What would you prefer your kids call you?

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    So I had my son back in my home country and there were call mothers Mami so he called me Mami until we moved to France when he was 1.5 and everyone refers to me as Maman, he started calling me Maman and occasionally Mami when he really wants my attention.

    We call our fathers Daddy but my son’s father is French so I’ve always referred to him as Papa and that’s what my son calls his father.

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    I grew up with Mummy and as I got older it changed to Mum. I imagine liking any future kids to do the same. I really don’t like Mama – it sounds awkward to my ear. 

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    I’m Irish so we tend to say mammy, which becomes mam or Ma. My son is 16months so I’m mama. Currently my husband is dada but I’m sure he’ll become daddy and then dad. 

    Mummy / Mum are quite popular here as well and Mommy is growing is popularity as we are influenced by all things American like baby showers and so on. 

    I honestly don’t mind what my son calls me!! But loving mama at the mo

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    My toddler calls me Mom-O. No idea how or why that came out, he started with the traditional Mama when starting to talk. I refer to myself as mommy and he hasn’t picked it up yet..lol.

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    I dont really care and it evolves over time anyway (a 30 year old saying mommy is pretty creepy lol) as it stands I think Mummy/Mommy for little kids and Mom for older kids is pretty normal here.

    Im not a fan of Mother, DH uses that and it sounds so formal and sterile but I supose its what they are use to.

    Only thing that would annoy me is if my kids called me by my name, I was raised that its the hight of disrespect to call your parents by their name. That is unless you are introducing them to someone else and explaining their name to them, example ‘this is my mom Lucielle’ in that case you are calling the mom but the new person would call them Lucielle as I was also raised that its rude to call someone else mom ‘mom’ (mom and dad are earned titles, while the dont have to be biological you do only have one – except in cases of say same sex parents etc… where you have 2 of the same instead of 1 of each)

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    @ecrisrien:  my little one is 2 and calls me Mommy. 

    It really warms my heart when he just calls out for me 🙂

    he can call me mom, mommy, or whatnot. Whatever he feels comfy with

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    I called my parents mum and dad, when younger Mummy and Daddy. . My mother wanted to be Mumma but we never did call her that. 

    My ex and I were the same as above to our kids, my older son would occasionally call me Motherrr… lol. My daughter had a phase she started calling me by my first name, so my ex started calling me Mummy… 


    Funny thing for 25 years we called each other Mum and Dad and Mummy and Daddy. I never realized I called him that without kids around until my father was cofused, and my friends pointed it out. Lol 


    My fiance and I do call each other Mummy and Daddy to our dog and he understands. But now I’ve started calling him Dad or Daddy myself again, inadvertently , and we don’t even  have children



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    @ecrisrien:  CFBC so maybe not allowed to chime in, BUT..

    I dunno, I think it depends on the age of the child? Like mama/moma is cute for toddlers; mommy/mummy for kids up to maybe 10?; and then mom/mum for teens/adults.

    Incidentally, I went through a phase of calling my parents by their Christian names. Everyone thought it was crazy weird, but in my 4 year old brain it was logical as that was what everyone else called them lol


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    My 2.5 yr old calls me mama most of the time but will say mom/mommy occasionally. My husband is always daddy to him but when our son first started talking, he said “Dayoo” for daddy and it was adorable. We refer to ourselves as mama and daddy to our 6 month old daughter but it will be up to her what she ultimately decides to call us.

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    I called my parents Mommy and Daddy (after I was able to say more than Mama and Dada) until I was probably 7 or so, and then swithced to Mom and Dad. I imagine our little one will do the same. I’m more concerned about her having to learn eight unique grandparent names! Not one of which is Grandma or Grandpa lol.

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    I melt whenever my son says “hi, mommy”. <3 

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