(Closed) What would you do? Prenatal insurance dilemma

posted 4 years ago in Pregnancy
  • poll: Should we keep our end of year appointment or postpone to the new year?
    Keep the appointment- your peace of mind is worth the $$ : (17 votes)
    39 %
    Postpone it- Everything points to baby being fine, save the $$ : (27 votes)
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    imthatbee:  there are income limits for Medicaid. The OP may not qualify. 

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    Hi fellow July mama.  🙂

    I’d call the dr but if this next one won’t be prenatal, I’d wait. I’m actually doing the same for my blood work bc I’m getting the full genetic work up and don’t want any surprises with billing while I have $1500 left in the 2015 deductible. 

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    Honestly I would keep the apt.  With being pregnant you shoud be going to all your doctor apts and as pp said you should check with your insurance shoulds like the doc office didn’t code it right. 

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    My doctor’s office does the same thing, where the first visit is coded as “amenorrhea” instead of prenatal (lol, yes, I haven’t gotten my period for a while… because I am PREGNANT). After my first appointment, everything else was coded as prenatal. I’d definitely give them a call to confirm.

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    I don’t think the doctor would be dodgy and code it as something it isn’t. My understanding with insurance is they get the same $ regardless, all that changes is WHERE they get it from.

    Personally, I would keep the appointment.  I’d much rather know, but I am a massive worrier so knowing what you know so far would make me anxious and I’d rather know either way as early as possible. Fingers crossed for you!

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    WestCoastV:  No there aren’t. Not when you are pregnant. Its a medical card through medicaid that you get to cover copays and other things. Its a “save your ass from debt card during pregnancy and labor” at least that is what it did for me.

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    They could possibly not take your insurance, and made an honest mistake. Call and talk to the people in the office, most people are really great and helpful in offices. And if you don’t have great and helpful people to call at your obgyn while pregnant, find someone you and your partner both love. 

    If for whatever reason, you cant get medicaid or they didn’t make a mistake, don’t allow this to bother you. The first doctor I went too, continued sending me the same bills repeatedly for like five months, and them eventually got the “collections” notice, to pay within thirty days. Well, I couldn’t afford to do it all at once, like wtf? But all I needed to do was START paying on what I owed them, and I think all in all, being taken from bank account on a set date for a set amount (never changed, never missed date set and agreed amount. Completely forgot about it coming out of the bank every week! We stopped receiving bills and it was completely out of site out of mind) it took maybe a month and a half. But just disappeared because we forgot all about it. Start with whatever amount you want too/can afford, and just pay it. I’m pretty sure they even take as low as five dollars, but even if this is all you can afford, it gives you time to relax about it and they aren’t on your back.

    If Medicaid is out of the picture and you actually tried this route before, the above is my only advice I find to be useful and helpful in many ways. Just don’t allow this to bring you down.

    Also, I don’t know how far along you are? But you don’t have to go in RIGHT AT THAT DATE. First, please call and talk about this with someone in the office. But you can miss this appointment, please be sure to call into the office to cancel your next appointment but definitely**** reschedule when you call in to cancel, ask if they could call you a day or two before for a reminder (they truly don’t mind doing this (if you’re at the right obgyn/place they don’t mind)) 

    The reason you call to cancel -it is appropriate and appreciated, but also because doing this reminds you to reschedule. The reason you reschedule, is so you don’t forget!! Make it in a week or two after date you can’t make it. If you can’t make it, they are already calling you to remind you of your upcoming appointment, reschedule or confirm. 

    You need to call your obgyn office and speak with them, make 100% sure they take the insurance you have, call your insurance, call medicaid (never killed anyone to ask) and then figure it out from there. I’m pretty sure medicaid back pays two months you had appointments and whatever before you had their insurance. If you have to pay it, payment options are available. And so is my above advice.

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    Stephefanie:  I would call your insurance.  They should be able to tell you if this next appointment is considered prenatal (since the pregnancy is confirmed it should be).   I personally would think that any appointment when there is actually a baby would be considered a prenatal appointment.  I could understand billing you for a false alarm.  Insurance is such a rip!

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    Call and ask your obgyn’s office to pre-authorize all the charges for the next appointment. That will tell you what insurance will cover and what you’ll need to pay. I wouldn’t skimp on prenatal or baby care. I’d get a side gig to cover it if I needed to. Hope you figure out a solution. 

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    i dont think this appt will be considered “routine prenatal” and i would expect to pay out of pocket for it. our first “pregnancy confirmation” appt was not covered either and we got stuck with the ultrasound, midwife visit and lab bill. everything else except labs and  ultrasounds have been covered though. 

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