(Closed) What you EAT really is that much more important than what you DO!

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starsthreetimes:  Starvation mode is a total myth. I agree that it isn’t good to eat only 1000 calories a day, but it isn’t going to make your body hoard fat, you will actually lose fat. It doesn’t do any long term damage to your body or metabolism. I do agree that it isn’t sustainable though. 

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milabeehappy:  It doesn’t work exactly like that because of something called afterburn. Not only do you burn calories whilst doing the exercise you burn additional calories for several hours afterwards as your body returns to a resting phase. 

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whimbrel:  Sorry but you’re wrong. Your body begins to expend energy and fat cells more slowly when food is not present. Metabolism slows down to conserve energy and nutrients in the body.

As someone who will always be in recovery for my ED, reading that the OP feels superior because she has control over what she eats was the saddest thing I’ve read all day. I’m so grateful to have moved past that destructive and hateful attitude in my life.

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Man, OP would hate me because she would think that I’m a big ol’ fatty! The thing is though, I’m happy about my size.  Shocker, I know! 

I worked with girls (not women because of how they acted) who are exactly like you who would talk sh*t about me, for things I couldn’t change and for not wanting, or caring, to be as thin as them or wear as much make up as them.

They would talk about how “little” they ate and how they would “totally be into sports but hated working out” and hate on other females like crazy.

Sad truth is that they are the most insecure, latching onto their looks as confirmation for their self worth and not working on their personalities. 

I hope you find the help you need and realize you’re much more then your looks and that you grow into being more mature. 

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courtneysokal:  The whole point of fat cells is to provide energy when food is in short supply. Not burning fat cells when you are starving would make fat pointless. The ‘slowing down of metabolism’ is actually the body shutting down any non essential body function to keep you alive- it is literally a last resort for the body and only happens when you are severely underweight and have no fat left to provide energy.  


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WesterosBarbie:  I know you have NPD but girl please get a better therapist who is an expert in treatment. There are things you can do to better yourself, it is a choice and surely it has to be better than purposefully hurting other people’s feelings with your thoughtless comments. Because that is what they are lazy and thoughtless comments.

You also seem to have an issue with food. Again please talk to a therapist about this. What you are doing to your body is very dangerous. You are forcing your body into ketosis. Now I know slimming companies peddle the wonders of this but in the real world that isn’t trying to sell you slimming pills ketosis is a bad thing. If left it turns into something really bad called ketoacidosis which is a build up of ketones in your blood. This is one thing as a diabetic that has been drilled into my head from the age two of not getting. It leads to serious long term and often irreversible complications like heart problems. 

Please see a doctor and a therapist. Otherwise you might find yourself at the end of someone’s thoughtless forum post exclaiming their superiority over you inregards to health and wellbeing. 

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Just so you know feeling in control and really good because you only ate 1,000 calories and you are 5’10”, and watching what other people eat is a solid first step to a real eating disorder. I would go talk to someone. 

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whimbrel:  How did I end up with a fucked up heart and metabolism? My doctors said it was from sarving myself. 

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Starving can absolutely cause heart issues- if there is no fat left to burn the body turns to muscles to get energy, and the heart is a muscle. Heart failure is why a lot of very underweight people die. I’m unsure what you mean when you say it changed your metabolism- is it directly related to food digestion or to your metabolism as a whole? If you are unable to gain weight that may be related to an absorbtion disorder, but I’m not your doctor and don’t know anything about you at all.   

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WesterosBarbie:  I hope you someday discover what true empowerment is. It’s sad that your dress being too big on you makes you feel smug enough to belittle your co-worker

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“Yes, I DO feel superior for having control over my food intake”

Girl, stahhhhhp. Do you hear the things you say? 

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I resonate with the supriority feeling when refusing food. But then again. I have issues with my body image and food. And they make me miserable. At any weight. And I’m fighting it hard with regular sustenance not starvation because I wanna actually enjoy my life, not spend it hungry and bitchy. Fatphobia is real.  

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minniegrace: I’m so glad that you’re in recovery! I initially read OP’s post and was like yep nutrition is more important than exercise, but reading the rest, the 1000 or less calories, the sense of control… sounds exactly like me during my ED. I’m also thankful to be in recovery.

To the PP who said your metabolism isn’t affected – I got help before my ED was really bad and still put on weight with a slow, methodic caloric increase to get back to a healthy level of calories. My metabolism definitely isn’t as good as it was pre-ED, but it has improved a lot.

OP, I don’t think it’s right that posters are insulting you. I think healthy behaviors are something to be excited and happy about, but please see your doctor or a nutritionist about your current dietary plan as 1000 calories or less is very rarely healthy, and only healthy as a medically supervised nutrition plan. Though not everyone worded it in a helpful way, I think many of the bees are concerned about your wellbeing on such a low-cal plan. You can still lose weight without being that restrictive and it will be a lot better for your body in the long term.

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