(Closed) What would you do with this cat/baby issue?

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Re:Toxoplasmosis — If you’ve been exposed to cat litter, there’s a huge chance you yourself have been exposed. Toxoplasmosis isn’t something that just “Goes away” on its own. So, once you’re exposed, you’re definitely going to have to deal with it unless it starts being a problem. Usually by the time you get pregnant your body has begun to cope with it. Sure, you want to be careful, but even the CDC says the only risk is for people newly infected should worry.


I would never remove my pets unless they were actively persuing my children aggressively. Cats scratch. It’s what they do. A scratch isn’t going to hurt anything if you clean it out nicely.

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@newlynesting:  I grew up with 3 cats, one of which was originally a stray and very anti-little humans haha. I was badly scratched once (entirely my fault) and was always taught to be gentle, especially with the angry one. It’s just about knowing that some animals have different temperaments.

You can 100% work through this. I agree with the PP who suggested your cat may be jealous and missing out on attention, so maybe play with him a bit more if possible? Also, the spray bottle really works for my cat. It’s one of the least aggressive yet most effective ways of disciplining a cat. (from what I’ve found anyway)

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I (along with your Darling Husband it seems) am HIGHLY against declawing cats, especially older cats.  Doing so to an older cat is not only cruel but can create more behavior issues in the long run (biting instead of scratching, peeing outside the litter box etc.).

I read your update and think you are making some great changes… I do also suggest PP’s suggestion of simply cutting the nails, it makes a HUGE difference on the amount of damage the claws can do.  Also, do you have a cat tree/scratching post at all?  It might be good to get one (a nicer one with multiple levels) to put in your “child free” room.  It would give the cat a place that can be just his and above the kiddo away from any chaos (for some reason cats like this).

Hopefully your cat doesn’t like the water sprayer… We owned a cat when I was growing up who would just sit there and let you spray him, then he’d lick the water off his fur. lol

All that said, I think you’re doing a great job so far and I hope some combination of that works for you… We have a cat with “personality” as you put it (very accurate) and I worry about when we have kids (though our boys go outside when they want)… I’ll have to keep some of these in mind just in case!

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@NotTheDoctor:  Old wives tale

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Hopefully the pheremones and softclaws will work for you!  If you decide to go the medication route, find a pharmacy that will compound a cream for you instead of trying to get your cat to take pills.  Ask your vet (or your husband!) about a prescription for your cat for an antidepressant in a cream base that can be rubbed into the cats ears.

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Squirt bottle was going to be my suggestion!

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@newlynesting:  I have my boy on the “Pet calm eze” from this store http://www.holisticanimalmedicines.com/store/index.php?cPath=29&sort=3a&page=1 my Aunty was actually the one that told me about them and it’s honestly great! He still hisses at people he isn’t confident/comfortable with, but he’s not striking at them anymore, which to me is a win. I put it in both the drinking dishes, little girl kitty drinks it too, and it doesn’t affect her negatively or anything, so your other cat drinking it is ok.  I think my cat wants to be the big tom of the neighbourhood and dominate everything and everyone, but it sounds like your kitty might just be a little jealous of the newcomer in the family. It might only be coming out now as your little girl is growing more confident and curious and walking around and exploring more. 



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1) Did you know that declawing is not actually taking off their claw? It is amputating every one of their toes at the first joint. So it would be like every single one of your fingers is cut off at the first joint just below th fingernail. Please do not disfigure your pets–this is illegal in many countries.

2) I have been using SoftClaws for like 5 years with my cat, and never had any issue. It might take some practice to get them on properly, but once they are used to it they don’t even notice. They fall off naturally after 4-6 weeks when the cat shed’s its claws. Then you reapply.

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