who they were. For me that would be drug dealing, child abuse sex trafficking etc. Most immigrants legal or illegal are going to try to live a peaceful quiet life. 

I however don’t agree with country hoppers for refugees. You’re a refugee when you reach the first safe country you get to. My grandparents were political refugees in the 80s. They left on a holiday to see their son with a small suitcase each, that’s it. The country they happened to fly into was the U.K. 

I’m not American but it sounds like the immigration procedure there needs to be more streamlined to give options to build yourself up and benefit the country your in by becoming legal. 

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jannigirl :  

A note about the number of legal immigrants accepted into Canada vs. the U.S. 

To my understanding, immigrant intake is typically based on (for lack of a better term) the number of individuals that can be comfortably “absorbed” into a population. Canada’s population is massively smaller than the U.S. population, and so even though we accept a smaller total number of individuals, the percentage as compared to our population is higher and thus our immigration policies are considered to be more progressive. Not only that, but there is in fact a desire to accept more individuals if we can better ramp up our immigration system. 



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