(Closed) What's annoying you in your FB newsfeed right now? Vent here!

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@MrsSweetT:  it is sad. I think the people that check in at hospitals or doctors are slightly suffering from Munchausens and the ones that do the same for their children and not only take but post pictures of them while sick are suffering from Munchausens by proxy.  I don’t have any pictures of my daughter when she has been sick. It never occurred to me to do this.

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I literally just posted a status last night about how I was tired of seeing the same 5 comments on facebook- comparing the Olympics to the Hunger Games (was funny the first time…. Not the 1000th), complaining or showing photos of your snow piled outside your door, or how you haven’t been to work and don’t have the pto for another snow day (wah get a shovel next time they say over a foot of snow is coming and you won’t need to take more than the one day your office closed..) or about this seasonal chocolate beer that was just released by our local brewery. i swear every other post is about the beer and how many bottles they bought or how they are so mad they didn’t get any… Finally- pregnancy problems. im talkin personal issues. I don’t understand what it is about pregnancy that makes people think it’s ok for you to post about your bladder issues. 

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I’m concerned whenever I see people have things like

if I were I Glee character I would be “so and so” 

If I were a sandwich I would be a ‘soggy veggie wrap”

They took the time to take a quiz and find out this pressing info.


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I had one girl months ago that would constantly post like 30 updates A DAY about her religious women’s group.  I mean, yay, religion, but REALLY???  She went buh-bye so fast.  

One of my FB friends is on a roll posting inside-joke commentary all in regards to one friend. I think she is up to 10 today.  She will also post the standard “omg why do I bother trying, life always craps on me” comment and about 30 people will instantly be like “OH NOES 🙁 You are so awesomely beautiful” and I just want to barf.  

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Let’s see:

  • Facebook movies
  • My SIL sharing .gifs of ‘It’s National (Fill in blank of disease/diagnosis) Week’ and it’s not that week at all.  I wish she’d Google it before she posts.
  • My SIL and Mother-In-Law re-sharing every single thing they find interesting on Facebook.  It’s Facebook, not Pinterest!
  • Videos that automatically play
  • Friends posting about marital issues.  I’m sure their husbands must love that they are sharing this information with 200 of their closest friends.
  • My co-worker changes her profile picture every 30 seconds.  They all look the same to me.

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I’ve hidden most but one girl on my FB got engaged a few weeks ago and since then she has had NONSTOP posts/pics about wedding planning, bridal shows, and how stressed she is. just WEIRD. And i know she isn’t inviting over half her friends list so I’m not sure what’s wrong with her.

speaking of…I’m gonna remove her from my feed right now.

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I recently blocked someone who changes like a darn chameleon with each new boyfriend. It’s like she is a completely different person every 2-3 years. This time, she’s a bodybuilder. Far cry from the perfect Christian at 17, the buddhist at 20, the party girl at 25…. now bodybuilder at 30. I wouldn’t care if she wasn’t SO shallow. She posted these pictures of larger women working at GNC and making fun of them.

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I have two. One is a chick from high school who just got married. I’m happy for them, but a pic every hour, is that really necessary? Like woman, get off your effing phone and spend your honeymoon with your husband instead of taking pictures of him and posting them! 

The second is SO’s best friend’s girlfriend. Oh, the drama- but it’s like I can’t look away. They’re very on and off, and I took her off my news feed when they broke up once a few months back. This chick literally blasted all of their business on Facebook- she even posted a screenshot of some of their texts (without even blocking out his name), except she deleted one of hers to make herself look better. She posted statuses, with his name, saying how horrible he was and how depressed he made her and how he is an asshole, she could do better, etc etc. And of course her friends are feeding this pity party, saying it’ll get better, I love you, agreeing that he’s an ass and whatnot. Then two days later she’s posting how sweet her bf is and how she loves him and never wants to lose him. And these same friends are congratulating her and saying how happy they are for her. I just want to comment and be like “Oh, you’re so in loooove with the guy that you publicly cussed out on FB 48 hours ago? They guy that- according to you- cheated on you multiple times is such a sweetheart and would never hurt you? This is pathetic.” It really irritates me cause he has NEVER posted anything bad about her and is always trying to apologize and everything. But I guess he keeps getting with her and there’s nothing I can really do. I have her off of my newsfeed and may end up taking him off cause she tags him in everything. 

Up, wait, one last one- my late BIL’s (sisters husband’s brother) ex gf. The day he committed suicide she kicked him out, claiming he abused her son. When he died she was horrible to the family, messaging me saying “I hope you know he’s dead,” (luckily my mom broke it to me more gently less than five minutes before- that would have been a shitty way to find out, a spiteful message from his ex). She went to my sister’s house the day we found him (the police were still in the yard) and started screaming at her saying it was all her fault. Now she misses him and posts on FB all the time about how much she loved him and how he c was a great step dad to her kids, how they miss him so,  when the day he died she accused him of beating her son. She even went to his (my BIL’s)  dad and demanded all his stuff and threatened to sue for it. Who threatens a man grieving over losing his son? She tried to friend me on Facebook after making a total fool of herself and I never replied. She’s a class A psycho. 

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I have a few:

  • Friends who post outfits of the day. This is not instagram and you are not a celebrity or a model and your outfits are not that great nor do they look that great to you.
  • People checking in at home. Um, oookkaaaay.
  • Violent videos and photos. It makes me want to deactivate honestly if I have to see such.
  • Posts about how horny/lonely you are. Um, oooookkkaaaaaay.
  • That one friend that is always always negative about eeeeeeverything!
  • Posts about how drunk and trashed you are. Urgh. You are 30-something now honey, grow up and have some wine with some friends and good conversation and go home still able to walk properly.

That said, I really enjoy people updating about their holidays, babies, fitness achievements, latest book they’ve read, latest dish they cooked, latest class they took, milestones like weddings, engagements, graduations. I think that is what facebook should be all about.

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The friend who is getting married and posts pics of her and her boo going to get engagement photos for the 2nd time and posts every month their “wedding countdown.” Yeah uh, no one cares.

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@soinlove79:  Hahaha I know FI’s brother is constantly liking and sharing the worst stuff…I swear he only uses facebook to perv out on hot girls…I wonder what his wife and mom thinks about it? LOL!

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Someone posted a video of a girl twerking and the start screen is her ass with barely any shorts on… Really?!?!? WTH 


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There’s some article posted about a company that has plus sized models and everyone patting them on the back for “expanding the definition of beauty” or whatever, when all of the unconventional “fat” models don’t have cellulite or rolls or scars, they’re mostly just 36JJJ-boobed girls with some hip meat, all chubby parts hidden by drapes of fabric and very specific curvy-girl poses and yet they still have drop-dead gorgeous faces, perfect skin, perfect hair… it just seems like they’re missing the point by conquering one unrealistic beauty standard while complying with the other 100,000.

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A girl who I know is in no possition to have kids (they are more or less flat broke and her marriage is terrible) posted a picture at her husband about five kids that needed adopted.  They can’t afford to keep themselves housed and just had a car give up the ghost on them, but she is so desperate to bring kids into this NSFW.  

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@Deejayelle:  I hate it when people have a baby and post a picture every 5 minutes of it. Like, congratulations, but all babies really do look the same. 

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