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Helper bee
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As with most here, I’d recommend getting a copy of Taking Charge of Your Fertility and reading that. It will give you so much great information on your body.

Other than that, eat right, exercise, maybe start taking some prenatals. Expect it to take a long time so you’re not as blindsighted when it does and plesantly surprised if it happens right away.

It’s quite an emotional roller coaster, at least for me. I’ve been trying since April, have PCOS which makes it harder.

One thing – don’t ever lose the fun in sex.

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Bumble bee
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@Mrs_Amanda:  i lost a bunch of weight which is great as now I’m pregnant and putting on weight I’m starting from a lower point. Secondly, I would get all your dental work done, you can’t have x-rays and the such done once you are pregnant. Lastly, I would start taking a prenatal 3-6 months before you try. As to whether you want to chart etc before you start it’s a personal choice. Personally my Darling Husband and I wanted to TTC “lite” before doing charting etc. 

best of luck! 

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Honey bee
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@Mrs_Amanda:  My one and only tip is don’t tell people you’re TTC. I did, as a way to fend off the endless “So, when are you having a baby?” questions, but I wish I’d just kept my mouth shut and told everyone to mind their own beeswax. If it takes you a while, you won’t want to deal with friends asking if you’re pregnant literally every. titme. you. see. them!

Other than that, just enjoy this phase!

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Buzzing bee
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I’m so glad you started this thread! I was actually just thinking of starting one like it and then I saw this 🙂 

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Bee Keeper
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@Mrs_Amanda:  Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Thanks to whoever recomended the book. I’m going to get a copy.

Btw, great thread topic.

Lucy x

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Honey bee
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  1. Just live a generally healthy lifestyle. Eat well, get some exercise. Pretty basic stuff.
  2. Start prenatals whenever – it’s never too early (though I admit I didn’t take my own advice with this one!)
  3. Get to know your cycle. Many women recommend reading TCOYF but I never bothered. I signed up for Fertility Friend (just the free membership) and downloaded the app on my phone. They e-mailed a bunch of daily lessons which teach you the basics of charting and whatnot. I found them really useful.

Charting seemed really daunting at first and for a long time, I never thought I would try it. But it’s actually pretty simple and it really helped me to understand my cycles. It can be as simple as: get yourself a basal thermometer (I got mine at CVS), take your temp at the same time every day (I set a special alarm) and punch your numbers into your Fertility Friend app. Then you can get more advanced with checking things like CM but I honestly never bothered.

Oh, and I agree about not telling people you’re TTC! I didn’t really talk about it with anyone except my mom, who’s pretty good at keeping secrets. I didn’t want to deal with people constantly asking, “are you pregnant yet?!” in case it took a while (it didn’t!)

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Helper bee
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Great comments above!  I want to add in vaccines.  Ensure you’re immunized or immune from measles, mumps, rubella, and chicken pox, as you can’t receive those vaccines while pregnant and the disease can cause complications, some very severe.  You also should ensure you receive or are current on whooping cough and the flu shot. I forget the rules for whooping cough (pertussis) vaccine while pregnant, but mercury-free version of the flu shot is administered to pregnant women.

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Busy bee
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Take/ eat folic acid or find a prenatal with folic acid in it.

My Dirty Delete was a surprise and I wasn’t taking vitamins when we conceieved her. She was born with a sacral dimple (thank goodness it’s just cosmetic no nerve damage) and it could’ve been avoided had I taken folic acid early on.

good luck ttc bees!!!!! 🙂

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Buzzing bee
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I second the advise on not telling anyone you are TTCIng. It will just put on unnecessary pressure to your already stresful TTC journey. And secondly, it’s nobody else’s damn business!

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Busy bee
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There have already been great suggestions: read TCOYF book, charting, healthy diet & exercise, taking prenatal vitamins, getting up to date on immunizations, taking care of any needed dental work. Not sure what your financial situation is, but I would also suggest putting some money back (even very little would help with things like crib, diapers, etc) and getting short term disability insurance if your work has it and you would want it. This is one thing I regret not doing. I already put some money back, but didn’t sign up for st disability and now we want to start trying earlier than we planned and my open enrollment is in 6 months… Just realized there is a 10 month wait for pregnancy for most plans…

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I agree with @BalticBee and all the previous posters. TCOYF, eating better, exercise, charting, prenatals, prenatals, prenatals! My job didn’t allow me to put anything into state disability so I had a get my own short term disability through AFLAC to cover labor/delivery and maternity leave. You have to be paying into the insurance for at least 10 months before they cover your pregnancy so it’s something to think about if you’re interested in that.

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Busy bee
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@Mrs_Amanda:  Also keep in mind that you may not need to chart and you may conceive right away.  I’d read so many boards focused more on ladies who are having trouble conceiving that it never really hit home that lots of people concieve right away.  When they say the average couple takes 6 months to get pregnant, that means that some people take much longer and some people get pregnant on the first try.

For us, we’re “older” (both 32), and my most recent friends to get pregnant took over a year each, so I was convinced it would take us 6 months-1 year also.  I wanted to get pregnant by May  of this year and deliver around March of next school year, so we started trying in Ocotober.  I didn’t chart.  I had no idea when I was ovulating.

But we did have a lot of..”couple’s time” the week of Hurricane Sandy when neither of us could go to work.

And Suprise!  two weeks later, I had a positive.

I don’t know why, but I was shocked it happened so quickly.  Although we knew it could happen, we didn’t think it would and we weren’t as prepared as I thought we’d be!

So, that’s the other side….don’t do what I did and assume you’ll have a long period of TTC.

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