(Closed) What's been your lightest weight and your heaviest weight?

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Bumble bee
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I  tuink my lightest as an adult was probably 92, and my heaviest was 120 at 40 weeks pregnant.  I’ve always been slim and fit,  I’m 5’4″ and 100lbs now.

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Helper bee
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I’ll start from 23ish years old anything before that I dont remember. My heaviest was 190 and that was the day I was going in to labor. My lightest was 138. I am unfortunately about 155 now. I am 5’8.  All extra weight is in my midsection thats why its not good. My ass and boobs and legs are always the same.

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I’m 5’7”. Heaviest weight was around 205 but then I decided enough was enough and now I am around 130-135. Couldn’t be happier. 🙂

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Helper bee
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I’m just 1/2 inch short of being 6′ tall, and my heaviest was 300 lbs back in 2000. I gained and lost weight for the next six years, getting myself to about 250 lbs. Then I did a weight loss program and got down to 185 (size 10/12). I actually got down even lower than that, close to 170, but that was during a time of extreme stress and a lot of people were starting to worry (my weight comes out of my face first and I was starting to look gaunt, though I had some good padding on my hips and thighs still!). So, I consider 185 to be a really good weight for me, to be a normal size 12 pants/L shirt with a relatively flat stomach. I have big boobs no matter what.  

Right now, I’m back up to 240+ (size 18/20 ish, ugh), thanks to lots of stupid issues, including a back injury. I know that most of my weight loss success comes from what I eat, so I’m going to get back to eating super carefully and healthfully again, like, tomorrow!! 

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Bee Keeper
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I’m 5’3

My lowest ever adult weight was just under 100lbs but it was after a military deployment (I had an ulcer and the food was crappy)- I looked like a skeleton.  With my build/frame, I looked disgusting that skinny.  No muscle tone at all, you could see my ribs, my hip bones stuck out, it was awful.  I felt awful too.

My heaviest would be right now at 146 but I’m over 6 months pregnant.

Heaviest non-pregnancy weight was maybe 135ish?  A little on the heavier side for my build, but not overweight at all.

I find my body is happiest and looks healthiest between 125 & 130. 

As for working out, I love to exercise.  I find that if I quit exercising all together I do lose a few pounds, but that is mostly just muscle loss.  I run faster and farther when I lift weights and eat right.

Even pregnant I still do spin class and some water fitness as well.  I quit running (ok, well, jogging) around 19 weeks after a half marathon.  I tend to take good care of myself, and an important part of that is maintaining an exercise routine to build muscle, burn fat, and increase cardiovascular fitness.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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I have been all over the board!  I am 5’10 and my lightest was 117.  What went in my mouth was literally the only control I had over any part of my life (I was 14).

I like riding in the 160s (puts me at a 6-8 street size).  I think 187 was my highest at 24 and I wore a size 12.  Now, at 17 weeks pregnant I am 189!  So I guess this is my highest, but I feel GREAT about it!

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Buzzing bee
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I’m 5’4 and at my lowest I weighed about 100 but I was really, really sick because of my Crohn’s disease. I think the highest I ever was was about 135. I’m comfortable between 118-125. I don’t really weigh myself regularly so I just rely on how my jeans fit and when I get weighed at the doctors.  

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Honey bee
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My heaviest was 145-150 and that was when i was in college because my hours were crazy and ate a lot when i had chance to, so i gained a lot of weight…my lightest was when i used to dance (ballet) and that was 120.  I am 5’3, so if i gain weight i feel heavy.  Now im 131 and i like it and my md says its a healthy weight for my age and height .

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Buzzing bee

I’m 5’6.5 and my heaviest adult weight was 157, and my lowest was probably 125-ish when I did a semester abroad in college. I never weighed myself while away, but all of my clothes were much too big by the end of it. I weigh 140 now (actually probably 145 after all the Christmas deliciousness) 5 years post-college, and I would like to be 130-135, but I have no major problems with 140. I’m a size 6 or 8 with no bulging fat spots, so I’m content. Fitting solidly into a 6 would be nice though.

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Helper bee
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I’m five foot and my lightest was about 130 in high school. I was pretty athletic/muscular so I didn’t look heavy. Now I’m at 150-155 and feel like a big ol slug! I haven’t been able to workout for a while due to surgery recovery but now I’m cleared and I have my BFFs wedding in October to prep for (and my own wedding! ohgosh! that’s not til spring of 2014 though)

Fiance and I are going to start hitting the gym together after the new year and I’ll be sstarting a weight-watchers type program too.

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Sugar bee
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Since being an adult the lightest I have been was around 100lbs and that’s because I had a terrible virus. My normal weight is around 115 so that was a pretty big drop for me. I am not sure what my heaviest has been… 120-125ish maybe.

I am 5’3.

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Buzzing bee
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I’m 5′ 7″. My heaviest was probably around 250. I avoided the scale, so I don’t know exactly. I was size 22.

My lightest adult weight was 151 (size 10)  and my current weight is around 175 (size 12/14) . 160 (size 12) is the number I’d like to be, but not enough to stop eating so much.

I will never stop working out because a.) I love it…and b.) I would easily be 250# again if I stopped, because I am a big eater. LOVE FOOD. ALL.THE.FOOD. in my mouth. Thanks.

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Honey bee
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I am 5’5″, my heaviest weight was probably around 130lb, my lightest was around 110lb, I can’t remember either during a period when I was super stressed, or when I studied abroad and walked EVERYWHERE to avoid paying the bus fee.  I’d prefer to be around 115-120lb.  Right now I’m creeping back up to my heaviest and I’m trying to start exercising!!

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Bumble bee
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For starters I am 5’9. I have big bones, kinda. Well I’ve got hips that is.

My lowest weight was 104. The lowest I ever was. That was just getting out of high school.  I got on the depo shot and my weight shot through the roof. After that and having a child my highest weight was 211.

About 3 months after I had my child and I was still 211, I started a diet and exercise routine. I got down to 125 and stayed that way for a good few years. Got on the Mirena and didn’t gain weight. Was on that for a year before I had it removed. Since I had the mirena removed I’ve gotten up to 155. That was 7 months ago. I’m trying to lose the weight but… It’s hard, I like sugar and I like salty food 🙁

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